Most Annoying Things In Terraria


The Top Ten

1 Fire

One piece of fire your really injured another piece your dead - silverish239

Is it hard to get an obsidian skull?! - amenyoussef

2 Water

Water ruins everything it totally gets in the way of everything it sucks when your trying to build a hellivater - silverish239

3 The Goblin Army

The goblin army ruined my family and I think the snow league does the same - silverish239

This army is way worse than water it should be at the #1 spot it killed my armsdealer - silverfish236

4 The Dungeon Gaurdian

He ruins getting rich - silverish239

5 Eye of Cthulhu

What were did she come from - silverish239

6 The Old Man

Swearing at us for no reason - silverish239

7 Fire Imp

Kills you in one shot - silverish239

8 Skellatron

He is too damn hard but I killed him - silverish239

9 Dart Traps
10 Bugs

The Contenders

11 Hell Bat
12 Demon

Throwing these purple circles and ruining the nether - silverish239

13 The Twins
14 Cobwebs
15 Eater of Worlds
16 Bob
17 Slimes V 1 Comment
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1. The Goblin Army
2. Fire
3. Fire Imp
1. Water
2. Fire
3. The Goblin Army
1. Bugs
2. Fire Imp
3. Hell Bat



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