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1 Give out lots of homework

The person who invented homework deserves to be sent to DAVY JONES LOCKER! Now, you might think, why would such a heartless and sadistic person do this to us? Because they wanted to hear our reaction. Teenagers are the most fun to make angry because they don't cry, they complain in a teenage way that is entertaining to watch and they can't do anything powerful because they haven't fully grown yet. The person' who invented homework's ghost after they died watches people complain about homework, just for their own amusement. That is really sick.

"Why do we have homework?"
"It makes you smarter."
"But you have SIX HOURS to teach us over a course of 200 days a year for 12 years!"
"Yeah, but you'll be fine. You can handle anything when you're a school student, you can stop doing cool things to do homework because you're a school student and are capable to do so!"

Yeah, its really annoying like why. Home is our break. We are basically like adults because we both work but we have to work at home too. My parents work at home too but at least I helped them and it makes it less harder for them so ya. I am a good boy. Why do we need work if I already do at home.

Homework is terrible. It's a waste of my time, it's very boring and it's very annoying.

I mean, they don't even help us that much, and we actually get punished for not completing it.

2 Say that the whole class is in trouble because one person did something

Tell me about it. It's happening far too frequently now, that I'm seriously getting convinced that teachers do this on purpose. Now, I'm a person who's never been into trouble at school individually because I never did stuff purposely at school. I had this one teacher that gave us a 30 minute lecture for not being in class on time, being on our phones and fooling around in class. I don't do either of those stuff and some of the other students who were in my class don't either. But for some reason, it was everyone else's fault and the teacher gets even more mad when one kid was laughing during the lecture. I really DISLIKE when teachers do that.

In my school, it was the entire GRADE. so some kids are being loud at lunch, right? Perfectly normal. Lunch aids overreact. Next morning: tables have to have 4 boys and 4 girls! Like, what is that going to do? Another time, they made us sit by class and that was annoying cause I had no friends in my class...

look we have traffic lights at school aka green is good, yellow is give your actions a second thought, amber is sending you to a different class to do your work and red is headmaster's office. I have been moved down or had my break time taken off me because some bum decided to ruin everything for us. No.1 worst thing in school

Definition of my high school homeroom teacher during my last few years in high school. On kid was reportedly joking about another student and my teacher summoned the ENTIRE CLASS back to homeroom before the last class of the day and proceeded to YELL at all of us saying that were bullying despite the fact that I was innocent. Not only was it so embarrassing because the neighboring classes could her her, but after the late bell to the last class rang, she still kept us until she was finished yelling at us. I was in tears from it and she doesn't care about my feelings. 10 minutes later we can go to our last classes and I had to explain to my teacher and classmates why I was late, all while I was crying. They were all very supportive of me, unlike my
a-hole homeroom teacher who doesn't give a @&%^! I'm SO glad I'm not in high school anymore!

3 Give out homework over the weekend

It's even more annoying when teachers don't let their students work on their assignments DURING class, like when I was in college, I took a class called "Typography, Technology, and Image," taught by Lorraine Tady(rhymes with potty), and she gave us critiques EVERY day in class, even having TWO critiques in one day, and NO time to work on our projects during class, IT'S SO ANNOYING! UGH!

This is so annoying! My writing teacher assigns essays over every weekend, and once Monday comes around, she's all like, "So did you do anything fun this weekend? I went to the beach! It was so amazing! " Like no! No, I did not do anything "fun" thanks to you!

What the heck? I don't have ANY resting time in the weekends. I actually get the most work over the weekends. "Just because there is no school doesn't mean you don't study." SERIOUSLY!

Teachers who give out homework over the break don't know what the definition of "break" is! Our entire lives do not revolve around stupid school and work.

4 Keep the students in the classroom until they say they can leave

Me: *gets to class after the bell*

Teacher: You're benched for recess.

Me: *stands up to leave when bell rings*

Teacher: The bell does not dismiss you.

Yes! The bell has gone! They make us stand behind our chairs quietly. I mean, if we come to class after the bell, they get annoyed but they keep us after the bell. To all teachers, if the bell doesn't dismiss us, then it's also doesn't tell us when we get to class. Technically, we can come whenever we want. This is especially annoying if it's break, lunch or the end of the day, especially if you need to catch a bus or something.

