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21 Yell at you for one little thing

This happened when I crumpled up a paper and threw it away when my teacher told me to throw it away. I guess I crumpled it too loud? I dunno.

22 Get Mad When You Don't Follow Instructions They Didn't Give Yet.
23 Give you an F because you didn't do something they didn't tell you to do

I got a F just because she said type your homework and turn it in on a app called, "Google Classroom" but she gave me a F because I didn't print it out and she didn't tell me to

When a teacher does this I want to kill them - Warwolf18

24 Tell the class that they have a test the day before it.

Happened to me fifty times.

25 Lose your work that you hand in, then make you redo it.

This happened to my friend. He handed it in and then the teacher lost it and kept asking him to hand it in.

26 Accuse You Of Not Being Able To Read
27 Yell
28 Not Listen to You
29 Sending a sheet where they put your grades and ask you to bring it back with your parent signature
30 Make frivolous rules and shun you for pointing that out
31 When they say we have free time in the classroom
32 Give you homework on a lesson you haven't learned yet.
33 When act like they are the best and they change their attitude just because a visitor or the principle is in the classroom

Even their voice changes

34 When they make you work on a project in a group

I hate when this happens because some people want to have everthing their way, don't do work, or just stupid and mess everything up

35 Hand out homework on a lesson you didn't work in class
36 Act like an upcoming quiz is the most important thing in the world

It's a quiz not a test and its made by the teacher not by the principle - Xenomorph

37 Expect You to Get Every Question Right
38 Give you extremly unreasonable expectations
39 Get a 100% percent on a grade and they mark you down to a F.

3 people.
1. Ms white Reynolds Copeland.
These people really piss me off. - Warwolf18

40 Make you complete all your work before going to the bathroom

My friend told me this, he had to complete all his work just to go use the washroom. It might have took him a while to finish all his work, but holding In your poo is bad for your Body!

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