Top Ten Most Annoying Things People Do While Shopping

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1 When people park their cart in the walk way and go to the next isle

SO ANNOYING! Like why the hell would you park your shopping cart in an Isle and then just leave your shopping cart their like... Take your trash with you!

2 People letting their reckless children push the cart

I'm a kid but I drive safe with the cart, not recklessly

This item should be changed to "Lazy parents letting their incompetent children push the cart". One time a kid bumped into me TWICE with the cart and my ribs hurt for the rest of the day. I looked to his mom and she all she had on was an almost-flat handbag. She just looked at me for 5 seconds and didn't even say sorry when her kid hit me! Parents shouldn't let their little kids with little muscle strength push the cart just because they're too lazy to push it themselves.

Yes so, so annoying! And then they run into every little thing they see.

This is SO annoying!

3 At the check out stand when you only have 2 items and the person in front of you has lots of items in their cart

Then you have to wait 15 or 20 minutes just to pay for 2 items while the person in front of you has like a thousand items in their cart.

4 Horrible costumer service
5 When people in the check out stand forget something and they have to go back and get it
6 When people spend 10 minutes knocking on the watermelons trying to find the perfect one

LOL that's my parents! They're Asians and it's very common for Asians to do this. Yeah it is annoying but I have to deal with it since I'm Asian and this is what my parents insist on doing and if I rush them they will get all mad at me for it.

NEWS FLASH, your not gonna marry it. Pick one and move the hell on!


7 When people push past you without saying "Excuse me"
8 When the cashier people just throw your items in the cart

I hate having squished bread because the stupid ass cashier wants to throw my jug of milk on top of my bread.

I'm sick and tired of comming home with squished bread.

9 When something you wanna buy doesn't have a price tag on it
10 When somebody in the fruit isle picks up a piece of fruit, sneezes, and put's it right back just to pick up another one

What a bunch of slobs

I see this happen a lot to people, and it's honest to god disgusting.

This is I see a lot. It's childish and very disgusting.

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11 People never wash their hands after using bathroom

I remember I went to a Walmart in Los Angeles, and this one women was in the bathroom from the time I got their and was done shopping. ( about 1 hr and 15 minutes) Anyway after I was done shopping she happen to come out right out. I walked in the bathroom to find out it stunk really bad and was flooded ( all four stalls) with human waste. And this was back in like 2000 or 2001.

12 People making a huge mess in restrooms
13 When people let their kids scream and throw tantrums in stores instead of taking the kid out of the store

This drives me crazy when the parents do this. Don't they understand that it bothers people?

It’s very distracting and disturbing when you’re searching the aisles for the right item and a toddler is screaming nonstop.

14 Not stop a baby from crying

Kill Tyler the infant 👶

15 When people stand in the middle of the aisle and block it so no one can get through
16 When people let their kids throw tantrums in the store and don't take them outside
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