Kids playing rated M games


This is what people are doing nowadays. They let 5 year olds play MA15+ like Call of Duty and all that. I'm 14 and I don't play MA15 games (however I did play MA games before but only for a short time. I don't own any MA games). On YouTube I was watching a 2 YEAR OLD PLAY A SHOOTER GAME (don't know what the name of the game was). THIS IS JUST what! WHAT's NEXT THEY GOING TO LET 2-9 YEAR OLDS WATCH R18 MOVIES AND PORNO MOVIES. IF THAT HAPPENS I WONT BE SURPRISED AT ALL.

This is a big problem. Especially with games such as grand theft auto, call of duty, battlefield (rare), saints row and much more. The parents don't know anything about the games and it just makes me sick.

Why in this world now are kids younger than 12 playing games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto? And why would anyone think it's fun to drive a car into people and shoot someone because of them? I'm 15 and my parents do not let me play those games. They just let me stick to Mario, Sonic, Super Smash Bros., Legend of Zelda, etc. And these kids think that Nintendo is for babies. (Idiots. Those are the right games for you! )

It's so frustrating how judgemental people are when it comes to kids playing M games. I am a kid who plays M games, but it's horrible to know that people my age will scream and cuss while their mics on. It's laughable, but it also ruins the whole experience. Also, people are judging kids who play M games as screaming, cussing idiots. I hear about people trying to be nice, but get bombarded with insults. People also think we only play Call of Duty when I myself play games like Uncharted, Battlefield and Borderlands. Call of Duty is nowhere near my most anticipated games list and never will be. So yeah, some of us are actually thoughtful and nice, not the short tempered 10 year old who only plays Call of Duty and screams every time he/she gets killed. - Nayan2003

Some kid called me a crap head over the Mic. So immature, right? But then, I hear his mom in the background telling him to watch his language. If she gets that mad at him for saying crap, then why does she let him play M games?

Those games are rated M for a reason! It's not for decoration. I'm 15 and I don't own any MA games but some people that I know that are one year younger than me can play them. HOW THE HELL IS THAT FAIR? Saw an 8 year old playing Grand Theft Auto, I heard some 9 year old say the N word. You do realise that's offensive right?

I'm 15 and can't play m rated games. But however my younger cousin who is about 6 has got Grand Theft Auto:Vice city on the iPad. Then I thought"You're WAY TOO YOUNG to play those sorts of games."

God, 90% of the time when I'm played Left 4 Dead 2, I'll just be playing peacefully, shooting some zombies, then BAM! A little kid SCREAMS into the mic and scares the DAYLIGHTS out of me. One time I literally fell back in my chair because of this little kid screaming into the mic out of nowhere.

My parents never let me play M-rated games! At first I hated them for it, but now I am glad. I heard that Call of Duty sucks and other stuff like that. Also, because of this, I had to buy Nintendo games and I fell in love with them. I would take The Legend Of Zelda over some random M-rated game any day!

It's not so much as kids play M rated games but those kids being Loud, Annoying, and highly Immature. I started playing M rated games when I was 13, I'm now 17 and I can't stand those kids who can't shut up, are always saying the "screwed you mom", and try to boss you around. Always have, always will

"HI. HI. Do you talk? Hey lemme have the sniper rifle. OK I'm gonna mute you because you're not talking to me." - usmc650736

I'm thirteen and I play stuff like Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Okami, Zelda, Kirby, and Rayman

I played me rated games since I was 11 but When I go online you don't voice chat I just be silent and play the game but to me it's the 6 year olds who play games like Grand Theft Auto I'm mature for my age so that's why I got those games.

I can't stand to see little 5-11 year olds playing grand theft auto IV online!? I am like "do your parents know the content of this game! " The game is rated M for a reason!

No one wants to hear some little kid screaming because they don't know how to play the game. They also think they're so cool because they play rated M games, but it's just annoying, so go study for your addition test!

Playing Grand Theft Auto and there's a 9 year old German kid screaming and crying because someone killed him

This is a massive problem because I'm 14 and my parents won't let me play MA rated games (The blue M is fine) but most of my friends have games like Call of Duty, Assassin creed, Grand theft auto and they made fun of me

I hate it. They say that games where you shoot other's guts out are better than Nintendo games. When I would win, they scream "YOU HACKER." I don't even care about the Xbox anymore. Nintendo for the win

Yes, I want Grand Theft Auto 5 but my parents keep saying its too violent but I don't even want to shoot and do the missions on it. and I know better then to do violent things in real life.

I hear people say " MY FRIEND IS SIX YEARS OLD AND HE PLAYS GRAND THEFT AUTO AND CALL OF DUTY! " Seriously?! Where is the responsibility in those parents?! Now your going to have little kids telling there kindergarden friends how they sniped a zombie and saw a picture of a girl with a big bust size. - SeeU

Yeah I get it. But I'm 14. I play Call of Duty and battlefield, resident evil, etc. This should be restated as "Annoying kids who play adult games." Cause who cares if I play or not

It isn't TOO bad, but it's a serious problem when your parents aren't doing anything right. Teach them right from wrong, help them learn from mistakes, and most certainly make sure they aren't doing anything stupid.

Kids try to act like adults and fit in. Except they fail very hard with their high voices. They're usually bad at the game but try to act cool.

I play M rated games and I hope to play with more MATURE players then 13 year olds! I can't belive parents let their kids play some M rated games... saw a 10 year old kid play GTV 4... - bigblackdragon

Nothing like the sight of a four year old with a YouTube account doing a "Let's Play" at a Grand Theft Auto Strip Club...