Most Annoying Things on a School Bus

Do you ride on the bus to get to school? If so what are the most annoying things you have experienced when catching a ride on your school bus?

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I was severely bullied on the bus in high school. This was on a bus full of SPECIAL ED KIDS. They taunted me, I told them to stop, the bus driver yelled at me and made me cry, then she took her phone out and videoed it. I told her to stop and to delete the video and she refused to. I told my parents and they were furious and they went to school to complain and everyone got lectured by he principal.

Bullies are the worst I have got bullied on the bus before

Bus drivers who yell at you for no reason

I was on a long field trip once with this absolute nut job driver. It was a long trip into the Rocky Mountains. Once we boarded the bus I knew it would be bad when the driver we had was just screaming like a banshee MAKE ROOM AND SIT DOWN AND KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOUR SELVES. Anyways she screamed at us the whole way and we got stuck in a snow storm and they shut down I-70 and we had to pull into this truck stop for a whole night. Oh my gosh it was miserable we got back out the next day with a handful of other vehicles in the worst conditions. Just blowing the bus all over the road, huge snow drifts covering the whole bus, and about crashed a number of times. I had to listen to this lady just scream and cuss us out the entire time and she took her stress out on us. I talked to someone who said they have that driver (bless his heart) and he said “oh yes she’s always like that”. I was like what? My district is Notorious for mean and crazy drivers. I will keep that story short but it ...more

My grade 10 and 4 bus driver yelled at us for no reason a few times

And the aides, too!

Screaming kids

O gosh yes. This reminds me of how on a field trip we had to go on this tall, scary bridge, and I thought one of the "acter-ups" would scream. So then my paranoid mind thought we were gonna fall off the bridge and die. He didn't though.

Screaming kids are quite annoying if they scream too much


People who tease you for sitting next to someone of the opposite gender

I really hate this. People jeer: « You’ve got a girlfriend, you’ve got a girlfriend! » They’re being sexist.

People playing really loud music

Kids would play rap the most I not a fan of rap music

Filthy seats

They often have gum or a gross unidentifiable object on the seats.

People who try to sit next to you when there isn't room

This is uncomfortable once I had 3 in a same seat and it was uncomfortable

Mean drivers

I have had my fair share of mean and nice drivers. Sometimes they could make the trip a living hell. SIT DOWN, GET YOUR PINKEY TOE OUT OF THE ISLE, DOn't EAT, DOn't DRINK, DOn't TALK TO ANYONE, YOU CAn't DO YOUR HOMEWORK, SHUT UP, SIT DOWN, AND BE BORED FOR A HOUR EACH WAY!

I had a mean bus driver in grade 4 and 10 it sucked they yelled at us for dumb reasons

People who have their leg right in the aisle as you try to go past
Radio playing the same songs everyday

My driver listened to spots broadcasts all the time. It was the most anoying thing. Also, talk radio. Sometimes he would listen to county or classic rock but that was only once and a while.

I got sick of can't stop the feeling it played too much on the radio on my bus

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Everyone in the class singing a song that you hate.

The girls on the bus do this every time to ensure the ride is an absolute misery.

I would hate to have them singing barbie girl

A complete stranger that tries to start a conversation with you
Annoying kids

This is the worst I had an annoying kid on my bus in grade 9 he drove me nuts on the bus ride to school

People who take up a lot of space
No room where you have to stand
Bus driver pulls over

Oh yea we had our day’s with a few of my drivers. They would pull over all the time because of dumb crap just so they get paid more because their gone longer. Same reason why we wait at the other school sometimes up to a hour before they let us in.

Getting stuck in traffic or bad weather

This always sucked. Sometimes they would make a bad call to have school and we would be stuck in traffic for a long time. Once the driver took us back home because they canceled last minute

Sitting three or four to a seat

I HATE THIS IT SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSAA maybe after COVID we won’t have to

Over-crowded buses

This was always terrible. My driver tried to get a new bus a number of times before and where refused. There where kids on the floor, sitting in other kids laps, standing, on the dash and we got pulled over and SHE GOT SUSPENDED. I think she retired I’m gonna remember you forever Mrs. D! Though she was really mean and called kids she did not like names. I felt bad for her after that.

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