Top Ten Most Annoying Things When Playing Video Games Online


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1 Lag

Yeah lag can be annoying - trains45

Most of these can be controlled by simply muting the other players. Lag on the other hand you can't do anything even with a strong Internet connection. How many times have you just been doing great in a game online then it lags you out? ANNOYING AS HELL!

It's such a pain it always happens unless your computer is built for it


2 Kids playing rated M games

My ten year old neighbor plays Assassins Creed: Origins, and Batman: Arkham Knight, but his parents don't really know he does. And when I went to India this summer, my three year old cousins were watching Grand Theft Auto V videos. Luckily, their mom and my mom told them not to watch it. And I'm 14 I want to play Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty Black Ops 4, but I don't know if my parents will approve of it. But I don't complain too much because I play more Roblox and Fortnite.

Look... when I was a kid I wasn't allowed to play above my age, so why should you. If you think it's kinda funny or whatever... go play something else. You aren't cool or hard, so... go away. - nic1997ps3

Yeah I remember not being allowed to play halo 3 when I was about 10 years old, I was able to when I was about 14, if I was playing halo and call of duty or grand theft auto as a kid I sure would of got a no, I was allowed to about 14 years old - trains45

I was not allowed to play m games until about 14, so I kinda played m games, but never when I was about 9 or youger, I did play a bit of m games at 10, 11, 12 and 13, but more when I was 14 and older - trains45

I'm, like twelve-thirteen. My parents won't let me play Earthbound because it is rated T. (i still main Ness and Lucas in smash four though, no rule against that.) I've played Call of Duty at my friend's place, and is boring to be honest. The only games I care for that are above my age are Red Dead Redemption ( my buddy and I play it his house), Earthbound, and Xenoblade Chronicles X, as well as the original Xenoblade.
And with the world we live in, none of the "inappropriate" things in games surprise me. Cursing? Hear it at school. Violence? Isis, war, terrorism. Blood? People get hurt, so what?

But the whole "kids with Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty" crap, yeah, that's gotta stop. - ShyGuySwag

3 Hackers

I remember having a hacker on Grand Theft Auto 5 once on ps3 he telported me to some location - trains45

They cheat like hell and its not cool at all... - Celestius

On a Minecraft server mine time whenever I play infection, there are SO MANY hackers that fly and glide and sometimes they fly to other maps so no one can get them. Also they say that hacking is allowed! It makes me so mad! - SammySpore

There is acho no point in hackers because it just takes the fun out of the game and its just so ANNOYING!

4 Little kids that can't handle dying online


Yeah I sure heard little kids raging when they died on call of duty and Grand Theft Auto 5, kinda annoying when they do - trains45

This is really annoying! I kill someone on a war game, like Base Wars, and they decide to be a complete kid and rage at me! That is what annoys the crap out of me! I feel like coming over there, and gouging their eyes out! " you HACKER" "f you noob" "u noob" "nice hacks" "F U! " "STOP KILLING ME" "GO TO HELL! " "spawnkillers" This is what pisses me the Hell off. All these damn kids rage over a kill they can't get over. Whoever does this, just go kill yourself. - airplain313

I have been sniped by snipers, blown up by tanks, shot in the back and had a airplane or two land on me and I can handle it. It's a war or fighting game! You can't have a single game without being killed once! Whose who do survive a full game are maybe just super-skilled players and are not hackers.

5 Campers

I remember people camping in call of duty it super annoying sometimes - trains45

In fortnite they added a bush disguise well they set of a bomb. It is so easy to go up to a player without them noticing and it must be the most annoying thing ever - Unnamed Google User Remade

*cough* sadical *cough* - sadical

In all honesty it would depend on what game you are playing. If you're playing a tactical shooter like Arma, or Counter Strike, then it's okay. But in games like Call of Duty it can get annoying when a fast paced arcade shooter turns into a "who can kill this guy so we can continue" game

6 Playing music through the mic

Yeah I remember once someone playing some weird Japanese music or something before - trains45

So annoying! I had a Minecraft party and my friend and his girl came. He put some 70's music for his girl and when I told him to turn it off, his girlfriend tells me to leaver the room and the server. When I say no anyway she tells me to just go outside for a minute or two.

Oh my gosh! My friends always playing music I don't like for his girlfriend so she dosen't get mad at him. He dosen't realise how load it is and if I ask him to turn it down his girlfriend (who hates me) will kick me from the party.

