Most Annoying Things to Receive in a Text Message

We have all texted someone before. But we've all received these annoying things before. What is the most annoying text to receive?

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things to Receive in a Text Message

1 K

K what

Once I texted my friend a whole story, and she just responded "K". I was just sitting there like "Wow, your fingers must be so tired from all that typing! " - Absolite

You seriously are that lazy. - Randomator

2 Lol

Really? this is so lazy for people. - coolgamert

3 emoji only

I read in English not emojis thanks. - Randomator

4 Y

Y can't you type a word? Are you that lazy? - Randomator

5 U

Wow so original and lazy - Randomator

How are u
U okay
U! - Dustbunnie

6 TTY L8r

T talk
T to
Y you
L later
8 ate
R er - AwesomeJawson

What does this even mean?

7 R
8 Call me

Why can't you text? - Randomator

9 C U L8r
10 ...

Do I really look like I speak morse code mate - TwilightKitsune

What is this supposed to mean? Silence? - Randomator

The Contenders

11 #selfie
12 Hmmm
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