Top Ten Most Annoying Things People in the Guitar Community Say

The Top Ten

1 You forgot Lil Wayne and Nick Jonas in the "Greatest Guitarists" list
2 If you don't play blues, you don't play with soul
3 All shredders/virtuosos do is play a million notes per second, they have no feel
4 But can you play "Smoke On The Water"
5 No mids! All gain! SLAYERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
6 Jimi Hendrix is overrated
7 Less technical skill = more feeling
8 But Does It Djent
9 Metallica's "St. Anger" album has the greatest guitar solos written
10 My guitar is more expensive so I'm better

The Contenders

11 Some people compare (guitarist) to Jesus, but I don't think that's fair. Jesus is nothing compared to (guitarist).
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