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21 Making you write thank you notes after holidays

Can't you just say thank you in person? Also who the hell mails letters anymore? - Randomator

Ikr all I say is like hi and its very awkward - top10epic

22 Doing chores

My younger siblings always mess up my chores after I do them, so of course my chore is going to be messed up.

I don't like chores, its boring.

Ha, Ha, No! - TheTopTenVoter

Yes and also, my sister gets easier chores, which my mom also helps her out with. She's only 2 years younge than me. She's 11 yrs old and NO she does not have a mental ccondition she's a normal person but no my parents are her fans just because she's younger and she's a girl. - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

23 Not being able to Skype a girl
24 Making you clean your room

What's the point of making my bed if nobody goes down to my room and I'm just going to get back in it that night - Randomator

25 Not staying at friend's houses
26 No piercings
27 Tidying the bedroom

My parents trash my bedroom and make me clean it.

To the comment about parents trashing their bedroom: WHAT? that is so mean! How can your parents get away with that? You poor thing! I feel bad for you!

My mom doe not trash my room!
I mess my room - TopLucas

28 Not being allowed to wear certain types of makeup

I hate makeup. Not because I'm a tomboy, but because of bad experiences. When I was little I used to try wearing it, but no matter what colour or type I chose it was always "wrong". Like, "Oh, that eyeshadow is too old-fashioned." "Oh, that lipstick is very smudgy." "You applied too much/too less." etc. Also it dries out my face even if applied by someone skilled and it makes my face feel weird. - Lunala

Apparently they think wearing a bit of mascara is inapropriette.

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