My Medieval History teacher keeps students in until everyone is "standing behind their tucked in chairs."
-Annoying if YOU are ready
My biology teacher waits until everyone is lined up perfectly, and holds it for 1 minute.
-Annoying if you are the one civilized person
My math teacher waits until all the borrowed calculators are returned
-Annoying if you have returned or haven't borrowed a calculator
My ELA teacher waits until everyone is cleaned up, silent, sitting "properly," and facing her
-You know the drill

Oh my gosh this is so infuriating. I had a teacher in my freshmen year of HighSchool who did this. It is the last class of the day sadly because one time he made everyone stay after class for almost 10 minutes because the class wouldn't stop talking, and I missed the bus home!

5 Make you show your work

My math teacher always tells us that we have to show our work for every little problem. And if you missed at least two or three or more that is counted as incomplete even though you showed you work for the rest. That beyond annoys me and gets me stressed cause if your work is not neat and your work looks like the Greek alphabet then that is counted as incomplete. So our work always has to be neat and have to show how I got the answer for every problem to be counted as complete.

Teacher: asks question that is impossible to show work and knows it
Kid: answers right
Teacher: Show your work
Kid: But it is impossible to for this question
Teacher: Show Your Work All The Time Or... It's Wrong!
Kid: Now I Know you knew
Teacher: Well It's Wrong

I can normally complete a worksheet in 5 minutes. Showing my work to the bare minimum to even pass brings it from 5 minutes to 1 hour. To get a perfect score, it will raise that up to 3 hours. So, there is 36* as much showing work as there is actual work.

This happens all the time in math and if me and my classmates do equations vertically, we have to explain everything that we did to solve the problem in word form

6 Call on you for an answer when you didn't raise your hand

I hate it when teachers go " aight kiddie kid kids what's one plus one?" and then they see Jimmy, Timmy, Billy, Clyde, Dave, Gage, Colby, Luis, Greg, Rebecca, Mackenzie, Toni, Courtney, Olivia, Emma, Mya, Izzy, Gwen, and Charlotte raising their hand because they all know it's two but the only kid who isn't raising hand is Steve so they go " How about Steve," Steve asks " Can you ask someone else?" then they go " I didn't call on somebody else I told you," then Steve goes "Uhhh uhhhh three?" the teacher says "No idiot it's two!" then all the kids make fun of him

So my math teacher calls on kids who didn't raise their hand because other kids are, and I quote, "doing all the work." I am super shy so even in late May I can't talk in front of the class without dying.

Usually teachers do this because they think your not paying attention too. But you don't have to know all the answers! Once I was taking notes and my health teacher said "Liz pay attention! " I got so mad!

When that happens, the frustration and furiousness inside me always wakes up (but I stay calm anyways)!
I don't raise my hand, I don't know! Is that so hard for teachers to understand?

7 Tell the entire class "I'm just gonna sit here until you're quiet" and then give a 40min emotional and spiritual speech about how the class is wasting time

Honestly, in like Year Five, this teacher was super nice (heck, he let ten year-old me annoy him to oblivion! ) but also kinda lazes off. He had to call in a literal devil-teacher and he yelled at us for 20 minutes straight about the 'standard of Year Five' and how it's decreasing rapidly.

One of my old teachers would literally rant to the entire class about our disrespectful behaviour or we didn't do or work properly. This still happens. My homeroom teacher now talks to us about kindness even though she's not very kind herself!

My Science teacher always tells us that type of speech, and says we should stop acting like babies and grow up when just 15 minutes she said "Don't touch that it DANGEROUS! You are too young to touch citric acid!
It really is annoying:S

My art teacher does this. She walks into our class and starts complaining about her job. Most of my class takes a nap during that time. Then she says that we wasted her time.

8 Give you homework on a lesson you haven't learned yet.

When we're starting a unit my teacher gives us the hardest question in the entire unit. We can't see the future, you know.

We didn't learn it yet, why do they force it in/on us!?!?!?!?!?!?

9 Call on you when no one else answers

If no one raises there hand, then apparently we don't want to answer.

10 Lose your work that you hand in, then make you redo it.

It happened to me right in eighth grade, with my Manifest Destiny packet for my United States history class. Ms. Fichtenbaum asked for my Manifest Destiny packet, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so she had to text my dad to inform him about it, and then he told me to work on it, that I couldn't even find it at home, so I had to draw out the maps and rewrite the whole story on blank paper instead, and when I turned it in, Ms. Fichtenbaum marked it as a late grade and an F. And it never happened in sixth or seventh grade, not even ninth grade or later.

YES! In science we had to take a form home for our parents to sign and if they don't sign it or the teacher does not get it we can't do any labs. So at the end of one of my science classes I put the form on her desk and the next class she said she didn't have my form!

