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1 Your lists getting merged

I literally made a list called "Top 10 songs that are better than In The End by Linkin Park" and it got merged with best songs of all time. Yet when zxm made a list called "Top 10 songs that are better then Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana" it didn't get merged. What the hell kind of sense does that make?

This has actually happened to me recently, and I have to agree that it is extremely annoying. I guess it is necessary to avoid having duplicates on the site. - RaineSage

So frustrating after you work hard on an idea, sort out candidates, rankings and get excited that you have a quality new one... Then it's Nope - Sorry Charlie - Billyv

Yes, happened to me. - TriggerTrashKid

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2 Haters

People need to get their minds off Justin Bieber, and start making better lists.

Instead of:

Worst things that could happen on Easter.

1. Justin Bieber comes to your house and sings.
2. Justin Bieber runs the egg hunt.
3. You get Justin Bieber CD's.
4. You get Justin Bieber Stuff.
5. Your parents make you go to a Justin Bieber concert.
6-283959488218. Justin Bieber something.

We should have more lists like

Worst things that could happen on 4th of July

1. There are no firework displays anywhere.
2. You get injured trying to set up fireworks.
3. You make a firework show, and nobody comes.
4. You Choke on a Hot Dog or Hamburger.
5. You burn yourself while cooking burgers.

We need more lists without any Justin Bieber hate. Justin Bieber stuff should only be included in Justin Bieber lists, like Worst Things about Justin Bieber, or Reasons why Metallica is better than Justin Bieber.

There's a logical reason why he gets put on those lists. Not only because it's some joke.

The Top Ten Worst Events in History

1. Justin Bieber Was Born (73%)
2. The Holocaust (5%)
3. World War II (4%)
And so on...

"Justin Bieber being born was worse than the Holocausts, both world wars, and 9/11 COMBINED! That day led billions of people to die! "

Top Ten Worst Things That could happen to you

1. Justin Bieber visits your house and sings (84%)
2. Going to Hell (6%)
3. Being Buried Alive (2%)
And so on...

"If the only way to get to heaven was to say Justin Bieber was awesome, I would just choose to burn in hell without even thinking about it."

And finally, Top Ten Worst People in History

1. Justin Bieber (97%)
2. Adolf Hitler (0.4%)
3. Satan (0.3%)
And so on...

"Justin Bieber is so bad, he makes people like the devil and Adolf Hitler look like the greatest people ever."

That is how annoying it is.

The Joke is getting old people! So stop it already! - nintendofan126

If someone hates me. It's the haters problem. - Userguy44

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3 Trolls

Ignore the trolls, that is all! - MickeyMouse

I find the visitors that comment "TROLL! " are more annoying than the trolls themselves.

What in the world is trolls

Don't feed 'em - TriggerTrashKid

4 Random users getting 100 followers in no time

I've been on this site for 18 months now. I'm just getting up there now with a current 93 followers. It bothers me that people can just whip 100 up, no problem. - Songsta41

I only have about seven followers. I keep on getting the suspicion that there are stalkers on this website - Merilille

I guess it depends on how interesting the user is. Nothing happens for no reason. - RaineSage

Yes, I hate this thing - TriggerTrashKid

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5 All lists being done before

I have an idea, when a new show comes out, make a list of Best (Show here) Episodes. But you gotta be real quick before someone else beats you to it, or they will get all the 385868281727458 votes, while you'll still be unknown to the whole entire world.

There's literally an infinite amount of lists. Just think outside the box. - keycha1n

That's actually really good advice. The real challenge is making lists that people would like to read. - RaineSage

Along the same lines of lists getting merged, it keeps you from adding to your long list of lists. - Songsta41

Get creative! - TriggerTrashKid

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6 Ridiculous comparison lists

Adventure Time/Ebola, Justin Bieber/Gravity Falls, etc. Those are ridiculous comparisons. - EpicJake

Or 'Pokemon with cancer.' Pokemon and cancer have nothing to do with each other. And I've seen that list.

They compare Peach to Satan, Rosalina to Satan, Mario to Hitler, etc - yunafreya648

Goku and Mario - TriggerTrashKid

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7 The policy

I saw on a few lists here a girl who always typed in caps on every item of the list. Her arguments were repetitive and seem like she just played Mad Libs: every argument was the exact same, only the actual items she wanted to stop from having thrown at Elsa and Anna were changed every time. Every argument followed a template and it was extremely annoying. The all caps makes it worse than it already was. - TheMeaningOfLifeIs42

Well, You're saying your annoying if your writing in Caps.

I used to do this, but not anymore. - Powerfulgirl10


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9 Waiting for someone to reply to your messages

Especially if you're talking to someone who only shows up at night, and you can't get up in the morning that early to talk to the person online. So if you reply, it would take you 12 or more hours to wait. This is at its worst when you are talking to someone who has a 12 hour time zone difference.

