Most Annoying Things in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U

This game has a lot of great stuff for being a brand new Smash game and all. But there's also a trashy side of... let's take a look at it

The Top Ten

1 Updating the game deletes your replays
2 They removed the Super Mario Bros. Medley from Brawl

That's so unfair! It was one of my favorite songs in SSB Brawl, and what's even worse is that, when I read the My Music list of Peach's Castle (64) DLC, it tricked my vision into saying "Ground Theme 2 (Super Mario Bros.)" however, it actually said "Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros. 2)".
Damn you, Sakurai! You're just purposely tricking us to give me bitter dissapointment >:( - HunterBrony101

3 Too many third party characters

I'm sorry, but Pac-Man, Sonic and MegaMan? They're plenty alright! But even adding Ryu, Cloud and Bayonnetta? NO THANK YOU! - HunterBrony101

4 They replaced Break the Targets with Target Blast
5 It has the same Melee stages as in Brawl

Why do we need this stages? We already had them TWICE! I would prefer Fourside, Great Bay and Brinstar Depths anyday! - HunterBrony101

6 Smashville is exclusive on Wii U, when it should've been on 3DS

Pardon me Sakurai, but WHAT? We have 2 Animal Crossing towns in the Wii U, but 0 in the 3DS? That is so pathetic! Not to mention how Smashville is loosely based on AC: Wild World, that game was for the Nintendo DS, and you supposedly said you put Handheld-originating stages in 3DS and Console-originating stages in Wii U. So pathetic! - HunterBrony101

7 No local tournament mode
8 Older versions of Classic Mode were better
9 They didn't bring back Wolf even as DLC
10 Replacing Adventure Mode with Smash Tour

The Contenders

11 Toon Link returned over Young Link

Toon Link is lame! Young Link is so much funner and cooler! - HunterBrony101

12 Bayonetta's Inclusion In Smash 4

Wouldn't mind as much if online players remembered that that are other characters in this game

And we're stuck with her and her annoying fanboys for all future Smash games

13 Cloud Cloud
14 Pokémon Mega Evolutions
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