Most Annoying Things Parents Say to Their Children


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21 If you were to see how I used to live when I was a child, you wouldn't be so ungrateful.

They were raised in a deep hole and they didn't have electronics. If I saw how they have rotten there I would magically fix all of my problems and I would be a slave or what? - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

So what of u lived in a hole stealing from the crazy old lady next door for food? I don't! - slytherinforever

22 Hey, buddy
23 Who are you texting?

I'm texting the president, asking him/her to make everything free! - mayamanga

To your mama - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

Like you need to know anyway

24 Do your homework
25 What are you doing

I always answer, Nothing'' to that question, even if it's obvious I'm doing something - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

26 Because I'm an adult

My dad thinks kids are banned from doing what they like and adults can do ANYTHING they like.During lent when we were collecting eggs made out of chocolate and we weren't allowed to eat any my dad ate one.i asked him why and I said BECAUSE I'M AN ADULT AND I CAN DO WHAT I LIKE

27 Stop arguing
28 Don't shut your door

OH MAH GOD that's gotta be the most annoying thing ever like they tell me to clean my room and I close the door and they say, Oepn the dor so I culd se what ar you doing'' - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

29 I don't care just do it!
30 I gave birth to you! You owe everything to me!

No, I didn't ask to be born, so you don't have anything over me. Sorry pal. - TwilightKitsune

31 It's not up to you.
32 We're going to run some errands
33 You're too old for this show

I Think You All Know Why I Added This Here - JPK

34 Oh SH**

They are big fat swearers

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