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81 Stinger whores

I hate it when people in Battlefield 3 exploit the extremely overpowered stinger/igla and sit on a rock beside an ammo bag and spam rockets.

82 When people spam

This is annoying when playing Apothen with a friend's brother. Stop clicking R1 like it's your life. Sometimes I wonder... if it is! - sdgeek2003

FG Link, Toon Link, Zero Skill Spamus, and sometimes Ness. Some FG players don't spam as ness though. - ShyGuySwag

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83 Loading screens
84 People who don't stop making fake items

Are you talking about Minecraft.

I hate it no comment needed

In MineCraft on servers with Vote Keys sometimes people name Tripwire Hooks and auction them for high prices, then people actually buy them and they then go 'Why doesn't it work? '
Another guy- 'Some guy auctioned off fake keys an-"
Victim- "F"

Also, on Animal Jam, you have items that are worth a LOT, but they look similar to normal store-bought items, so people use the store 'Milky Tiara' or a green Old Blanket or a normal Ring to try to convince people those items are the betas or the glitched versions.

Also, back on Minecraft, sometimes people enchant swords with useless enchantments (Books) and wear dyed Blue leather, and from a distance they look like they have full Diamond and enchanted stuff. People also use the Null and Herobrine and Entity 303/404 skins to try to scare people by appearing from a distance.

But yeah, annoying.

85 When people just sit in a corner and charge up something
86 Teleporters
87 You nearly win a game and your controller dies

Happened to me once on a Minecraft PE server.

88 Kids that scream and cry

This is why I hate playing with kids online, they just scream and cry. One time I was playing Minecraft with other kids and one of them called his mom just because someone borrow 1 diamond from his chest. It's just so so ANNOING.

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89 Getting kicked from Xbox Live

Wii U has free online as well.

Xbox Live suck
Buy a PlayStation 4,you play free online

90 People who beg for your items

My sister had a guy beg for her whole house on Minecraft for a golden sword on creative mode. - sdgeek2003

Get it yourself! Don't beg me for items!

Ugggh stupid Minecraft server beggers on wynncraft first of all dem level 75s who are afraid to kill bob or Cow or too lazy to do ToA would you guys call a friend?

"giv mi your strang red tap recurder"
Get it yourself.
"giv mi yur unusual het"
Get one yourself. - mattstat716

91 Stupid rumours about secrets

I remember when everyone talked about herobrine, it really annoyed me. - GriffinDoge

92 People who send you constant invites to their games
93 Teafraggers

Ok so your playing halo and you get killed. Ok that's fine but then the guy who killed you decides to teabag you just to tick you off

94 Ddosers

Jessus I hate this! I can be playing some CSS deathmatch, or some DarkRP on Gmod and then this ass hole who thinks he is better than every one and is in charge because he has 11,000 hours on it comes to piss us off. When he doesn't get what he wants? DDos. And yes that is a true story.

95 When people quit in Halo 4 and the game pauses then comes back and it blasts Slayyyyyyerrrr at the highest volume

Well. Slayer is amazing so why complain.

I like to play Halo 4, but this is just one of the bad aspects of it.

What's wrong with Slayer?

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96 People that think they're better at a certain game than they are

I never fully understood why people would be this naive about their skill, it should be something that everyoen should consciously know. Here is a rule about this... If you have a hard time with a game and your strggle with that game is not because of anything that you cannot help, then you are bad at it! How do people not know this yet?! When will they learn it?!

Well well well them hoodie guys on Minecraft just because of your skin does not mean your a pro

97 Advertising

Like and subscribe, kids! - PythonProgrammer23

98 Gloating

I get it. You're better than me. Don't rub it in my face.

It's different when the ass who's been taunting you after every death in tf2 and going "lol your trash" in chat/mic gets utterly DESTROYED by you. - mattstat716

Gloating... A lot of people on Minecraft do this all the time. And I'm like "ok I get it already; if you're better than me, don't rub it in geez"

This is why I don't plat CTF anymre. It gets intense, people get mad, and hackers EVERYWHERE. - SeeU

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99 Ban false reporting
100 People who send messages saying "you're useless"

Whenever you played a match and your team lost and never have a problem with it; but then some player on your team sends a message sayng "you're useless". Not only it's annoying let alone harsh, it's also pathetic for anyone who says that. This is an example of someone who takes gaming "too" seriously. Look it's just a game, it does not matter if you win or lose.

Once, people kept saying to me "i'm useless" and kicking me off the server cause of that, the companies should really edit that... - DapperPickle

*Different in competitive. This was not that.*

I murdered a lot of people and sapped a ton in TF2.

"your useless, spy, switch to a better class"


Deh stupid team games just because your team lost does not mean your useless

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