That's a problem with all means messaging. That's not specific to TheTopTens. - Songsta41

Eh, No it's not, to some of my friends and I, I'm happy that we just spoke. - Fandom_Lover

Well, some users don’t want to reply directly back and I respect that, unless they’re ignoring me because they don’t want to message. Not something to be offended for though. - Userguy44

10 Most visitors

The problem with some of us is that we abuse our anonymity by saying stupid and offensive stuff since we can get off scott-free within it any consequences. Of course, there are good ones that actually have brain cells, but some have no common sense.

Finally, a visitor with 735728374673829363761583901837 brain cells and smarter than a flying corn flake van with a mustache - CerealGuy

Most of the time, if a list is related to users, certain visitors will interfere in such a way that we'll think that they're actually users who just pose as visitors.

Um, yeah, and that wasn't a stupid comment or anything.

The Newcomers

? Elitists

The Contenders

11 Returned lists which shouldn't have been returned
12 You can't change your username

Imagine if you create an account to impersonate, right? And then you regret for doing so, but if you want to save your account by undoing impersonation, unfortunately, you'll be screwed X( - RB-Number1-fan

Well you can just create another account then and just start over - Neonco31

Please admin add the feature to change your username. I really want to change it! - Userguy44

I'm fine with my username. Wouldn't change it at all. - CloudInvasion

So? - TriggerTrashKid

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13 "Why isn't this number one?"

Hey, do you know what means opinion? - Delgia2k

Why isn't this item number one?

So many complainers...including you, who are being complete hypocrite. You're literally COMPLAINING about complainers - mpgami

14 You can vote on your own lists

This shouldn't be on here because it's stupid reason. - 05yusuf09

15 You can't actually delete your own list

Because once you publish a list, you give up ownership. Don't call it "your" list; only your remix will count as "your own".

Huh? - TriggerTrashKid

I wanted to delete my "Facts About Powerfulgirl10" list because it was really cringeworthy, but I can't. - Powerfulgirl10

16 Bandwagoning

Everyone hates Danny Phantom because ChatNoirFan18 hates it. Everyone hates Frozen because bandwagoning. Everyone hates Meghan Trainor because bandwagoning. You guys have no opinions. - DCfnaf

17 You can vote more than once on a list

This should be way higher, I currently have some troll voting over 10 times a day on my top ten mario party characters list for princess peach, its very irritating - YOSHIA2121

18 People who make blocks of low quality lists just to rise up the stats

Not gonna lie, I used to do that. But then I realized that's not what this site was about. Now I just remix lists when I feel strongly about an order and make lists when the come to mind. - Songsta41

Yes. - TriggerTrashKid

19 You can thumbs up your own comments
20 Admin taking forever to approve images
21 Bullies Bullies
22 People who remix every list for stats

You guys know who you are. There are some people on this site who literally remix every single list, even if they know nothing about the list itself. All they wanna do on this site is get to #1 on remixes. That's really stupid and annoying if you ask me. If it's not your own opinion, then it really isn't a legitimate remix - ryanrimmel

I wonder how many read this and realized they forgot to remix the list! - Songsta41

I hate it when people literally remix every list on here while ey make little to no lists of their own... It's like they're in the statistics page without even coming up with an original idea! - TheMeaningOfLifeIs42

23 Pointless added items

Some people add an item on a list of the same list. Example. Top ten worst lists on the top tens and than someone adds an item called this list. It's really annoying. - Userguy44

Why people do this is beyond me. You could have a list of; say, Best Hip-Hop songs, and someone adds an Elvis Presley song. Things like that. - TheParasiter

*Cough* Justin Bieber *Cough* - 3DG20

I was looking at TheTopTens homepage feed and saw someone added CupcakKe to the list of Worst Presidents of the United States. What? - allamassal

24 You can thumbs up a comment more than once

You can? I hope it's the same with thumbs down…that's when the REAL fun will start! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

25 Censorship of profanity

Look I'm not 10, I can handle someone dropping the f-bomb. And this profanity censorship on the website is really strict. In my opinion it should be less strict with the censorship. It's just words after all! To me this really only censors freedom of speech and gets old really fast. Seriously though this does get old and is quite annoying to me.

Ever see a comment with a random apostrophe? Whoever made that comment had used the present participle form of "freak" (leaving off the "g"), but it was removed except for the apostrophe. Also it appears you can't use said participle form of "freak" when you're not even trying to swear but merely saying someone is in a heightened emotional state. As far as censoring, that's rather excessive.

