Most Annoying Things in Splatoon 2

I love this game, but there are some annoyances that are absolutely worth making a Top Ten List about.

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21 People who are so focused on getting kills

But holding back the enemy team matters... - mattstat716

22 Blasters

I should not be OHKO'd in an instant. No weapon does that with that large of a hitbox, not even chargers. - mattstat716

23 Teammates who won’t carry their weight in Ranked Battles

Thankfully I got to S rank for Rainmaker, and the teams are WAY better there. - mattstat716

24 Almost every Turf War match has a teammate that disconnects

Not really. - mattstat716

25 Having a team of people who suck with chargers causing you to lose the match

Chargers + Turf = Failure - mattstat716

26 Completely unavoidable deaths from Bomb Rushes
27 When your teammates aren’t there when you need them the most
28 Salmon Run super bonuses that are just ability chunks

I work Salmon Run shifts for Crusty Sean tickets, NOT CLOTHING - thunderstar1124

I work Salmon Run shifts for clothing, drink and EXP tickets, along with ability chunks.
NOT MONEY TICKETS. - mattstat716

29 N’Zap Users Everywhere

Nerf the orange n-zap.
(the 89, I think? - mattstat716

This became apparent when the N’Zap ‘89 was added into the game. Now it’s impossible to go into a match without at least one person using one. - thunderstar1124

30 Teammates who don’t ink their spawn

This can get annoying on maps like Moray Towers and Port Mackerel - thunderstar1124

Okay, I have to rant about this.
This isn't me ranting about teammates who don't do it, its about teammates who are so stupid that they do it right at the start.
You're supposed to capture mid first, ink spawn after you die, and THEN use your special you just charged up from inking spawn to help push into their side. This makes Splashdown an actually viable special, but no... everyone inks spawns and takes an entire minute to reach mid, then ends up dying, not having any special charge, and having the enemy invade the base.

This is a S T U P I D bandwagon you have all jumped on. - mattstat716

31 Splatfest Servers are atrocious

Communication errors almost every match - thunderstar1124

32 There is practically no way to win against an entire team of Roller-type weapons
33 Constant Random Friend-Requests
34 The game punishes you for getting communication errors
35 When you’re doing really well one round but you lose anyway because of bad teammates
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