Most Annoying Things Selfies Do

What things annoy you most about selfies and what they typically do?

The Top Ten

1 Say Things Like 'YOLO' and 'Swag'

Those two phrases are officially the most irritating phrases I have ever heard in my entire life.

2 Pose Stupidly On Facebook (Duckface Etc.)

Selfies make themselves uglier with their duckfacing and back-breaking.

Duckfacing, ha ha. I can imagine. - zxm

Kinda agreed. Selfie looks stupid (no offense). I have never taken selfie. Not that I remember. Even if I had taken, I have never posted it on FB. I don't like selfies with sunglasses. The worst thing is that selfie will make your photo even worse. - zxm

3 Wear Too Much Makeup

Most selfies moan about their weight and I am not surprised with all the makeup they wear.

4 Spell Childishly Bad
5 Post a Status About Every Single Action They Do
6 Clearly Enhancing Their Boobs As They Walk Around
7 Get Terrible Tans
8 Like Bad Pop Bands/artists
9 Act Slutty
10 Put Themselves on the Verge of Death

All these selfies taken on top of skyscrapers and in front of oncoming trains...people have tried copying them time and time again, with tragic results. Everything else on this list is merely a trivial annoyance - putting lives at risk is where I draw the line. - Entranced98

The Contenders

11 Sticking out Tongue

I wouldn't care if it was Miley Cyrus though.


12 Have a Stupid Hairstyle
13 Post Cheesy Quotes
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