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1 Lag

Most of these can be controlled by simply muting the other players. Lag on the other hand you can't do anything even with a strong Internet connection. How many times have you just been doing great in a game online then it lags you out? ANNOYING AS HELL!

When playing online, there is one thing and one thing only that bothers me more than anything else. When you are doing good, and all of a sudden it lags, it messes up whatever you were doing at that time.

Whenever I'm playing Halo 4 with my brother online. Lag ruins the games for us, when I try to shoot someone in those vehicles, they lag right behind me (for some odd reason) and run me over! That or I'm aiming at someone, they're moving, and they glitch out and move somewhere else! That's when all the people in the lobby leave and it gets SO DAMN IRRITATING! - Paris4Lyfe

I HATE LAG. I get so much hate on MineCraft and Transformice for lagging. They think I'm using it as an excuse for sucking, but my connection downright sucks. And my Animal Jam buddies just think I am bored with them and multitasking. - Miauzer

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2 Kids playing rated M games

Look... when I was a kid I wasn't allowed to play above my age, so why should you. If you think it's kinda funny or whatever... go play something else. You aren't cool or hard, so... go away. - nic1997ps3

This is a huge problem. I'm 13 but me and my friends arent the type to get the idea that the violent actions in games are alright to do in real life. - fireinside96

Same here, I can't believe people my age would actually scream and rage with their mic on. It's infuriating. - Nayan2003

I'm, like twelve-thirteen. My parents won't let me play Earthbound because it is rated T. (i still main Ness and Lucas in smash four though, no rule against that.) I've played Call of Duty at my friend's place, and is boring to be honest. The only games I care for that are above my age are Red Dead Redemption ( my buddy and I play it his house), Earthbound, and Xenoblade Chronicles X, as well as the original Xenoblade.
And with the world we live in, none of the "inappropriate" things in games surprise me. Cursing? Hear it at school. Violence? Isis, war, terrorism. Blood? People get hurt, so what?

But the whole "kids with Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty" crap, yeah, that's gotta stop. - ShyGuySwag

I’m 13 years old and I play M games for the fun, not to be “cool” I don’t know why kids think they’re so cool and why it’s important. I rarely use my microphone, I only use it in a very important mission in multiplayer.

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3 Hackers

They cheat like hell and its not cool at all... - Celestius

On a Minecraft server mine time whenever I play infection, there are SO MANY hackers that fly and glide and sometimes they fly to other maps so no one can get them. Also they say that hacking is allowed! It makes me so mad! - SammySpore

There is acho no point in hackers because it just takes the fun out of the game and its just so ANNOYING!

Well there is some servermasters who cheat, taking advantaged of them owning the server, flying, with full set of diamond, one hit kill

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4 Little kids that can't handle dying online


This is really annoying! I kill someone on a war game, like Base Wars, and they decide to be a complete kid and rage at me! That is what annoys the crap out of me! I feel like coming over there, and gouging their eyes out! " you HACKER" "f you noob" "u noob" "nice hacks" "F U! " "STOP KILLING ME" "GO TO HELL! " "spawnkillers" This is what pisses me the Hell off. All these damn kids rage over a kill they can't get over. Whoever does this, just go kill yourself. - airplain313

I have been sniped by snipers, blown up by tanks, shot in the back and had a airplane or two land on me and I can handle it. It's a war or fighting game! You can't have a single game without being killed once! Whose who do survive a full game are maybe just super-skilled players and are not hackers.

I hate my generation

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5 Campers

In all honesty it would depend on what game you are playing. If you're playing a tactical shooter like Arma, or Counter Strike, then it's okay. But in games like Call of Duty it can get annoying when a fast paced arcade shooter turns into a "who can kill this guy so we can continue" game

I agree. The people who camp need to be kicked off the game if they are staying in one spot the entire game and no matter what you do, they wont die. Especially in Call of Duty.

Those guys are weak they just camp some enemies to level up

I Hate Campers And I Want to Tell You A Story. So I Was Playing MW2 This Guy Was Camping And After He Got Like 20 Kill I Finally Had A Chance To Get A 1 One Shot Kill On The Camper But Right Before That ANOTHER Camper Threw A Flashbang At Making Me Miss My Shot So The Camper Got Like 50 More Kills - TundraTopTenners

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6 Playing music through the mic

So annoying! I had a Minecraft party and my friend and his girl came. He put some 70's music for his girl and when I told him to turn it off, his girlfriend tells me to leaver the room and the server. When I say no anyway she tells me to just go outside for a minute or two.

