Top Ten Most Annoying Things TheTopTens Users Judge You By


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1 Your grammar

If people can't use correct grammar, they should go back to school. It's rude and inconsiderate to use incorrect grammar (and spelling) and expect people to understand it.

Grammer, is, important? - ThatIntrovertedEmo

This comment is not about grammar. It is about how these lists need to stop being made. Or, at the very least, how they need to stop being voted on. I am getting very sick and tired of all the arguing, the criticising, and the complaining on/about this site. As of the time that I am writing this, the two most popular "newer" lists both have to do with TopTens users and how wrong or bad they are. It needs to stop. People are growing more miserable and some (including myself) are becoming disenchanted with the site because of all this negativity.

I never ask for people to +1 my comments, but I ask that you please do if you side with me on this. Let's put a stop to this right now, people. - BKAllmighty

Grammr are great. - RoseWeasley

2 Your taste in music

I like pop, rock, and musical songs - RoseWeasley

I like rap songs by logic - sadical

I love metal and hate some pop (not all)

I obviously like Queen and The Beatles.
You don't even have to check my remixes to figure that out. lol - Misfire

3 Your maturity

But this site needs maturity? Why do you want immature kids taking over this site. Judging by maturity is actually good to learn people to stop being hypersensitive. - Userguy44

That's actually a good thing to judge - BananaBrain

I can be immature - Luckys

For a good reason.We don't want immature idiots ruining the site - DarkBoi-X

4 Your obsessions

If you meet me in person all I'll talk about is Melanie Martinez ha - Luckys

I'm obsessed with Die Antwoord - BananaBrain

I have some obsessions

Do I obsess on stuff to much? lolz - Misfire

5 Your taste in TV

The Amazing World of Gumball. Enough said. - CrypticMemory

I like big brother and AGT and stuff like that. - Luckys

Bronies are a prime example. They just said "I like this show" and the haters said they wanted to run them over with a bus - Neonco31

People have attacked me just for thinking teen titans go is DECENT

6 Your taste in movies

I hate cars and love ratatouille. COME AT ME!

I don't watch movies! Yay! - sadical

I Got Attacked For Liking Minions (2015) - JPK

I love httyd. Positron Wildhawk hates it. WHATS WRONG WITH HIM. - coolguy101

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7 Your opinions

Cute girls>Hot girls - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Infinity War is better then Endgame

I said Justin Bieber isn't worse than Nicki Minaj and Lil Pump and I got bashed for that. You know which list it was on. - Userguy44

I said I hate Star Wars than HaloFanboy told me to stop shoving opinions! - ArcticWolf

8 Your posts

My posts suck and I'm trying so hard to make a HQ post - BananaBrain

Well yeah... - sadical

This site is primarily for making lists, not posts.

Luckily, I haven't had any negative comments on my posts...yet... (at least not that I know of as of right now. I haven't checked yet.) - Luxam

9 Your anger

I don't see what the big deal of being angry is or being mad about something.

I used to be a very short tempered person, but now I rarely get angry. - Ananya

This is actually quite true. Anger is usually not a good feeling. It's ok to be angry but being angry 24/7 is quite loathsome. - AlphaQ

I used to get mad when someone said something bad about Halsey, but I have learned to change.

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10 Your jokes

I have good jokes. My hottest users list was funny. - Gametoon

Humor's subjective. Enough said.

It's they're not their... (I'm not like this don't worry it's a reference to number 1) - Triiozz

Mine are awful. Just look at my "Worst Memes of 2018" remix. - Cyri


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11 Your quantity

Yeah, if not, they would do how nice you are. - micahisthebest

12 Your lists
13 Your favorite school subjects

History - TeamRocket747

I like my last hour science class because it’s funny. - sadical

Same with my computers class. Every time I go there I prepare to laugh. - BananaBrain

Well, I like art (cause yeah), science, English.. And history and math and French...and that's all the classes I take.

Except PE. My class is filled with jocks and it's scary, lol. - keycha1n

My favorite school subject is recess... If I were to seriously choose, I'd pick math - styLIShT

14 Your favourite users

Why would people judge you for that - sadical

This doesn't happen to me - BananaBrain

This doesn't happen to me. - Userguy44

This list item can go for users of any site. Everyone has their favourites or ones they hate. Example: On TheTopTens, there are people who hate on Britgirl's fans because of, well, she's overrated (don't get me wrong though, I like her). And, if a person liked someone such as SevenLizards, they'd probably get hate, as a majority of users hate him for some reason. Yes, I know he is retired now. - Luxam

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15 Your politics

Isn't that around the world - TeamRocket747

Therandom supports trump. Doesn’t make him a bad user. In fact, he seems to have some good points as well. - Not_A_Weeaboo

16 Your religion

In some countries, you'd get punished under criminal offense if you discriminate someone under the grounds of religion - styLIShT

Wait... this is LEGAL?!

If someone judged you by religion then that person is racist - Nateawesomeness

That is racist item. - 05yusuf09

17 Your number of followers

I don't care about followers. - Soulstealer


Yeah this is kinda true. 100 is kinda the magic number where everyone who has below 100 gets like no attention whereas everyone with over 100 gets a lot of attention

I kind of agree because everyone pays attention to all of the users with, like, 100 followers and when someone with 20 takes 4 hours to make a post, no one goes on it.

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18 Your taste in video games

I'm safe from this because I don't play video games - BananaBrain

Oh, yeah, people do judge me because I like Fortnite. - sadical

One time I said adventures of lolo sucks on YouTube one guy said I am a butthole another said I'm stupid and one said my opinion sucks. Those people that commented those hate comments should learn to respect opinions.

For example, unless you... please yourself... to her or see her as a wonderful step in the right direction for female representation in video games, never say one word about Bayonetta or her games- here or anywhere. Your life will become a living nightmare.

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19 Your comments

Oh no I made too much comments! (no sarcasm this time) - Userguy44

If you judge me for this comment I’ll die in Fortnite in real life - sadical

20 Your gender

It might be too girly so you hate it.

21 Your fandom preferences
22 Your profile image

Chris Brown fans are gonna kill me. - AlphaQ

I change mine every 7 seconds. Users don’t have enough time to judge me for it.

23 Your existence


24 Your body

What - Userguy44

25 Your bias
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