If that happens to me and I really was having fun I would get vengeance you should get revenge

Agreed! I played Counter-strike Source, and in every server some 5 year old logs in, and plays some remix from the 80's man!
I can't concentrate!

7 Quitters

I seen someone rage quit before, I may of done it myself once or twice when I was younger - trains45

I understand there are more importand things in life than video games that you could quit a game for. But, what annoys me is when people quit because they're team is losing. That's what a 3 year old would do. Don't cry about it and quit, just atleast wait till the end of the game and support your team. -

That is sad, but is it also okay to quit to cool down for a while after getting frustrated because there is no reason to get mad over a game.

Ok some examples of this, and FYI I do not play rated M games so as I was saying LUIGI'S MANSION DARK MOONS multiplayer is fun but when there are only to people you have to take caution 70 percent of the time I played with one other person the second we started he just quit and I hate that also TETRIS AXIS you are playing a round and you end up dominating the round then they just quit why just be a good sport

QUITTERS should never had played the game in the first place if they were never going to finish the job!

8 Glitchers

I don't see the problem with Kids playing rated M games its up to the parents, I played god of war when I was like 14 so whats the big deal?

Plating music over the mic, easily solved MUTE THEM! That's all you have to do instead of moaning and complaining about it, just mute them.

Glitchers however ruin the game, I enjoy tf2 but when you get one person who wont die or places sentries in of the map areas so they cannot be destroyed is just annoying, PLAY THE GAME HOW IT SHOULD BE PLAYED! Cheating ruins the experience and people who do it are just sad.

When people use glitches i don't care. But, when people use glitches for never dieing or some crap ONLINE with other people.....its annoying and cheap. If you can't play the game normally and you have to cheat to win then LEAVE. -

Thats cheating like hell and its ANNOYING - Celestius

Okay, music? No probably. Kids playing rated M games? Just ignore. Glitches and hackers? Totally the worst.
Glitchers and hackers just want to get everything op by codes. They are like "hey, I got a computer! Let's skip the tutorial and glitch this game instead!

MC hackers are just in creative mode. It makes sense of the flying and infinite lives and stuff since creative mode is part of Minecraft. But if you're using the duplication glitch, you're going to jail


9 People who abuses glitches

Yeah this annoying, like some glitches to cheat and stuff - trains45

Like on bunch of games people abuse the 'duplication glitch' So frustrating earn it yourself

I'm trying to but I'm a slave to my hormones.

Hate hate hate it!

10 People accusing you of hacking just because you won

Yeah that happened to me one time on ROBLOX.
Somebody reported me just because I kept killing them in a shooting game. - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

7 year old kid playing Call of Duty: you HACKER you HACKED ME IMA HACK you AND HACK YOUR FAMILY AND HACK YOUR SCORE! That kid said the word "hack"5 times...

That a funny comment you said there. He must be really ticked off. - Chaotixhero

I was playing Roblox and this guy cep coming in my base trying to kill me and he fail every time and he fail because I killed him and said I was hacking and I cep saying NO! I don't know how to hack.

These are even more annoying then hackers. They are so darn annoying that need a time out for 2 hours.


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11 People who curse every 5 seconds

Yeah this super annoying I think I have muted some people who where cursing like every few seconds - trains45

Every once and a while its pretty funny to hear curse words online but when you have the need to say the f-bomb every 5 seconds then leave. -

It can be appropriate (and funny) to curse every once in a while, but players who do it every time they lose gets to be obnoxious.

It's not cool. Just annoying as heck.

12 Losing connection

Yeah I lost connection the other day on black ops 2 in the middle of a match it dc everyone it was the lobby not my internet we all had to restart - trains45

13 Spawn killing

This the worst this happened once with host privileges I accidentally set my spawn point in the sky and changed to survival, I had to quicky change my mode back to creative then change it to night and sleep in my bed to fix my spawn point - trains45

Spawn killing is terrible in Minecraft because you can't spawn any where else

Yes and in minecraft pros do it to protect there rich houses and you could only get saved if your a pro - Jonathan4Life

People do that on roblox

14 Parents telling you to pause the game and do your chores

Yeah this annoying I sometimes have to put my clothes away when playing games, I can't pause an online game like call of duty, if I playing myself I quit, but if I playing with friends then that different - trains45

This one I relate to since I was in the middle of an online mission one time, except they told me to pause and I couldn't... The game would still go so I had to kill all enemies I had that would still harm me until I could relax and help my parents... by the way the game was an RPG.

