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41 Screeching fat American kids

This was probably added because some genius put "Screeching fat British kids" on the list.

Some screeching fat British kid put this on here.

Some fat kid was playing a game when he stepped in a mine and blew up then he started crying and saying "no fair I just got that gun" and he was in a public library - Jonathan4Life

This is so racist along with the british version

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42 People who say "why u mad"

Not so much I can handle it just kill them and when they say stop that then say why you mad boom instant karma - Jonathan4Life

This also goes for the "GET WRECKED" phrase

My friend syas this and he just pisses himself laughing

Well? Why are you mad that I gave you a cake? :( - mattstat716

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43 People pretending to be famous players from YouTube

Some stupid noob was saying he was notch and I was yeah right and he said he's going to delete minecraft and guess what, he was playing in a lan server, and we were in a library and you can only play with people who are in the same library or buy an account - Jonathan4Life

I was playing that Hide and Seek Minecraft mini game and some dude was called Captain Sparkelz was on tere and he said he posted it and I've always wanted to be on YouTube for a good reason! And so I subscribed to him and you know what? The real Sparkelz never posted a video about that!

Your username has already been taken (by a faker)
Steam is the worst, you can change your username TO ANYTHING, taken or not. - DapperPickle

Lol I'm jacksepticeye xdxdxdxd - purpleyoshi98

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44 Breathing into the mic

This is super annoying. If your not gonna talk turn your mic off instead of breathing into it like Darth vador!


*HUFF. PUFF. HUFF. PUFF.* "bro can you not" "YOU WANNA GO YOU ----------------" *in a little kid voice*
That's these people in a nutshell. - mattstat716

45 Host migration V 1 Comment
46 People who steal your kills

So much work put in damaging the enemy just so some random teammate hopping in and taking all the credit

This usually happens to me, I do 90% of the killing and some random person appears and kills the opponent, taking all the credit. - GriffinDoge

I can understand being annoyed by individual kills that are stolen. But you know, I also hate it when people don't understand teamwork. Like, this one friend of mine always whines about the other people on our team 'taking all the kills'. Argh! It's called working together! It's really fun when you and your teammates are in sync. I know getting assist after assist gets old and it shouldn't happen all the time. But seriously, don't whine about someone getting a lot of kills if they are really good. That's only natural. It's ok to have the least amount of kills on your team as long as the whole team was working together. If you don't want to have to work with a team, then go play FFA. But be aware that stealing kills is an acceptable (and recommended) strategy in FFA. Stolen kills happen all the time and I'm fine with it, because that is how you win in FFA.
Honestly, I rarely feel I've had kills stolen from me when I'm playing team games. And that's not because I'm the one stealing ...more - eventer51314

47 People who use Aerospray MG/RG (Splatoon)

More like the Dynamo Roller, amiright? - mattstat716

48 Scamming

I hate scamming! I play a game with other people and they are always telling me to give them my stuff and they'll give me something cool. Ya, RIGHT! I wouldn't listen to them even if my life depended on it.

I remember one point. I was playing some Bad Eggs Online 2, and I was waiting for a match to start, and this guy attempted to scam us. I reported him, of course. - AlexTopTens

I do it, and besides its you fault if it happens to you - Jonathan4Life

Here is free iPhone 69 just go to - purpleyoshi98

On Animal Jam:
Some noob scammer: send me black long I will gift u 5 black longs no scam! 1! 1! 1! 1
Me: ok put your longs on trade
Them: :leaves:

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49 Bots

Bots are all over the place on the hive server say shut up or say shut up you they never stop I am not a bot and the bots do it every second and on the hive server you have to wait 10 seconds and for them is 1 second I hate bots

These are annoying as hell. They actually do pro moves on a beginner game, giving a lot of stress. Some people don't care about bots, while most people hate them

One time bots filled the chat advertising. I couldn't even say anything at all it was horrible! - SammySpore

50 People who use rocket launchers

On multiplayer on payback 2. Missiles just fly around everywhere, hitting buildings, cars, people and the police.

I was playing black ops and some idiot was running around with a smaw blowing up everything

Oh so now where not allowed to use them,okay - Jonathan4Life

You must really hate the soldier in TF2. - mattstat716

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51 "What Does the Fox Say" On Minecraft

My little brother listens to that song ALL THE TIME and plays minecraft online at the same time!

I hate that song, and plus, Why would it be on online games?! - KyleMan2000

What does the gun say? *BANG* You're dead now. That's what it said. - mattstat716

I HATE THIS SONG, mainly because I know what the fox says! (it sounds like a little dog (what it is))

52 Using "noob", "gay", and other cliche insults

I hate it because they think gay is an insult that's like saying your bi, so what I'm bi huh - Jonathan4Life

Gay means happy, so if you're calling someone gay, you're calling someone happy.

People like this makes me mad!

People should consider soeones feeling when they say '' that's Gay! '' or '' that's Lesbian '' online - SeeU

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53 Guys that constantly hit on a girl online

Some guest kept on following me on minecraft, even though I told him to go away. Then I like to go to a certain spot where everyone is usually AND TWO MORE PEOPLE COME UP TO ME! I just wanna hang there by myself! I'm not some desperate guy trying to pick up someone! - SeeU

Oh god the headphone guys I can see em coming AHH RUN GIRLS JUST don't PLAY Minecraft PLAY TERRARIA AA

What if a guy hits on a guy... - DapperPickle

And then there are the losers who say all kinds of disgusting things. Just **** off. - eventer51314

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54 Game crashes
55 People who kill you online
56 People who use glitches
57 Scary surprises

It's good if it's a horror game (Horror games are meant to be scary), but it's not fun when that happens on a non-horror game.

Oh my god that's why I don't play Minecraft Hospital any more

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58 Noob Tubers

Annoying and funny because they can't play! - ArpstaAmy333

That's funny, also they get butthurt so you can actually pick on them because I bet they don't know how to report you - Jonathan4Life


I love when I see noobs because they can't do ANYTHING! Noobs r so funny and annoying at the same time. But j wish there were no noobs because they ruin a lot of the fun

59 Chavs speaking

Why can't I play a game without those momma boys cursing and yelling over a mic after a few seconds

60 Ads

So annoying and a waste of time - also lags out your computer

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