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1 Give Out Lots of Homework

Yeah, its really annoying like why. Home is our break. We are basically like adults because we both work but we have to work at home too. My parents work at home too but at least I helped them and it makes it less harder for them so ya. I am a good boy. Why do we need work if I already do at home.

I hate homework it's like paper versions of hell

My college does this sometimes. Good thing I get extra time to complete them.


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2 Say That the Whole Class Is In Trouble Only Because One Person Did Something

Yes once some kid printed too much paper and the hole class got into trouble and he said the printer cost too much money

YES! When I was in high school my special ed teacher heard 1 kid joking around during lunch and then she yelled at the whole class for it.

It is so bad that teachers do that, well at least some don't - 170253

Now this one is just annoying and a waste of time - Amaimon

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3 Keep the Students In the Classroom Until They Say They Can Leave

Yes! The bell has gone! They make us stand behind our chairs quietly. I mean, if we come to class after the bell, they get annoyed but they keep us after the bell. To all teachers, if the bell doesn't dismiss us, then it's also doesn't tell us when we get to class. Technically, we can come whenever we want. This is especially annoying if it's break, lunch or the end of the day, especially if you need to catch a bus or something.

My maths teacher does that. She once kept us in class for 10 minutes, and I'm sure the van drivers were pretty pissed off.

Some of my teachers do that all the time! It pisses me off! - Pegasister12

Hated that rule - Kangaroo1145

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4 Make You Show Your Work

My math teacher always tells us that we have to show our work for every little problem. And if you missed at least two or three or more that is counted as incomplete even though you showed you work for the rest. That beyond annoys me and gets me stressed cause if your work is not neat and your work looks like the Greek alphabet then that is counted as incomplete. So our work always has to be neat and have to show how I got the answer for every problem to be counted as complete.

I can normally complete a worksheet in 5 minutes. Showing my work to the bare minimum to even pass brings it from 5 minutes to 1 hour. To get a perfect score, it will raise that up to 3 hours. So, there is 36* as much showing work as there is actual work.

I am really good at math and they make you do garbage tactics that do not work and have no score effect but only make me go 30 minutes slower - Ilyas678

What if it's a super easy math problem such as 0+0=0?

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5 Make Due Dates Too Early

One of my teachers always does this. Like we have six papers we have to finish tomorrow and I don't even understand this piece of crap. And I am like can we at least have three or four days to complete this?

Even more annoying when they don't even tell you the due dates

This is so annoying! The teacher assigned a big project about the the branches of government, it looked very confusing and I had to spend 3 days just buying the supplies! And the project was due 6 days after given. I worked really hard but it still wasn't fully completed and I got in troyble.

Monday you have a 10 page essay due Wednesday 🤣🤣🤣 - Amaimon

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6 Ban Talking Like It's a Sin

OH yes, talking is what everybody does. And they ban it. Our teacher always says, "Want to talk? Go outside and have a lovely chat, and come back in."

My teacher is legit crazy. He said why are you talking and then I tried to explain than he screamed at me like what

Teachers treat like not talking in class like it is the 11th commandment in the bible - Ihateschool

Isn't the teacher talking though? Shouldn't they not talk?

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7 Tells you to mind your own business, and they don't mind their own businesses
8 Yell at you for one little thing

My high school special ed teacher yelled at me and a few of my friends because we picked up a pizza delivery like seriously what

This happened when I crumpled up a paper and threw it away when my teacher told me to throw it away. I guess I crumpled it too loud? I dunno.

9 Call Your Parents Because You Did Something Bad

Even in your teens they will still do it, like seriously? Not that it ever was my problem, but your threatening to call a teens parents? Come on.

Ew... And its always the ones who try and be nice. - Finnmclachlan

They are snitches - Bikerninja1997

I was screaming in my French lesson and the teacher gave me detention I said ok and carried on screaming so she said I'm going to rung Mum so I said ok tell her I said Hi I now have detention for a whole week

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10 Call on You for an Answer When You Didn't Raise Your Hand

So, I was in class and I SUCK AT MATH. And I wasn't raising my hand, so if u don't raise your hand they shouldn't call on u. So I didn't have it up, MY TEACHER CALLED ON ME! UGHH

Hate when that happens - Kangaroo1145

Usually teachers do this because they think your not paying attention too. But you don’t have to know all the answers! Once I was taking notes and my health teacher said “Liz pay attention! ” I got so mad! - Amaimon

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11 Give Out Homework Over the Weekend

This is so annoying! My writing teacher assigns essays over every weekend, and once Monday comes around, she's all like, "So did you do anything fun this weekend? I went to the beach! It was so amazing! " Like no! No, I did not do anything "fun" thanks to you!