This happened to my friend. He handed it in and then the teacher lost it and kept asking him to hand it in.

Had to do an algebra assignment 4 times before she didn't lose it.

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11 Call your parents over something simple

If you simply breath teachers will call your parents...

That would be the worst if they called your parents for forgetting a pencil or something

12 Call your parents because you did something bad

Even in your teens they will still do it, like seriously? Not that it ever was my problem, but your threatening to call a teens parents? Come on.

Especially annoying because you KNOW your parents are going to be grumpy about it even if you didn't do it or it wasn't your fault.

I think it is ok they know how to make this behavior stop from going farther than it already has.

My parents are so strict. No matter how many times you try to convince them it was the other person

13 Ban talking like it's a sin

At my old elementary school, teachers would always yell at students for talking even when they're talking quietly or whispering. Then they somehow have the entitlement to start having these loud conversations outside of the classroom laughing like maniacs WHEN PEOPLE ARE WORKING. The hypocrisy, I tell you. I just hate it.

I mean in a test it's fine and I understand but when you a talking to try and get to work, the teachers blame you more then talking to make people angry. When I was assigned to do the chairs, the library teacher (the strictest one, everything can make her unhappy.) was assigning the groups and I missed out on the group choosing so I tried to ask someone to recall to me and the teacher looked at me and said, "Even the good kids a talking." I was a good kid (a favourite from my year six teacher.) and because of this dumb rule of "don t chat back to adults" I kept my mouth shut.This doesn't imply when a kid is a non-stop chatterbox who annoys people. I would've said to the teacher "Even the strict teachers can't understand why I'm talking." Don't say its because I'm naughty, it's basically the stupidest rule in school I ever listened to.Get this, the most biggest idiots in the school get treated better when they're Finally behaving.Then your normal, kind and disaplined kid always get ...more

OH yes, talking is what everybody does. And they ban it. Our teacher always says, "Want to talk? Go outside and have a lovely chat, and come back in."

Teachers need to stop with banning talking. They got to learn that kids deserve to talk. Just do it!

14 When all they do is repeat the directions when you don't understand the assignment

I had a teacher. (I will call him/her X). Anyway X was telling us instructions that half the class didn't understand. Then X said that if you didn't understand it then sit on the carpet. So then X repeated word for word the exact same thing again. Of course, since X said it the exact same way again. None of us understood. I'm assuming you know what happened next. X just said the word for word exact same thing again. Like before, no-one got it. X just sighed angrily and sent us back to our seats. I guess X just expected us to know everything and that we were bluffing when we said we didn't understand it. In the end, only half the class got any work done - Unnamed Google User Remade

When you have a question, don't go ask him/her. They will literally repeat the same thing over and over again. Just ask a friend who knows.

At tests that's all they do annoying!

15 Think they are always right

What do teachers these days have against admitting that they're wrong for once in their lives? They think they're always right, they don't give a care about the person defending themselves when they're in trouble even when they have a good point. Teachers are out to get innocent students that try to work hard in school and do NOTHING wrong on purpose! And I'm sick and tired of it!

Just because you're an adult and lived longer doesn't mean you are always correct, and make no mistake. When they do, he punishes the student who proved him wrong for "harrasing" him. We all have opinions you know!

My history teacher said that in our diary it says that we should have "highlighters" which means more than one. We all started to check in our diary and I was the first to find the equipment page. And guess what, it didn't highlighters at all!

My math teacher would always pester us saying that the decimal doesn't move and one tudent (for some unknown reason) starts arguing with the teacher how the decimal does move and the rest of the week they argued about who was right. The week after the teacher decided to solve the problem and send him to the principles office saying he was "harrasing" her and the rest of the class.

16 Make due dates too early

Let's say I have a project. A really big one that has to have 10 pages in google docs with no pictures and letter size 11. But the time they give us is 1 week. Don't they collaborate with other teachers or something? They have NO IDEA of how much homework we regularly have. I always have to sleep at 12 pm at least once a week.

Okay class we're gonna start a book report on the book we just read woman peace and you better finish it when it's due in 2 seconds what nobody finished had nobody even started that's it I'm murdering you all rose decks kills everybody

This is so annoying! The teacher assigned a big project about the the branches of government, it looked very confusing and I had to spend 3 days just buying the supplies! And the project was due 6 days after given. I worked really hard but it still wasn't fully completed and I got in troyble.

One of my teachers always does this. Like we have six papers we have to finish tomorrow and I don't even understand this piece of crap. And I am like can we at least have three or four days to complete this?

