Top Ten Most Annoying Things When Playing Video Games Online


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121 Targeting

8 Players on your team and they focus for no reason on solely killing you

The only times I rage when playing video games are this and lag - GriffinDoge

122 Runners

Just like spammers, this often appears in every video game of mmorpg with arenas

123 Getting one shot by an enemy

Happens to me on Call of Duty sometimes

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124 People Who Use Aerospray MG/RG (Splatoon)
125 People who camp right beside where you are super jumping and kill you with a roller (Splatoon)
126 People with the mic way too close to his/her mouth

You'll hear every breath and every noise they make.

127 Spoiled brats

Kid: (online in Minecraft)

You: Also online in Minecraft

Kid: Hey you gimme all your weapons and diamonds and blah blah blah..

You: What no why should I

Kid: Your gonna regret it if you don't...

You: pssh, *whatever*

Next time you log in online

You: All my items are gone! And I have to challenge that guy..

Guy: Ok time for our challenge..

You hold on.. (Builds dirt shelter) - FennikenFan9

128 People who are rude for no reason V 1 Comment
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