Oh my gosh! My friends always playing music I don't like for his girlfriend so she dosen't get mad at him. He dosen't realise how load it is and if I ask him to turn it down his girlfriend (who hates me) will kick me from the party.

If that happens to me and I really was having fun I would get vengeance you should get revenge

Agreed! I played Counter-strike Source, and in every server some 5 year old logs in, and plays some remix from the 80's man!
I can't concentrate!

Not only applying to gaming, but in real life too. At school, I always pass by kids playing their rap music on their speakers, and on the road, people driving by with the bass all the way up, in fact so high I can feel my organs vibrating, and playing their rap music really loudly. Can't we all accept not everyone wants to hear your music? I swear if this keeps up, I'm walking through school playing Dream Theater to prove the kids a point. - naFrovivuS

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7 Quitters

I understand there are more importand things in life than video games that you could quit a game for. But, what annoys me is when people quit because they're team is losing. That's what a 3 year old would do. Don't cry about it and quit, just atleast wait till the end of the game and support your team. -

That is sad, but is it also okay to quit to cool down for a while after getting frustrated because there is no reason to get mad over a game.

Ok some examples of this, and FYI I do not play rated M games so as I was saying LUIGI'S MANSION DARK MOONS multiplayer is fun but when there are only to people you have to take caution 70 percent of the time I played with one other person the second we started he just quit and I hate that also TETRIS AXIS you are playing a round and you end up dominating the round then they just quit why just be a good sport

QUITTERS should never had played the game in the first place if they were never going to finish the job!

I enjoy that because I can brag and they can't do anything about it - Jonathan4Life

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8 Glitchers

I don't see the problem with Kids playing rated M games its up to the parents, I played god of war when I was like 14 so whats the big deal?

Plating music over the mic, easily solved MUTE THEM! That's all you have to do instead of moaning and complaining about it, just mute them.

Glitchers however ruin the game, I enjoy tf2 but when you get one person who wont die or places sentries in of the map areas so they cannot be destroyed is just annoying, PLAY THE GAME HOW IT SHOULD BE PLAYED! Cheating ruins the experience and people who do it are just sad.

When people use glitches i don't care. But, when people use glitches for never dieing or some crap ONLINE with other people.....its annoying and cheap. If you can't play the game normally and you have to cheat to win then LEAVE. -

Thats cheating like hell and its ANNOYING - Celestius


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9 People who abuses glitches

Like on bunch of games people abuse the 'duplication glitch' So frustrating earn it yourself

I'm trying to but I'm a slave to my hormones.

Hate hate hate it!

Who the hell added this list?
Don't the moderators on this site ever check racist lists before letting it through?

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10 People accusing you of hacking just because you won

7 year old kid playing Call of Duty: you HACKER you HACKED ME IMA HACK you AND HACK YOUR FAMILY AND HACK YOUR SCORE! That kid said the word "hack"5 times...

That a funny comment you said there. He must be really ticked off. - Chaotixhero

These are even more annoying then hackers. They are so darn annoying that need a time out for 2 hours.

It's also annoying if you are really good at the game and people still call you a hacker. There is a game on roblox called boys vs girls island wars and in that game I have over 5000 kills and I got 3000 of my kills without VIP. When I was recking a noob she told me to take of my VIP because they thought I was a hacker so I did and I stilled destroyed her. She kept calling me a hacker until she left the game.

This is so annoying! One day I was playing crappy ROBLOX and I won at Assassin! (Which for me is a cheap ripoff of Framed! ) and kept winning until a noob called me hacker for just winning in almost every round.

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11 People who curse every 5 seconds

Every once and a while its pretty funny to hear curse words online but when you have the need to say the f-bomb every 5 seconds then leave. -

It can be appropriate (and funny) to curse every once in a while, but players who do it every time they lose gets to be obnoxious.

It's not cool. Just annoying as heck.

It only works with DashieGames - ChiefMudkip

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12 Excessive swearing

I may be profane, but at least I try to control my profanity. People who swear so many times in a short span of time, on the other hand...

I was playing Mad Paintball in Roblox and 2 people were cursing for nothing. I could not handle the swearing, so I tried hard to make them stop cursing but they continues swearing. So I quit the game now and I felt good w/o the swearers

It gets lame when people say the f word over and over again - mimimelon987

I swear but not that often. Most of the words I use are " s*** " and "bitch". The less offensive swear words.

