Top 10 Most Annoying Things People Post On Instagram

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1 Selfies

Oh my gosh selfies are so annoying. I've never understood them. Like no one cares of you take a picture of your self in a mundane place like a bathroom or the gym. Plus even if you are at some place cool can't someone else just take the picture for you. It's not that hard.

I don't mind a good selfie or two, but if that's all I see on your feed, I'm clicking unfollow.

I don't understand selfie posts that are captioned "at this or that place or event or whatever". But we can't really see this or that place because your face is taking up the entire shot.

They always say they have an "ugly face" even though they are just looking for compliments. What attention lovers.

Whats with all these unnecessary pics. Nobody wants to know what you look like somewhere.

2 Their Meals

We don't care what the heck goes into your stomach.

They're literally taking a photo of young poop.

That's just... Uhg! No one cares what that eat.

And they are just posting pictures of PHOTOSHOPPED food!

3 Shoutouts

Why isn't this number 1? This is what my Instagram feed looks like:

Shout out
Shout out
Shout out
Regular photo
Shout out
Shout out

I hate these! Literally in every meme it says something like: " πŸ˜…@bestmemez posts the best daily content! I can't believe it if you aren't following them! ", yet the guy who posted it isn't following him.

Shoutouts are the most annoying thing ever they basically ruin the whole account and most of them aren't even true

Shout outs are Instagram cancer specially when they put these emojis πŸ˜±πŸ˜πŸ˜€ "! πŸ˜‚this account has the best funny videos ever! I can't believe some people not following them 😱 follow be fast they are accepting first 300! Follow @bestfunnyvideosever
@bestfunnyvideosever πŸ˜€
@bestfunnyvideosever πŸ˜€
@bestfunnyvideosever πŸ˜€
Report. Block.

4 Inspirational Quotes

It's like you can take a picture of a sidewalk with a caption that says "love is free". Oh, wow, HOW INTERESTING...

When you post one every once in a while its ok but when people post one every day its really annoying!

They don't even know what the quote means and they post dumb ones at that.

Twitter is for quotes, Instagram is for photos. Period.

5 Their New Clothes

The real question is... are the clothes blue or white

They also photoshop the clothes too.

Pretty arrogant to post something you bought, like nobody cares. Those slutty YT gurus do that same crap too known as "hauls"

6 Depressing Stories
7 Their Coffee Shop Order

Like white girls calm down no one cares what typa coffee you are drinking

8 Nudes

Posts by whores

9 Teens Pointing Middle Fingers
10 Women In Slutty, Trashy Bikinis

No that's not even half bad. It's the girls who are under 18 that do this. My friend knew this girl who went to her primary school and when she was 12 she posted a picture of herself in a really, revealing bikini...

Like those whores sasha banks and summer rae

This fine to do posting a picture in your bikini or tight dress or something like that is totally fine and I am tired of people saying it’s not

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11 "Like this picture if you love your mom!"
12 Relationship Bragging

This is annoying as Hell. It's one thing to be in a relationship and say something, it is another to ram it down everyone's throat like your life is so perfect. What I'm getting at is when High School Students get in a relationship and say something like "I found the right girl/guy" when it usually (not always) always results in separating, or "we are together forever" ha, "together forever" my ass. It's even more painful when your a single guy.

13 Too Many Hashtags

Gosh, they are REALLY annoying!

14 Their Tattoos
15 Gym Lads
16 Slime Videos
17 Self-Deprecating Hashtags
18 Depressing Edits
19 When They Ask You to Rate Them
20 Too Many Anagrams
21 Trendy Slang

Everyone does this get over it it’s the 2000’s not the 1800’s

22 Best Friend Lists
23 Fortnite Wins

That's Snapchat, And I am guilty of this, sorry. - B1ueNew

24 "Don't Know" About a Picture They Posted
25 Endless Stories
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