Teachers who give out homework over the break don't know what the definition of "break" is! Our entire lives do not revolve around stupid school and work.

In my school our teacher gave us an essay and it was supposed to be due next week which is after our break so someone asked if we were supposed to do it during the break and he was like no you should do fun stuff over the break and I was like well its bloody thursday were not going to finish this in two days and most of us will be travelling over the break

We are busy on weekends to

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12 Tell the entire class "I'm just gonna sit here until you're quiet" and then give a 40min emotional and spiritual speech about how the class is wasting time

Honestly, in like Year Five, this teacher was super nice (heck, he let ten year-old me annoy him to oblivion! ) but also kinda lazes off. He had to call in a literal devil-teacher and he yelled at us for 20 minutes straight about the 'standard of Year Five' and how it's decreasing rapidly.

Yes! My English teacher does this all the time and she always says how disappointed she is with us.

Only happens rarely but when it happens it is ridiculous

My 3rd grade teacher did that to my class. I didn't do anything wrong. She said "I still get MY paycheck." - CartoonCriticizer

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13 Send You to Detention

But we can go have an hour detention for mispronouncing words like thug or flock, man, I feel bad for the Japanese import student. - Maddox121

Well, if you did something bad, you deserve it.

Yea it happens, it also reminds me of when in Kindergarten we had a peer who was sent to Detention for some reason.

Lil pump

14 Think they are always right

My history teacher said that in our diary it says that we should have "highlighters" which means more than one. We all started to check in our diary and I was the first to find the equipment page. And guess what, it didn't highlighters at all!

My math teacher would always pester us saying that the decimal doesn't move and one tudent (for some unknown reason) starts arguing with the teacher how the decimal does move and the rest of the week they argued about who was right. The week after the teacher decided to solve the problem and send him to the principles office saying he was "harrasing" her and the rest of the class.

15 Teachers never understand

My high school special ed teacher thinks that our jackets, lunches, 1 big backpack plus all our school supplies can fit into a locker that's only like 6" wide and 18" deep

Teachers assume that since it’s 2018, that every student has access to internet

16 Assign Group Work and Put a Sensible Student with a Group of Idiots

Teachers who assign a group for you to work with. I hate this. I get it, teachers think it's good to be able to work with other people, and it is, but they should at least let you choose a group, because 99% of the time they're going to put a good student with a complete idiot and the good student's grade with suffer, all because of the bad student, so think about it before you assign groups, are these students going to get on and are they both going to do their work? Ideally, let the students choose their own groups, but make sure they are not with somebody who could distract them, and also if a good student gets a bad grade, you know why - you assigned a sensible student a group of idiots. Also, don't yell when a student gets a bad grade, because you know why!

I'm a very good student who does their work, and the teacher put me to work with a boy who barely did any work, another boy who always gives excuses, and a girl (which is a friend that I kinda hate) that did work, but not all what she was asked to do. I did the work I had to do, and let them do theirs. A few days before submission date, they came to me and told me they didn't get everything they were assigned. I ended up losing about 20% of my marks because of some idiots that didn't do their work.

I always have to do the work because everyone else just goofs off and does nothing

Actually, I like teachers picking groups, Except when they pair you with your enemy or somebody stupid who doesn't help, The reason I like it is because nobody ever picks me as a partner and that is very true because I'm an unpopular kid.

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17 Send You to the Principal's Office
18 Be Jerks
19 Keep You After the Bell

I have to get the bus! - kaisietoo

I'll be late to my next class!

Hate that rule and also how they add minutes - Kangaroo1145

20 They show favoritism towards other kids

My teacher favours the worst kid in our class and hates me and I only did I few little things like laughing in class

If one of my teachers were like that, if one kid got the "favoritism", I would do the same stuff as that kid and not give a crap until the teacher allows no one to do it.

OH MY GOD THIS IS SO TRUE. I had a teacher in 9th grade that would treat a girl in my class better than anybody in the entire school. She’d let her go on her phone, talk with friends, go to the bathroom, you name it. Would she let me do that? HELL NO! - railfan99

In my choir class, the teachers always favor the kids who had voice lessons in the past and whenever we go to audition (I’m average with my voice quality) the kids who had voice lessons ALWAYS get to sing solo in front of everyone and I’m stuck singing backup like the rest of the choir.