That happened to me on one of my comments about What About Us that I wrote over 6 months ago. - allamassal

Duck this. - MrCoolC

26 When your comment gets deleted

This kept happening to me recently. I tried to make comments with a lot of good points and criticism, but then they just end up getting deleted, and I have to start all over again. - TheBMWNerd29880

It's so annoying! What's more annoying is that when you worked hard on your comment and it gets deleted. - TheFourthWorld

This happens to me a lot. I don't know why, there is nothing wrong with anything I am posting. - allamassal

I hate this! - Userguy44

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27 Merged lists which were completely different

Yeah! One time, I made a list called "Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Have Farted". The admin sent it back to me claiming it was a duplicate of the list "Top Ten Best Users of TheTopTens". Totally unfair. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

28 Admin not approving your submission

I understand that some stuff isn't approved because it just doesn't fit for the list, but other times, I'll try to add something that actually works for the list, and he/she won't approve it... - NicholasYellow

This just happened to me for the 1st time last night, when Admin returned my list of Catchiest Songs of 2018 because 3 of the songs on the list were released in 2017 or previous years. - allamassal

I tried to submit a list 3 times. The first time, it got returned saying it needed corrections, so I corrected, at least what I thought was wrong with it and resubmitted it, and without any reason, it gets deleted again, so I go back and make more changes. Nope, deleted again and still without reasoning other than “it needed corrections” that they didn’t bother to explain either. Also, keep in mind that the list was completely harmless, meanwhile lists like Top Ten Ways To Kill (insert person) get approved. - 3DG20

29 Fans

What? - Userguy44

30 When you accidentally like a comment you disagree with

This happens to me all of the time. - 3DG20

This just happened to me. - allamassal

(bleep)! D:< - Gehenna

What’s more annoying is that you can’t take back your thumbs up. That’s it. - HoldenFanatic

31 "Why is this on here?"

I think people have legit reasons why people say that. Ok, let's say you make a list called Top Ten Best Marvel Movies, and it's a community list. Later, someone else adds "Star Wars The Force Awakens" which is not a Marvel Movie, so they could just about be excused from commenting why is that here. At least they could remix the list and put it on dishonorable mentions. So I'd say it depends on what list item. - HoldenFanatic

Some people might or might not (depending on the list) like the item you're commenting "why is this on here? " on. - imacg4

Especially putting Justin Bieber on the "best" lists.

Well, why is this here? I want to know? - MrCoolC

32 Songs are left, right and center

Well as a music list maker myself, I find music to be powerful in it's own merit. So saying that "Most people like it more than their parents" is not a entirely accurate statement. Some like music better than their parents but I wouldn't say most of them.

Seriously, the only way to get popular is to make music lists. Most people on this site like music better than their parents.

33 Putting items on lists for different things.

Cartoon Network shows on a list about Nickelodeon... enough said - EgoGuy

34 Fanboyism to the point of overtly bashing other people's opinions

I know one user on here who did this several months ago. - allamassal

35 Immature teenagers

These people shouldn’t be on this site. The truth hurts. - Userguy44

36 Negative comments about about artists

Don't like em? Don't listen to em - TheInsomniac

37 Admin doesn't listen to users' feedback
38 When you try to submit a post but it sits on "Submitting..." forever

This is happening to me right now, for the 2nd time. This seems to be related to font size formatting because it was fine without any formatting. - allamassal

39 Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan (born 15 August 1967) is an Indian guru, music producer, singer-songwriter, actor, filmmaker, and convicted rapist. He has been the head of the social group Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS) since 1990. more.

He got 37% on the list of Greatest Religious Figures and all the rest got less than 14%. He is also spam-voted on lists like Most Important Leaders. - allamassal

40 You can't always add things to lists
41 Most users

No explanation? - Userguy44

42 Nerds

What so bad about them? - CerealGuy

Nerds are awesome though - Imreallyboredrightnow

I'm a nerd and proud! - Cyri

43 Duplicate items
44 Post deformation

If you'll use bold text, change size of text, it will happen. - 7357

45 Vote bombing

I made up this term to describe the act of voting on a particular item on a list by one or more people solely to increase its ranking, usually on a daily basis. This is incredibly annoying to witness, in my opinion, especially if only one person is doing it to only one particular item on the list. Sure, it gives free points towards leveling up, but I'd rather have my lists be representative of everybody who visits them instead of just one person. - WindWakerFan

46 Admin changing the title of your list and it changes its meaning
47 When you try to delete a reply but it stays there

I've tried at least 5 times to delete a reply I left on a comment on the list of Saddest Years in History, but it just won't go away. I just tried again, refreshed the page after a few minutes, and BOOM there it was again. - allamassal

48 Megatron Megatron Megatron is a character from the Transformers franchise, created by Hasbro in 1984, based on a toy design by Takara.

Yep he is the worst part - Morefunthanfun

what - Not_A_Weeaboo

49 Admin changes your comments

I have this happen to me all of the time, even if the “mistake” is something I put in on purpose. - 3DG20

50 Users who think being nice automatically makes you a great user

I’m nice but I don’t consider myself as one of the best users ever because i’m just nice. - Userguy44

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