Most Annoying Things People Do in School


The Top Ten

1 Make up really horrible rumours

Yes, some idiot made up a rumor and said I was lesbo. - Arcxia

Rumours are horrible, I couldn't even speak to anyone for 2 whole days after one of my "friends" started a really nasty rumor that took 3 hours to spread... :( - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Some guy accused me of looking up p**n on the iPad, even though I was just looking up the meaning of "schatenfraude" on

2 Won't leave you alone even after you tell them to

So true

3 Talk even after the teacher tells them not to
4 Use you as a scapegoat
5 Make you feel bad about yourself and your interests

My school staff and my mom do this to me but I don't give a crap.I am 12(Stay away creeps) I'm not some hypersensitive 6 year old.-DarkBoi-X

6 Act like they're on top of the world
7 Try to blame everything on one person who did nothing wrong

My high school special ed teacher does this constantly and I was sick and tired of it >:(

8 Like someone just because of their looks or what they have
9 Try to start a fight knowing they can't finish it
10 Interrupt your learning

True. - Arcxia

The Contenders

11 Make up crap without having the evidence to back it up
12 Block stairways and corridors so people can't move forward

Worse still this doesn't change even when the fire alarm goes off. - Entranced98

13 Burp in your face
14 Make a mess in the bathroom

I recommend to do that, WITH A FRIEND

15 Gross you out at lunch by making burp noises
16 Pretend to be innocent after person acts badly
17 Laugh at you
18 Play Fortnite
19 Quote dead vines
20 Teachers that give excessive work everyday
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