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21 They force you to do unnecessary assignments after you complete your work

In a special ed class in my high school after the kids finish their classwork they did stuff like coloring pages, mazes, word searches, etc...

22 Treating you like a baby

My high school special ed teacher thinks that the smarter kids are dumber than a 1st grader. She gave us baby math like 1+1=2, count coins, tell time, and even forced us to play grocery store like a preschooler!


23 They say they treat every student equally but they treat one kid with special stuff and let that student get away with bad stuff.

This is understandable sometimes, like if the kid is a little off for instance, but not enough to be sent to special Ed. We had a few like that, they were autistic or plain eccentric and possibly autistic, but nothing severe enough to get them sent to Special Ed.

Yes - kaisietoo

Ikr? I'm in 6th grade and there's this insanely stupid and clingy student in my class
and he is an idiot! His name is Noah and he deserves to be expelled. He likes to be near my friends instead of his friends, I'm a girl and all my friends are girls and he's just being greedy and a maggot. He thinks he looks "hot" or "popular" when he's around.
Most of my friends aren't aware of it... even though Noah is sent to sit by them almost EVERYDAY! 😟 Only three of my friends agree with the fact that he is so annoying that I want to slap his stupid face off, those three friends are Makaydn, Michela, and Jenna. While my other friends, Madison, Arika, Sophia, Kylie, and Rylie all don't give a crap. The teacher give him baby math while we do actual 6th grade math, algebra, x-axis, etc. When it's social studies he gets to play on his IPad. Music class is the worst we have to listen to baby songs such as The Alphabet Song and Hey Diddle Diddle. And two months ago he drew a smiley face on ...more

24 Get Mad at You for Following Their Exact Instructions

My high school special ed teacher did this once:

Teacher: No backpacks on the floor
Me: OK (puts backpack behind me in my chair)
Teacher: you can't do that either
Me: (puts backpack in chair on desk next to me)
Teacher: Uh-uh. No.

She told me not to put my backpack ON THE FLOOR. I put it ON A CHAIR. A CHAIR IS NOT THE FLOOR. I was obeying her.

Then she forced me to put my backpack in my tiny locker.


This happened three times today, with two unique teachers
First one (math teacher):
Teacher: Ask me before pausing the test (testing on a computer)
Me: (finishes test in 5 minutes and ends it)
He said pausing, not ending. He also established a rule that, before submitting a test, you must review
your answers independently.
Second one (computer administrator/teacher):
Teacher: Don't log in (means don't login to any websites, computers login to user account
automatically), don't touch the mouse
Me: (opens many (20,000+) Google Chrome windows using the keyboard only)(still following the
Teacher: BRING IT BACK TO THE BLUE SCREEN! (they have a blue desktop background)(and,
please don't call it that, even 1st graders know it is called the desktop)
Me: Invokes Blue Screen Of Death (following the instructions)
Teacher: (almost gave detention, then noticed I was politely following ...more

25 Not Listen to You

(My high school special ed teacher falsely accuses me for something that I didn't do)
Me: I didn't do anything
Teacher: stop it!
Me: But-
Teacher: That's enough!
Me: >:(

26 Discipline You for No Reason

YES! My art teacher yelled at me for making a very loud yawn during class and said "Are you uninterested?! " Like, no, I'm tired!

What you said cracked me up!

YES! The classroom was messy and my high school special ed teacher won't let me use the computers for a week. I didn't even make the mess. >:(

In high school another kid put stuff in my backpack when I wasn't looking. I didn't know it until I went to my next class and got materials out. Then all the other special ed teachers saw my backpacks and immediately blamed me for it and then they phone called home and I end up getting a 2 day suspension, and my parents were FURIOUS at me and punished me by taking me computer away. And this was during the Christmas holidays.

27 Lose your work that you hand in, then make you redo it.

This happened to my friend. He handed it in and then the teacher lost it and kept asking him to hand it in.

Once, my algebra teacher lost my test and he wrote on my report card that I was absent

YES! In science we had to take a form home for our parents to sign and if they don’t sign it or the teacher does not get it we can’t do any labs. So at the end of one of my science classes I put the form on her desk and the next class she said she didn’t have my form! - Amaimon

28 When act like they are the best and they change their attitude just because a visitor or the principle is in the classroom

Even their voice changes

This is so true, I've been to two schools and the same thing happens. When a visitor's are there she lets us talk during lessons, be disrespectful to her it's ridiculous!

Happens every time. - CartoonCriticizer

29 Think they're superior to the pupils

Last year's social students teacher

This story actually happened.

