Top Ten Most Annoying Things That People Do

So many people are nice, but the habits that they do are just so annoying. Some of you probably experienced these at least once in your life.

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1 Huge groups walking slowly ahead of you on the sidewalk and there's no way past them

This happens to me in the hallways at school. There is always this one kid who is SO SLOW walking RIGHT in front of me! He has actually made me late for class before! - Minecraftcrazy530

I was in a candy store to see if they had extreme sour and then a huge group came in and I'm like left... Right... You know what? I'm trapped - AnonymousChick

This drives me bonkers. Get out of the way!

I was in a rush until I was delayed from 13 teenagers blocking my way

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2 When they eat noisily

My younger brother used to do this and I got annoyed, now my youngest brother does it and it just disturbs my ears!

My siblings do this all the time, it annoys me. I mean, squished up food being chewed in your mouth, eww! This kid in my school chewed a banana with his mouth wide open, it sounded so weird, seriously, stop, it is so gross. - Catacorn

I can't stand this.. my brothers do this constantly just to get on my nerves. - CloudofMercury

3 People who call others autistic to insult them

Why would anybody do this? Autism is a disorder, a thing that challenges real people in real life and isn't just something to throw around as an insult. Plus, being autistic doesn't make someone an idiot, and the imbecile using it as an insult is proving then and there that not every idiot has any sort of disability. People with disabilities are equals, and that isn't any less offensive than racism or misogyny. - pandagirl

Whoever does this is a downright cruel person. Autism shouldn't be an insult to throw around. They know NOTHING about autism, and they shouldn't be using it as an insult. - Minecraftcrazy530

If anyone thinks autistic people are bad I hope you burn in hell and get struck by lightning

UGH! It happened to me on social media once!

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4 Sticking gum under tables

I almost touched it under a desk once. GROSS! And the janitors have to pick that spit covered junk off as well.

The tables at my school are flooded with gum if you put your hand under them you can feel the dry gum - RockStarr

My school's gym bench is filled with gum :(

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5 Using 'gay' to mean lame

My teacher challenged a student on this. He asked the student "What if when I talked about something I didn't like I said "That's so Brian"? " He then started calling things he didn't like "So Brian". Brian stood there, not having any argument to prove himself right. Brian has not said anything since, at least none I've heard. If we all do this, we can help. There is no argument for homophobia, in this case not even religion. Yet people say it anyways because that's socially acceptable... why? While I absolutely HATE people who do this, this is one we can work towards an end to. You get to watch an idiot crash and burn in the process! - pandagirl

These people just need to stop using gay as an insult and start being a decent human being.

Or saying "retarded" or "autistic". Butt yeah, would you like it if I said "What the hell are you, gay? " whilst you really ARE a gay person? Didn't think so.

Wow. What COOL people! Using a sexual orientation to mean "lame"! That's just dumb. - PastelFlowers

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6 They don't pay attention to what you say

They are always concerned about them selves and want others to focus on what they say but when we are in their position then they simply ignore what we say and they carry on with their own work.
This usually happens with me in school when I tell people about how I spent my wknd and there is always one girl who acts super smart and ignores what I say and when I ask her about it so she simply nods to give me sympathy that she did a big deal listening to my bloody statement.

7 You let people past but they push past you anyway

SOOO TRUE! This always happens to me at grocery stores. One time I was in the frozen food isle, and their was this lady who was standing right behind me. She said excuse me, I was just about to move me and my cart over when she just pushed right on pass me. How rude!

My sister always does it. I'm taking one third of the hall and she storms past me pushing me, - AnonymousChick

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8 They do not pick up things after themselves

My sister leaves her dirty clothes/dishes/trash everywhere! Like, new flash, you’re not the only one who lives here!

9 When they don't wash their hands after using the bathroom

Every time I go to Walmart, I always end up going in the bathroom just in time to see someone walk out one of the stalls, straight pass the sink, and right out the door. Eww!

It gross

10 Drinking directly out of a bottle

Depends: if you are sharing with a significant other then no big deal. If it is the neighborhood wino then no thanks.

Waterfall instead! This means dump the water in your mouth without the bottle touching your lips

Don, t drink directly out of someone else's' water bottle. Just don't. - Turkeyasylum

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11 When they drive slowly

They're the reason I catch every red light

Old People Always Drive Slowly - CuteGirlJigglypuff

12 Picking their nose in public

One of those things I always see people doing in traffic at a red light.

13 Twerk
14 Act sexist

There is no boy " stuff " and girl " stuff " there is just stuff! It doesn't matter what u like if your a boy or girl. Especially the girls at my school.

15 Like, overusing the word 'like'

I love how some of the items on this list contradict itself! - Turkeyasylum

I like, like big butts and I like, never lie. You other brothers can't like, deny. Like, when a girl like walks in with like an itty bitty waist and like a round thing in like your face you like get sprung.

Like, seriously!

I honestly say "like" for everything😂

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16 wHeN tHeY tYpE LiKe ThIs

Or When They Talk Like This. - Pegasister12

Half of the gamertags on Xbox are like that

I don't dO tHiS mUcH. BuT wHy aM I
DoInG iT nOw.

YeAh I CaN sEe HOw ThAt wOuLd Be IrRiTaTiNg.

#lolface - DCfnaf

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17 Abuse their pets
18 Butting into conversations

Yeah and then you wait till they get finished and they completely ignore you. I try not to interrupt people - SirSkeletorThe3rd

They just want friends. Talk to them. Get to know them. They could be a great friend! - Turkeyasylum

Yes, but when they butt into conversations they interrupt others and not allow them to finish sentences. There is a hyper girl at my school (renowned for being annoying) does this to me and my best friends all the time.

It is somewhat rude. - smrpg1996

But then everyone thinks you're quiet when you wait for others

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19 Smoke

Smoking is plane dumb

20 They don't thank you for holding the door for them

Agreed - Ihateschool

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1. When they eat noisily
2. They do not pick up things after themselves
3. Using 'gay' to mean lame
1. People who call others autistic to insult them
2. When they eat noisily
3. When they don't wash their hands after using the bathroom
1. Huge groups walking slowly ahead of you on the sidewalk and there's no way past them
2. People who call others autistic to insult them
3. Sticking gum under tables



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