You can't stop an online game

Mom you make me want to drink something called bleach, you can't pause in online games

15 Microtransactions

YES! These are annoying as hell. This is why online games made 5-10 years ago are better than those of today. - MaxPap

16 Excessive swearing

Yeah this super annoying when they do this, I just mute the person who keeps swearing, if I couldn't in the game I would go to another lobby - trains45

I may be profane, but at least I try to control my profanity. People who swear so many times in a short span of time, on the other hand...

That’s on here already dudes and dudettes - sadical

I was playing Mad Paintball in Roblox and 2 people were cursing for nothing. I could not handle the swearing, so I tried hard to make them stop cursing but they continues swearing. So I quit the game now and I felt good w/o the swearers

17 Excessive trash talking

Yeah this sucks, I have had people keep trash taking before witch was annoying, and say I suck at the game or something, maybe once in awhile as a joke is fine, but too much would get super annoying - trains45

A little bit of it is fine, as long as you back it up with skill. Too much and having no skill at a game makes you look like a complete idiot.

I know like calm down it's just a game.

DotA is 20% strategy, 80% trash talk.

18 People who kill you online

Depends on what game, it fine on call of duty, it kinda can get annoying on Grand Theft Auto 5 or minecraft, unless your playing mini games where you have to kill each other, - trains45

That’s kind of how games work but ok - sadical

According to this guy’s logic, you’re not supposed to kill anyone in Call of Duty multiplayer?

19 Squealer

When they die the noise made is louder than a jumbo jet - Haumea

If you go onto black ops 2 and play the following gamemodes: Search and Destroy, Gun Game, Sticks and Stones, Dominion, and Multiteam. You will know exactly what I mean.

OOoOOhh, a Report button!
Report, report, report... - PythonProgrammer23

Kid on mic: Wait, what was that
Me: Headshots him, dead.

20 Screeching fat British kids

This shouldn't even be an option, or it should say, "The person created this topic."

Who racist p r I c k put this on the list? Some Americans are much worse. - DunnaNunnaBatman

While you are saying we are rude, you are using fat stereotypes to do this, being rude. You hypocrites. Not all Americans are fat. (Though some are, I must admit) And all you guys think about is Texas. I swear, You guys seem to think that that is the only way we all are. Obese and overly patriotic. NEWS FLASH! Stereotypes are BAD! AND MOSTLY NOT TRUE!

British isn't a race. All these morons calling this racist... It's rude, but not racist.

21 People who steal your kills

This is a problem in Fortnite Team Rumble. Then again, I steal other peoples kills, so I guess I can’t complain. - sadical

So much work put in damaging the enemy just so some random teammate hopping in and taking all the credit

I can understand being annoyed by individual kills that are stolen. But you know, I also hate it when people don't understand teamwork. Like, this one friend of mine always whines about the other people on our team 'taking all the kills'. Argh! It's called working together! It's really fun when you and your teammates are in sync. I know getting assist after assist gets old and it shouldn't happen all the time. But seriously, don't whine about someone getting a lot of kills if they are really good. That's only natural. It's ok to have the least amount of kills on your team as long as the whole team was working together. If you don't want to have to work with a team, then go play FFA. But be aware that stealing kills is an acceptable (and recommended) strategy in FFA. Stolen kills happen all the time and I'm fine with it, because that is how you win in FFA.
Honestly, I rarely feel I've had kills stolen from me when I'm playing team games. And that's not because I'm the one stealing ...more

22 Spammers

Playing Minecraft on a crap computer and your party leader spam warps you *OUT OF YOUR GAME* to the lobby they are in and you sitt there for the next 10 minutes trying to move but you cant6 - Takaya37

Yeah I know they won fair and square but I have trained my ass off just to be beat by a guy that does really easy moves over and over again

Spammers are annoying even in Naruto they're a pain in the ass but DBZ they're much more worse. Seriously I fought a Y.Kakashi Spammer in Revolution who spammed Chidori but I made a huge comeback and beat him with Sakura, same thing I did with Shisui against a Madara spammer. RB1 fought a scrubby spammer and I 2v5 him + he rage quit. RB2 team battle he tried to 1v5 me with Goku all by himself with no other characters in his team by repeating the same combo over and over and abuse Instant Transsmission but failed miserably, he beat my Meta-Cooler but not my SSJ2 Teen Gohan LOL.

