Most Annoying Things in Splatoon 2

I love this game, but there are some annoyances that are absolutely worth making a Top Ten List about.

The Top Ten

1 Being against a really good sniper

Chargers are still as OP as ever. - mattstat716

You can't ink well

You’re pretty much guaranteed to lose if there is a really good sniper on the opposing team - thunderstar1124

2 Squidbaggers

Report them. - mattstat716

3 Unstable Connection

I could play Single Player but I have no reason to do so because I completed every level with every weapon. - thunderstar1124

Its just 5 minutes, go play singleplayer or something... - mattstat716

With this, you can't play! After all, if your connection messes up only twice in a row, then you can't play for a period of time. Good job Nintendo. >:(

4 Instant death when superjumping to a teammate

If you die from that, that's your fault for not paying attention to the map. Never jump to a teammate surrounded by enemy ink. Unless you have a Splashdown. - TheYoshiOverlord

Drop roller, splashdown, ninja jump, etc... - mattstat716

5 People who only choose a Splatfest side because Marina is on that side

This is what legit rigs the splatfests in pearl's favor. - mattstat716

6 Pearl and Marina's unskippable intro comes up every single time you boot up the game

I just want to play the game -_- - mattstat716

7 Aerospray users everywhere

Toned down a bit with recent updates. - mattstat716

8 Bad drawing posts

Not a very good reason, the plaza is filled with pretty good art mostly.
Daily pearl, marina, callie, marie, etc. posts. - mattstat716

9 You can only play Salmon Run at certain times

I understand why they did this. - mattstat716

10 Ninja-Splatters

I guess you just can't beat 'em!

...Are we talking campers or...? - mattstat716

The Newcomers

? When you’re doing really well one round but you lose anyway because of bad teammates
? The game punishes you for getting communication errors

The Contenders

11 Activating the Inkjet is suicide

Not particularly, you can swim up to someone, launch, shoot, and pretty much OHKO them. - mattstat716

Not to mention that Sloshers have an incredibly easy advantage over them - thunderstar1124

12 Splashdown kinda sucks

Pretty gimmicky, to be honest. - mattstat716

Personally it’s my favorite special - thunderstar1124

13 Bad Salmon Run Coworkers

Oh wow...this is so true! Once I was playing salmon run,I had a really bad teammate that loved to squidbag, if that wasn't enough...he would distract people when they are busy collecting golden eggs, and he even lets the salmonids splat him! worst of all...thanks to his efforts...I'm ALL THE WAY BACK TO APPRENTICE! Honestly I could go on!

14 E-Liter tryhards

Not as OP now. - mattstat716

It’s not that it’s op, it’s because many people who use it ignore the objective and try to get kills - thunderstar1124

15 Players who use the Octobrush on Ranked Battles

Can we PLEASE nerf the octobrush now?! - mattstat716

If you use this on ranked, you deserve to be squidbagged - thunderstar1124

16 Being stuck in Lobby Purgatory

Ugh, GL playing in mornings or very late at night... - mattstat716

17 Spawn Campers
18 Teammates who don't do objectives

THIS IS SO TRUE IT HURTS. - mattstat716

19 Being against someone who's really good with the Splat Roller

I feel guilty now that I am good with it. - thunderstar1124

Heheheh, might've been me. Rolling is my specialty! ~

Sorry, not sorry. - mattstat716

20 The Octobrush is Overpowered

This is the most overused weapon on Ranked Battles. - thunderstar1124

Too much range with too much damage.
Might as well be a OHKO with that range.
Also blinds you from seeing the field. - mattstat716

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