13 Excessive trash talking

A little bit of it is fine, as long as you back it up with skill. Too much and having no skill at a game makes you look like a complete idiot.

I know like calm down it's just a game.

DotA is 20% strategy, 80% trash talk.

Trash talking in Minecraft pvp in a nutshell:
Some kid: umm.. You... Are... Weak! Hah!
Me: :kills them and grabs their diamond armor: NOW WHOS WEAK?!

That's not really trash talking. That's failure to piss off the enemy. - mattstat716

14 Squealer

When they die the noise made is louder than a jumbo jet - Haumea

If you go onto black ops 2 and play the following gamemodes: Search and Destroy, Gun Game, Sticks and Stones, Dominion, and Multiteam. You will know exactly what I mean.

Kid on mic: Wait, what was that
Me: Headshots him, dead.

15 Screeching fat British kids

Who racist p r I c k put this on the list? Some Americans are much worse. - DunnaNunnaBatman

While you are saying we are rude, you are using fat stereotypes to do this, being rude. You hypocrites. Not all Americans are fat. (Though some are, I must admit) And all you guys think about is Texas. I swear, You guys seem to think that that is the only way we all are. Obese and overly patriotic. NEWS FLASH! Stereotypes are BAD! AND MOSTLY NOT TRUE!

British isn't a race. All these morons calling this racist... It's rude, but not racist.

This is just... rude. Not racist. Rude. - mattstat716

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16 Spammers

Yeah I know they won fair and square but I have trained my ass off just to be beat by a guy that does really easy moves over and over again

Spammers are annoying even in Naruto they're a pain in the ass but DBZ they're much more worse. Seriously I fought a Y.Kakashi Spammer in Revolution who spammed Chidori but I made a huge comeback and beat him with Sakura, same thing I did with Shisui against a Madara spammer. RB1 fought a scrubby spammer and I 2v5 him + he rage quit. RB2 team battle he tried to 1v5 me with Goku all by himself with no other characters in his team by repeating the same combo over and over and abuse Instant Transsmission but failed miserably, he beat my Meta-Cooler but not my SSJ2 Teen Gohan LOL.

Egg they Ethernet get better before we send dfrgbeb sgdgfrgbv vftbrgtrg grcgymutyyjvvf etege gegegbegbegbegbeg eye gg egetbetbebe ebb egg beb - purpleyoshi98

17 Spawn trappers

This is the laziest tactic of killing. Going to the opponents' spans point and continuously killing them? Stupid. - naFrovivuS

The worst...just the WORST.

What are spawn trappers?

TF2. Supposed to be that way. - mattstat716

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18 Playing above your skill level

Out of all the annoying things on xbox 360 and ps3 etc... is when people play above what they handle. I dont care if you're just doing it for the "fun" of it. Just don't play on expert on guitar hero if you can only play medium or don't play legendary on halo 3 if you're gonna suck. Don't ruin your teammates or bandplayers gameplaying cause they probabley don't want you to make them lose. -

If you are one of these people that get mad about that, don't play Dark Souls.

"Oh it's a 150 level dragon! Better go fight it even though I'm only level 2! :333333"
*70 deaths later*
Me: l:l

I actually killed a really tough enemy at level 1. So uh, failure to see your point when I was having fun. - mattstat716

19 People who brag about thier skills

I love Star Trek Online, but listening to the in-game chat at the major starbases like Sol and DS9 is enough to make me puke: guys bragging and obsessing over their ships and skills like so many teenagers bragging about their cars. Didn't Mr. Data say something like that? ;o)

no one gives a crap if you hae completed all the achievements or if you beat the game 100 times just stop talking and play the damn match. -

I have more than 13k kills on my account on Base Wars on ROBLOX, but I don't brag, but every time someone who has more kills than I do, they say "prepare to die laugh out loud" This is what pisses me off! I feel like hacking into their account and watch them cry that they get banned! - airplain313

Cool no one cares if your donald trump rich parents bought you mega V.I.P. its just showing that your a noob and can't play a game without cheats because your lazy - Jonathan4Life

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20 Trash Talkers

trash talking is stupid and annoying. i don't mind if you trash talk and you win, but if you trash talk and lose that is stupid. -

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