*phone rings*
Boy: Get the phone! Get the phone!
Teacher: *answeres phone*
Teacher: Excuse me, you are a pupil, I am a teacher, you should know your place.
Like really?! We are all equal, there is no student/teacher hierarchy. Stop putting pupils down for being younger.

30 Yell

My high school special ed teacher did this once. It was scary.

31 Give you an F because you didn't do something they didn't tell you to do

I got a F just because she said type your homework and turn it in on a app called, "Google Classroom" but she gave me a F because I didn't print it out and she didn't tell me to

When a teacher does this I want to kill them - Warwolf18

Once for an online class I turned my homework in and she graded a zero on it. When I emailed her asking why she said that I didn't attach a file to it. She never even told us to attach any files to it.

32 Tell the class that they have a test the day before it.

Happened to me fifty times.

33 Give you homework on a lesson you haven't learned yet.

This happened so many times

34 When they make you work on a project in a group

I hate when this happens because some people want to have everthing their way, don't do work, or just stupid and mess everything up

35 Expect You to Get Every Question Right

My high school special ed teacher did this once.

Teacher: (gives everyone a kindergarten worksheet) class do this
(15-20 minutes later she grades them)
I am very disappointed in all of you. Most of you got 1 or 2 wrong. That is unacceptable! Only 1 person got a perfect score (That person was me. It was too easy). I expect each and every one of you to get it all right


36 Get a 100% percent on a grade and they mark you down to a F.

3 people.
1. Ms white Reynolds Copeland.
These people really piss me off. - Warwolf18

37 Make you complete all your work before going to the bathroom

My friend told me this, he had to complete all his work just to go use the washroom. It might have took him a while to finish all his work, but holding In your poo is bad for your Body!


Teacher: Do questions 1-10 before you go to the wash room”.

Me: *really has to go* oh ok.

Me: *pisses on sheet and hands it in* look what you made me do - Amaimon

38 Get Mad When You Don't Follow Instructions They Didn't Give Yet.

I had this teacher that did everything on this list but when she did this she made me want to kill her very slowly with a dull knife: so it was my 6th grade science teacher, we were doing a thing with microscopes, and she said, "just get a microscope" so I got one and she yelled at me for holding it wrong when she NEVER TOLD ANYONE HOW TO USE IT then she said to "stop standing there and complaining" (I asked her how I should hold it instead in a calm polite voice) "ITS PLUGGED IN YOU PLAY TOO MANY VIDEO GAMES TO NOT KNOW HOW TO UNPLUG IT" I don't play video games *implodes*

39 Sending a sheet where they put your grades and ask you to bring it back with your parent signature

I hated those weekly progress reports! The teachers would write bad stuff about me on them and when my HIGH EXPECTATIONS ASIAN MOM read them she was so disappointed in me >:(

40 Hand out homework on a lesson you didn't work in class

Especially during the weekend. It's so annoying when you email the teacher for help, he or she doesn't respond and you can't find any tutors available, so you're on your own.

It’s like that time when the teacher says “we are gonna continue on with this from last class...” and the whole class says that they never started this lesson and the teacher does not believe them - Amaimon

41 Act Like an Upcoming Quiz is the Most Important Thing in the World

It's a quiz not a test and its made by the teacher not by the principle - Xenomorph

Its hella gay

42 Give you extremly unreasonable expectations

This happened in college once:

Teacher: Class you must type an essay that's due in 2 weeks
Class: OK
Teacher: It must have a minimum of 10 pages long


43 When they give a huge speech about one thing you have to do in class, and take up the whole class talking about that and then yell at you for not finishing it

This is my social studies teacher. He just sits in his chair tells us what we have to do and talks about random stuff for the whole class.

This has happened to me so many times

44 Screams when the fire alarm goes off
45 Freak out over a test like it's the end of the world and it turns out to be very easy

It's the opposite for me. Once the teacher gave us a study guide for a final. We all studied and were confident that it would be easy. Then when we took the final we saw that the teacher gave us questions about stuff that WE HAVE NEVER LEARNED IN CLASS!

That's what they do with the SOLs. On one test, if I fail, I literally had to go to Boot Camp. No joke.

46 When all they do is repeat the directions when you don't understand the assignment


47 Accuse You Of Not Being Able To Read
48 Make frivolous rules and shun you for pointing that out
49 When they say we have free time in the classroom

Lasts only 5 seconds long

50 Say you have gone to the bathroom every day that week and you haven't gone once
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