Top 10 Most Annoying Things In Splatoon

Don't get me wrong, I love Splatoon. However, these annoying aspects of the game can take the fun out of it.

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1 Bad Connection

It especially sucks when you're in the last minute of a battle & your connection suddenly dies. - Luxam

Well, of course. One day, you have bad connection, and your team collapses (Most of the time).

...OH BOY! I once disconnect when there were 0 SECONDS LEFT!

Me: OOH! One more minute to win! Now all I have to do is sh--
Splatoon: No internet con--
Me: RAGE MODEZ! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 Bad Teammates

so true

I HATE teamers they don’t do anything

I really don't understand why they are SO bad. In this case, create a team! (But the thing is that it is SO HARD to create a team! )


3 Hackers

There are a lot more of these then there used to be, and it's now a huge problem. I used to be able to go entire months without running into one. Now there's a hacker every few hours.

There's been these color hackers going around ruining ranked matches, and the community is praising them what? - mattstat716

4 Repeatedly Losing A Battle
5 Bad Miiverse Posts

Well...Miiverse could be coming back

Don't need to worry about that because miiverse is gone...5ever

6 Losing Splatfest
7 Dying At The Final Checkpoint Of Fighting DJ Octavio

Yeah. Octavio's second game fight was a tad null, but still ended up being fun. Octavio has real potential as a villain, as does splatoon as a franchise.

Still, ya gotta hand it to him. Dj Octavio is pretty good for a small octopus.


8 Having Trouble Picking Out A Good Weapon/ Clothing Item
9 Being Crushed By A Roller

Shouldn't have been in my way then. - mattstat716

10 Some Of The Music Soundtracks

I like songs by the Chirpy Chips most of all.

The Contenders

11 Bad Salmon Run Loadout

That's the challenge of it

That’s what makes it challenging, but it should not be so bad that it’s practically unplayable like it is sometimes - thunderstar1124

12 Rollers

I REALLY dislike rollers.

I only classify the Dynamo and Carbon as cheap rollers.
Carbon because of spawncamping.
Dynamo because of BS range and damage. - mattstat716

13 Playing with a Very Good Sniper

I always do bad because of these people - thunderstar1124

14 The Balancing in Matchmaking is literally nonexistent

Sometimes your opponents will be easy as crap and other times you'll get your ass handed to you. - thunderstar1124

Sometimes the whole enemy team is 15-20 levels below the highest level player on your team.Other times there's 1 or 2 people 25-30 levels above the lowest level player on your team.And in ranked mode there might be an entire team of C/B/A- players or an entire team of C/B/A/S+ players.I know that level doesn't necessarily show how skilled the player is but if there's 2 people who are 20-25 levels above everyone else and they're both on the opposite team most of the time you're screwed.

15 Dying instantly when super-jumping to a teammate

This is torture!

16 Losing a Teammate in Turf War

This stinks. Even if it's afc or just plain disconnected, it stinks. For both the player and its teammates.
Just now, I could barely control my character because my red joycon kept disconnecting and it almost made me rage quit.
Good news: We won though :)
- Anonymous

If you lose a teammate, you're pretty much guaranteed to lose. - thunderstar1124

17 Unfair Competition

I can’t tell you how much I lost to unfair opponents

18 The Losing Screen

Do you see a problem with it. I see a problem with it. The problem is that it rubs the fact that you lost sevral' times ( Gravity Falls there ) it could at least say oh well. This screen is disgusting

19 Only shooting out blue and orange ink instead of other colors.

In Turf War, you can now only shoot orange and blue ink? Huh?

20 Getting the Worst Weapon in Salmon Run
21 Marie's on the Side

Aw come on! Whoever lied about the Trash Waifu. Marie's the worst character. No one will lie to me. I'm not kidding. I'm serious. - Neinwott

22 Cap'N Cuttlefish is talking

I HATE HIM! He sucks! Even worse than Navi, Fi, Slippy Toad, and Bubsy.

23 Losing Your Rank Against 4 Level 99 Players All with Perfect Gear
24 Rule 34
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