Most Annoying Things on a School Bus

Do you ride on the bus to get to school? If so what are the most annoying things you have experienced when catching a ride on your school bus?

The Top Ten

1 Bullies

I was severely bullied on the bus in high school. This was on a bus full of SPECIAL ED KIDS. They taunted me, I told them to stop, the bus driver yelled at me and made me cry, then she took her phone out and videoed it. I told her to stop and to delete the video and she refused to. I told my parents and they were furious and they went to school to complain and everyone got lectured by he principal.

2 Bus drivers who yell at you for no reason

And the aides, too!

3 People who tease you for sitting next to someone of the opposite gender
4 Filthy seats
5 Screaming kids


O gosh yes. This reminds me of how on a field trip we had to go on this tall, scary bridge, and I thought one of the "acter-ups" would scream. So then my paranoid mind thought we were gonna fall off the bridge and die. He didn't though.

6 People playing really loud music
7 People who try to sit next to you when there isn't room
8 People who have their leg right in the aisle as you try to go past
9 A complete stranger that tries to start a conversation with you
10 People who take up a lot of space

The Contenders

11 Radio playing the same songs everyday
12 No room where you have to stand
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