Most Annoying Things to Receive in a Text Message

We have all texted someone before. But we've all received these annoying things before. What is the most annoying text to receive?
The Top Ten
1 K

K what

Once I texted my friend a whole story, and she just responded "K". I was just sitting there like "Wow, your fingers must be so tired from all that typing! " - Absolite

You seriously are that lazy. - Randomator

2 Lol

Really? this is so lazy for people. - coolgamert

3 emoji only

I read in English not emojis thanks. - Randomator

4 Y

Y can't you type a word? Are you that lazy? - Randomator

5 U

Wow so original and lazy - Randomator

How are u
U okay
U! - Dustbunnie

6 TTY L8r

T talk
T to
Y you
L later
8 ate
R er - AwesomeJawson

What does this even mean?

7 R
8 Call me

Why can't you text? - Randomator

9 C U L8r
10 ...

Do I really look like I speak morse code mate

What is this supposed to mean? Silence?

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11 #selfie
12 Hmmm
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