Don't you just hate it when chat messages completely block your vision, and some jerk types
SPAM - PythonProgrammer23

1 Comment
23 Spawn trappers

In Overwatch, one of the heroes is Mei, and once of her abilities is to build ice walls. One time, a Mei trapped the whole team in the spawn for quite some time, and of course, the other team took over the objectives and won. That was the game I dropped from gold to silver. R.I.P. sadical being in a good rank 2018-2018 - sadical

This is the laziest tactic of killing. Going to the opponents' spans point and continuously killing them? Stupid.

The worst...just the WORST.

What are spawn trappers?

24 People who brag about thier skills

I love Star Trek Online, but listening to the in-game chat at the major starbases like Sol and DS9 is enough to make me puke: guys bragging and obsessing over their ships and skills like so many teenagers bragging about their cars. Didn't Mr. Data say something like that? ;o)

no one gives a crap if you hae completed all the achievements or if you beat the game 100 times just stop talking and play the damn match. -

I have more than 13k kills on my account on Base Wars on ROBLOX, but I don't brag, but every time someone who has more kills than I do, they say "prepare to die laugh out loud" This is what pisses me off! I feel like hacking into their account and watch them cry that they get banned! - airplain313

Cool no one cares if your donald trump rich parents bought you mega V.I.P. its just showing that your a noob and can't play a game without cheats because your lazy - Jonathan4Life

25 Rage Quitters

The only thing worse than a quitter is a rage quitter

Mostly noobs - Jonathan4Life

26 Playing above your skill level

Out of all the annoying things on xbox 360 and ps3 etc... is when people play above what they handle. I dont care if you're just doing it for the "fun" of it. Just don't play on expert on guitar hero if you can only play medium or don't play legendary on halo 3 if you're gonna suck. Don't ruin your teammates or bandplayers gameplaying cause they probabley don't want you to make them lose. -

If you are one of these people that get mad about that, don't play Dark Souls.

"Oh it's a 150 level dragon! Better go fight it even though I'm only level 2! :333333"
*70 deaths later*
Me: l:l

I actually killed a really tough enemy at level 1. So uh, failure to see your point when I was having fun. - mattstat716

27 Trash Talkers

The one who do it sports games better pull-up in real life, or they better shut the hell up and go back to sleep

trash talking is stupid and annoying. i don't mind if you trash talk and you win, but if you trash talk and lose that is stupid. -

28 Annoying little kids

Yeah I seen annoying little kids online before - trains45

Why are they even playing Call of Duty anyway

When you annoy them or they annoy you they have to talk trash and then when you annoy them they cry or get annoyed, I'm talking about seven year olds, as for 12 year olds they use overused memes such as CHUCK NORRIS.

It's SO ANNOYING! I always play Minecraft then I kill someone and I here them crying then rage quit. And its always the public servers that there which makes it likely to encounter them! There's worse though

I'm 9 and I say I'm awesome and swag so I'm not annoying I'm just bad##s

29 When you get invited to play another game

Yeah it can be annoying, I have also got a invite for a game I didn't have I had to send a message saying, sorry I don't have, name of game - trains45

it's just annoying when people keep trying to get you to play one game while your playing another. i'm not gonna switch games for anyone if i'm in the middle of a match on another game. Sooooo, ya. -

Its simple :GUYS GET ME ON SKYPE SO WE CAN PLAY HUNGER GAMES: guys come over to the walls so I can play on your team and then I will hack to win on our team:

A random dude trying to get me to play Minecraft while I'm on Geometry Dash :O

30 Noobs

I hate noobs. But I don't hate them just because they are new. I hate them because most of them try to play the game correctly. But they just bum around doing stupid things.

Oh, so you hate new people that don't understand? If they annoy you, just help them.

I do not want to kill myself every time I hear this word. - purpleyoshi98

This should be number one - Jonathan4Life

31 People with horrible connections

I wait on you for 5 minutes to connect to the PlayStation 3 internet forever.

Movement? No, I prefer repediate teleportation!

