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21 Making you clean your room

What's the point of making my bed if nobody goes down to my room and I'm just going to get back in it that night - Randomator

22 Tidying the bedroom

My parents trash my bedroom and make me clean it.

To the comment about parents trashing their bedroom: WHAT? that is so mean! How can your parents get away with that? You poor thing! I feel bad for you!

My mom doe not trash my room!
I mess my room - TopLucas

23 Not staying at friend's houses
24 No piercings
25 Getting good grades

Parents that get mad at their kid who gets a 91% on a test because they didn't get 100% need to kicked in the skull with a steel toe boot for an hour. That is just stupid - RustyNail

Especially when no one in my class has good grades. - njalabi63989

Mom: You got a B!
Me: But everyone else got a C or something worse!
(My mom literally told me something like that lol) - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

26 Not being allowed to wear certain types of makeup

Apparently they think wearing a bit of mascara is inapropriette.

27 They don't let go outside in the rain because "you are going to get sick"

Parent's know science and biology and they pretend they are the smartest around, but they don't let you do this - TheTopTenVoter

You don't get sick by being in the damn cold you get it by you contracting the virus

28 Letting your younger sibling get the better pick
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1. Treating the older ones better
2. Treating the younger ones better
3. They take you to school even though you are sick and don't feel well
1. Bed time
2. No social media
3. No wearing certain clothes



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