Most Annoying Things Only Artists Understand

The Top Ten

1 When you have the ideas, but lack the skills
2 When you have no inspiration

First, what we need to determine is just what constitutes an "artist." Is this a description one confers upon oneself, or should this be for others to judge? Seems rather presumptuous, and not at all humble, to judge oneself as worthy of accolade. Second, it seems equally lacking in humility, arrogant, in fact, to say "only artists understand." Do you really think your perceived obstacles and annoyances are unique, and not experienced, or cannot be related to, by those pursuing other endeavors?

A little introspection, and a lot less self-pity, wouldn't hurt, here.

3 When the tip of the pencil breaks
4 When people ask you to draw them
5 When your digital drawing program crashes
6 When you look at all of those unfinished sketches
7 When people stare at you while you draw
8 When someone who's worse at drawing than you insults you
9 When people tell you to find "a different path in life"
10 When people expect you to draw only real life things
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