*try to kill them*
*they lag out, poof* - PythonProgrammer23

32 Unfair matches

A team of all bronzes in Overwatch (and me whose unranked still) vs. a team of all golds. Seems unfair, right? Well, me and the bronze people won and I got play of the game! Yay! - sadical

Basically, when you can't control the level of people you battle online in an MMORPG, half the time you'll be getting killed in just a few turns while it would take a lot of turns for you to defeat them. - Skullkid755

Oh, what's that? That's just Splatoon saying "hey! my matchmaking kinda sucks, huh? imma put u with all the nubs and u can face da pros in Ranked! :D" - mattstat716

33 Trollers

These people are just so (Bleep) annoying. Really if you want to troll someone just troll your damn self!

When People only use knifing in Call of Duty, or camp in the corner ugh!

34 People that don't speak English

I have had people who didn't speak english before on call of duty, I had to mute them because I couldn't understand what they were saying - trains45

I feel like there should be separate lobby for different languages so you arnt stuck in a game with a team mate who doesn't know what your saying and the other way around too - Takaya37

Everybody who plays the game should speak English.

Does this mean that everybody has to be English?

35 People who type "Any1 Want 2 Date Me?"

In some games there is always a guy/girl who just can't get a boyfriend or girlfriend and thus following certain players everywhere in the game begging them to date them even if they live in another country! Annoying and stupid! Must be kicked. If they want to find a partner just get a life!

I was wearing a super-cute schoolgirl outfit on Animal Crossing: New Leaf and when I went to the island, somebody said: 'I like girls like you. Wanna date? ' and I replied, 'HELL NO! ' Then he replied, 'I'm your dad'. My dad was sat right next to me! I just left.

Oh god this. Since when did online shooters become dating sites? Every time I play pixel gun there are people asking others out. It's A GAME NOT A DATING SITE! Now excuse me, I need to take a rage fit.

This is why I tell kids to never play Lifeboat. Literally ALMOST EVERYONE on there asks to date someone they don't even know. I feel like the only sensible one on there. - SeeU

36 People who trash talk in the lobby, then end up sucking hard

Look, kid, if you're gonna talk trash, you better back that up. -

Its pretty funny because then you get to revenge back

I was playing this one MM match in CSGO before I quit the game completely (bad community, ranking system, and not as competitive as source in case you were wondering. ) And this one guys kept calling our team bad, and I was on a premade team so I knew who the bad ones were. And he kept telling us to wait until he starts getting to the top of the leader boards. 12-15 he only has 3 kills, and the worst player on our premade was not only dominating him, but getting a decent K/D ratio. And again In case you were wondering, I was second best.

People like this piss me off, and sense silver is basically elo hell for most players who deserve Silver Elie master, or maybe a gold nova one, I just qut CSGO entirely and went on to CSS. Hardly any retards, great community, and more competitive.

Why is there no report button for this? - PythonProgrammer23

37 People who kick you for no reason

Yeah I remember getting kicked on a red dead Redemption 1 lobby for no reason I got sent to another lobby it was super annoying when I was trying to play, not sure if I got kicked by someone or the game just changed my lobby on me - trains45

That happened to me in Naruto Revolution, I was on Ranked and I found a 3 barred Rank 1 (at the time I was Rank 5) I was waiting for him to press A but he kicked me out for some reason

I got kicked off of Minecraft, Dead Island, Dead Rising 2 and more because they don't like you or kick you out for no apparent reason. - sdgeek2003

On the tablet playing call of mini zombies online boss fight level 11 kicked off

38 MLG "Think They are Edgy" Kids.

They think their more Edgy than you are. - Super64Mario

Say "i'm so mlg get rekt m80 noob" once more and I'll slap your lips off. I can't stand these kind of people. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

39 EA servers

Every FIFA player can relate, winning 5-0, lose connection, get disconnected, game counts as a loss, RAGE

If you've played FIFA online you'll know what I'm talking about.

