Ten Most Annoying Things People Do On the Internet


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21 Tell you to "KYS" because you like something they hate

I'm getting really annoyed with the KYS thing. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

It's so stupid and makes fun of suicide. - Elijah_Cook

22 First Comment

Why do people do this? Does it really matter if you're first? - Hakros323

Mostly YouTube commentors always fight for first comment. Honestly who cares? And they only do that to seek attention. What matters is that the comment is interesting. - AnimeDrawer

At least you can hit them with your blue shell. - AStumpedHuman

1st comment on this item! - PianoQueen

23 Record their every move on social media
24 Be homophobic
25 Grammar Nazis

They should die in the biggest chemical fire.

My classroom is full of these. When teachers make a typo on a PowerPoint everyone will call it out OVER AND OVER and it bugs me. - Lunala

26 Swear
27 Capitalize the first letter of every word

It's annoying, for sure. It's hard to read, and like you start shouting, and then stop. - PastelFlowers

This is irritating when people do it. It also makes the words hard to read. - Lunala

I saw Dimash bots with them capitalizing all their first letters. - AStumpedHuman

A Certain Someone Besides Me Does This.

Pisses me off... - mattstat716

28 Tag friends in random pictures
29 Writing Darude-Sandstorm when someone asks what the song is called

Especially when it's that catchy song you keep hearing and you have been trying to identify it for six months. - Lunala

This is actually kinda funny...not that I do it, I just find it funny when people do. - Elijah_Cook

30 Compare unrelated shows
31 Hate someone that didn't do anything for you
32 Stalk people
33 Harass people
34 Use Your E-Mail Address to Register on a Dating Site.

Never happened to me, and never will. Being secure and unknown so no one finds you is the best option.

35 Make gender stereotypical lists

This happens a lot on the top tens

36 Associate every monkey with Harambe
37 Using autism as an insult

This is why the internet is bad

EXACTLY! I have Asperger's Syndrome, which is a high-functioning kind of Autism. That doesn't make me "retarded" or "SPED". - Elijah_Cook

38 Say they were raped for attention
39 Searching porn
40 Call people who commit suicide coward or selfish
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1. Use caps in every comment
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1. Criticize your opinion
2. ''Correct'' your grammar even though it was right
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