Top 10 Most Annoying Things In Splatoon

Don't get me wrong, I love Splatoon. However, these annoying aspects of the game can take the fun out of it.

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1 Bad Connection

It especially sucks when you're in the last minute of a battle & your connection suddenly dies. - Luxam

Me: OOH! One more minute to win! Now all I have to do is sh--
Splatoon: No internet con--
Me: RAGE MODEZ! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 Hackers

There are a lot more of these then there used to be, and it's now a huge problem. I used to be able to go entire months without running into one. Now there's a hacker every few hours.

There's been these color hackers going around ruining ranked matches, and the community is praising them what? - mattstat716

3 Bad Teammates V 1 Comment
4 Repeatedly Losing A Battle
5 Bad Miiverse Posts
6 Losing Splatfest
7 Dying At The Final Checkpoint Of Fighting DJ Octavio
8 Having Trouble Picking Out A Good Weapon/ Clothing Item
9 Being Crushed By A Roller

Shouldn't have been in my way then. - mattstat716

10 Some Of The Music Soundtracks

I like songs by the Chirpy Chips most of all.

The Contenders

11 Rollers

I REALLY dislike rollers.

I only classify the Dynamo and Carbon as cheap rollers.
Carbon because of spawncamping.
Dynamo because of BS range and damage. - mattstat716

12 The losing screen

Do you see a problem with it. I see a problem with it. The problem is that it rubs the fact that you lost sevral' times ( Gravity Falls there ) it could at least say oh well. This screen is disgusting

13 Only shooting out blue and orange ink instead of other colors.

In Turf War, you can now only shoot orange and blue ink? Huh?

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