This is bull. I kick the butt of a team with mostly bronze players (they had Manuel Neuer, Thiago Silva, Sergio Aguero, Nasri and Greizmann) and the crappy Ea server made it go into simulation. You know who won now. You are ass, EA

Whats the point of paying £45 for a game ( $60 ) when you can't because of the servers

40 Racism

You know who you are

Someone was Donald Trump on there and saying '' All whites vote for Donald Trump Today! '' - SeeU

41 People who grief

The Minecraft server Hypixel, their housing, yeah I mad the dumb mistake of a doing a free build. So then kids would come in and I would give them premition to build. First thing they do *grabe water* and then flys around your housing placing a bunch of water and take some chances to destroy the blocks on other ppls builds. The worst part is when they get water on the outside of your plot line then you habe to go find a helper to fix it. - Takaya37

Why do people mess up all your hard work? They blew up my dam on Minecraft and flooded my village.

I'm not trying to rude but... That funny... Wait did you say village? People died? Oh... Sorry - Chaotixhero

This is my brother... And when they kick him for it he acts like it's MY fault! Learn your damn lesson and don't grief!

:( no words neded

42 Robloxians on Ultimate Build that try to clean the server when you finish building something epic

Why don't a lot of people not like Roblox? Roblox is great!

I still play roblox but its starting to get boring.

Roblox isn't fun anymore...

Roblox is trash since they removed tickets. I move onto Minecraft. - mattstat716

43 People who tea bag your dead body after they kill you

I do this... or in Fortnite, I default dance on them cause I’m legendary - sadical

I used to do this it was funny, - Jordansalesguy2392

I figured out a way to do this in splatoon. X, ZL repeatedly. Not really tea bagging but its stupid and funny. - ShyGuySwag

Lately, I've begun to hate this. I used to laugh at it, but now it just pisses me off. Even if me or my team is winning, it still gets me worked up. Like, just keep on doing that and I'll keep on kicking your @$$. Argh!

44 Screeching fat American kids

This is a pathetic insult. You don't assume that the person who wrote it is American and just copy paste the previous insult.

Some screeching fat British kid put this on here.

This was probably added because some genius put "Screeching fat British kids" on the list.

Some fat kid was playing a game when he stepped in a mine and blew up then he started crying and saying "no fair I just got that gun" and he was in a public library - Jonathan4Life

45 Guests

Guests can sometimes be annoying...

This sounds so roblox related :3

I hate roblox guests

Guest 666
Guest 187982173
Guest y98hds7f
*find a guest*
Yeah - PythonProgrammer23

46 People who play with horrible connection

i hate to be mean but if you have crappy connection at the moment just wait it of and don't play online! why make everyone you're playing with online suffer too? -

I apparently have bad connection and its pretty much the opposite.
I shoot this guys chest like 250 times and he just kills me with a shotgun.

Wow beat, I am hosting and I've shot like a million bullets through your ass, and you kill me in one shot, and when you host, I don't even get a chance to react, sometimes I feel like just smashing up the gamepad and crying like twi

I hate it on SSB4 even playing for glory, and the characters delay! From the other guys internet

1 Comment
47 Having to pay once you reach a certain point in an online game to continue

This sucks, if it a demo then that different since your trying the game out - trains45

I thought they said I could play for free...

It's more common on apps. - DapperPickle

The pay walls, man.

48 Breathing into the mic

Yeah I have heard this, I may of did it too my mistake - trains45

This is super annoying. If your not gonna talk turn your mic off instead of breathing into it like Darth vador!


*HUFF. PUFF. HUFF. PUFF.* "bro can you not" "YOU WANNA GO YOU ----------------" *in a little kid voice*
That's these people in a nutshell. - mattstat716

49 People who say "why u mad"

You mad bro - sadical

Not so much I can handle it just kill them and when they say stop that then say why you mad boom instant karma - Jonathan4Life

This also goes for the "GET WRECKED" phrase

My friend syas this and he just pisses himself laughing

50 People pretending to be famous players from YouTube

Some stupid noob was saying he was notch and I was yeah right and he said he's going to delete minecraft and guess what, he was playing in a lan server, and we were in a library and you can only play with people who are in the same library or buy an account - Jonathan4Life

I was playing that Hide and Seek Minecraft mini game and some dude was called Captain Sparkelz was on tere and he said he posted it and I've always wanted to be on YouTube for a good reason! And so I subscribed to him and you know what? The real Sparkelz never posted a video about that!

Your username has already been taken (by a faker)
Steam is the worst, you can change your username TO ANYTHING, taken or not. - DapperPickle

I once met someone claiming to be jacksepticeye. A couple problems, 1, It was an Asian, 2, it was a woman, 3, she couldn't say jacksepticeye right

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