17 Think you always have a attitude, when you don't

Maybe I'm just a chill person...

18 Keep you after the bell

One time I had to stay 3 minutes after class because my math teacher said "You can't leave until all your notes are written down and I check them."

Again "The bell doesn't dismiss you I do." Then sit there for a second then they say "What are you doing the bell rang"

This happens often and it ends up with students almost missing their buses.

The bell doesn't dismiss you, I do.
So what is the bell for?

19 Cry on their jobs

I'm just trying to get out of class teacher, I don't care how your dog died...

They don't care about how their students feel, only themselves.

20 Make boring jokes

One of my teachers literally SHIPS me with students.

Your not funny so please stop...

21 Assign group work and put a sensible student with a group of idiots

I seem to be the one who is being picked on at school seeing as I am one of the only smart boys in my class alongside my friend Lewis although I don't know if he gets picked on. Anyway, bunch of kids in my class who are prats really give me a hard time at school. At least I am going away from these people in a week

To be honest, do they WANT to torture me?! This happened several times. Do they think it's funny or amusing to watch a good, sensible, intelligent, hard-working, and SOMETIMES shy student be left out and publicly embarrassed by a group of kids who don't care about the project at all? Once, in 5th grade, I was put in a group with the typical popular clique of three girls. They were very bossy and really didn't talk to this other guy and I at all, just chatting about social media and all that. Group work is... not my cup of tea because I don't really make friends that easily and it's just stressful trying not to say something wrong. I'd take working alone, unless it involves something oral, any day.

I'm a very good student who does their work, and the teacher put me to work with a boy who barely did any work, another boy who always gives excuses, and a girl (which is a friend that I kinda hate) that did work, but not all what she was asked to do. I did the work I had to do, and let them do theirs. A few days before submission date, they came to me and told me they didn't get everything they were assigned. I ended up losing about 20% of my marks because of some idiots that didn't do their work.

I'm always the one in the group who has to do 99.1% of the work and the only thing the other members might do is put their name on the worksheet. One time I got assigned to three girls who were just on their phones the whole time and didn't care to do research. Yet they got mad when I highlighted their names in strikethrough text and credited myself 4 times on the presentation. Cost me a full letter grade but at least my teacher understood why I was that frustrated.

22 Get a 100% percent on a grade and they mark you down to a F.

I don't get 100%, so I don't have to worry about this!

How does that work?

23 They show favoritism towards other kids

Easily the worst for me. Teachers at my school, for some reason, seem to heavily favour the girls. This is likely because girls are definitely less troublemakers, but it's very annoying and inconsiderate when they give certain people privileges but not others, get certain students in trouble for things that the entire class did, never call on certain students for the answers but always call on two or three people, every time someone does something wrong assume that it was one of a few people just because of bad first impressions, or other things.

! This is super true for me!

So, my friend is the Pet of our English teacher.

During English lessons, our eng teacher will go up to my friend in her table (who's sitting beside me) and just say things to her like "my little bird" and treat her like a baby. He'll keep his hand in her head. Ugh! And he treats me poorly! Whenever my friend and I bump into him when we go for lunch, he always Talks to her and doesn't even care that I'm right beside her, not even a simple hi! Oh and while he checks our homework, he'll always rant about how bad my handwriting and the history of how "bad" I'm.

Sooo true for me!

Ok so, I'm in the 6th grade.

My English teacher Treats my best friend like his own daughter meanwhile me like trash...

Ok sooo

Sometimes in English class, he'll go up to my best friend (who sits beside me) and say things to her like "my little bird" and "my cuckoo" and doesn't even care that I'm beside her.

Whenever she does something wrong, he'll laugh it off. Whenever I do something wrong, oh well... he'll be the meanest he'll ever be!

Ok so.. once I did something bad... he yelled at me! Then in cafeteria..he screamed but I tried to run away...I came back there..where he scolded me.. the next day he ranted about how bad my handwriting was and how bad I'm and how I should listen.


Luckily... I have a teacher who's favorite student is we're all good here!

Yep, that happened to my class. It was just because her mom is a teacher at our school. Literally everyone thought so! Then she started being mean to me and my bff, then I told my teacher! She apologized. Then started showing favoritism to me! Then she got in trouble a LOT! And now here we are CORONAVIRUS

24 Be boring

You make this class depressing...

25 Make you complete all your work before going to the bathroom

My friend told me this, he had to complete all his work just to go use the washroom. It might have took him a while to finish all his work, but holding In your poo is bad for your Body!

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