Top 10 Most Annoying Things People Complain About Relating to The Loud House

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1 Luna and Sam's Relationship

The amount of complain that Luna and Sam get about their relationship is just annoying and unneccesary, the two obviously like one another and that's all that really matters. - egnomac

Seriously people need to leave them alone their not bothering anyone their just like any regular couple.

Seriously leave these two alone.

No wonder Chris Savino got fired

2 Luna Being Bisexual Ruined Her Character

Okay I'm gonna need so real proof of this just to make sure people aren't delusional, Luna being bi did not ruin her character she's still the same Luna Loud who loves her family and loves rock n roll and her being bisexual is only 10% of her actual character. - egnomac

Trump hates her. Keep doing it luna

3 It's Overrated

You can literally say that about any show in general. - egnomac

4 It Overshadowed SpongeBob

This is getting old while SpongeBob has had its ups and downs and did started to improve after Stephen Hillenburg returned people have to face the reality that Spongebob has run its course. - egnomac

Toy You can't overshadow Spongebob - BorisRule

SpongeBob's overrated everyone knows its true.

SpongeBob is better, enough said. - TheAwesomeBowser

5 It Ruined Nickelodeon

Another lie, Nickelodeon was bad before The Loud House came around, during that time all we had was non stop Spongebob, Fanboy and Chum Chuam, Breadwinners and The Fairly Oddparents at their worst, I say The Loud House saved Nickelodeon disagree if you want. - egnomac

I agree The Loud House did not ruin Nickelodeon it was already ruined in a way Loud House saved Nickelodeon.

6 It Has Bad Morales

Again not true this show has a lot of really good morals like being true to yourself and not letting other people change who you are to fit their needs, there's also putting other ahead of yourself, helping others in need and so many more. - egnomac

Miles Morales? - Misfire

7 Lincoln is a Terrible Protagonist

I strongly disagree with this Lincoln is a great character and yeah he does screw up on occasions but at least he knows when he's in the wrong and doesn't go around ruining everyones lives and not feeling bad about it, - egnomac

8 Clyde's Dad's Being Gay

I get people aren't okay with gay characters in kids shows but the amount of unfair hate towards Clyde's dad's is unjustified and ridicules, both Harold and Howard have been shown to be better parents then 80% of all cartoon parents. - egnomac

9 It's Created by Chris Savino

Just because a show is created by a horrible person doesn't make a show bad just look at the original Ren and Stimpy it's a good show created by a really disturbed and horrible person John K though Adult Party cartoon is another story. - egnomac

10 The Fans are Annoying

This is my least favorite reason for hating it, the fans should have nothing to do with your opinion on something. - purpleyoshi98

Understandable but the same can be said about the haters.. - egnomac

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11 Luan Being Annoying
12 Leni and Luna Being "Out of Character"
13 The Louds Being a Horrible Excuse for a Family

There's been way worse cartoon families out there just look at the Griffins from Family Guy. - egnomac

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