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1 Your lists getting merged

I used to be thunder123, and I remember one day I made a list called worst songs to hear on the radio, and my list got returned with no artists on the songs, I fixed the songs and added the artists, then it got returned again, I had to made a description of what it was to make sure it not a duplicate of worst songs of all time, I did that, then my list got merged with worst songs of all time, then a month later I remade it as a self moderated list, but I found it today and it goes to the homepage it sucks

I used to have thetoptens account and once I made a list called worst sport teams of all time and it got merged with Worst Professional Sports Franchises, I was upset when that happened

I never had this happen to me yet, I may of almost did with my worst T.V. shows to be forced to watch list if I didn't change it to self moderated - trains45

I literally made a list called "Top 10 songs that are better than In The End by Linkin Park" and it got merged with best songs of all time. Yet when zxm made a list called "Top 10 songs that are better then Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana" it didn't get merged. What the hell kind of sense does that make?

2 Haters

People need to get their minds off Justin Bieber, and start making better lists.

Instead of:

Worst things that could happen on Easter.

1. Justin Bieber comes to your house and sings.
2. Justin Bieber runs the egg hunt.
3. You get Justin Bieber CD's.
4. You get Justin Bieber Stuff.
5. Your parents make you go to a Justin Bieber concert.
6-283959488218. Justin Bieber something.

We should have more lists like

Worst things that could happen on 4th of July

1. There are no firework displays anywhere.
2. You get injured trying to set up fireworks.
3. You make a firework show, and nobody comes.
4. You Choke on a Hot Dog or Hamburger.
5. You burn yourself while cooking burgers.

We need more lists without any Justin Bieber hate. Justin Bieber stuff should only be included in Justin Bieber lists, like Worst Things about Justin Bieber, or Reasons why Metallica is better than Justin Bieber.

There's a logical reason why he gets put on those lists. Not only because it's some joke.

The Top Ten Worst Events in History

1. Justin Bieber Was Born (73%)
2. The Holocaust (5%)
3. World War II (4%)
And so on...

"Justin Bieber being born was worse than the Holocausts, both world wars, and 9/11 COMBINED! That day led billions of people to die! "

Top Ten Worst Things That could happen to you

1. Justin Bieber visits your house and sings (84%)
2. Going to Hell (6%)
3. Being Buried Alive (2%)
And so on...

"If the only way to get to heaven was to say Justin Bieber was awesome, I would just choose to burn in hell without even thinking about it."

And finally, Top Ten Worst People in History

1. Justin Bieber (97%)
2. Adolf Hitler (0.4%)
3. Satan (0.3%)
And so on...

"Justin Bieber is so bad, he makes people like the devil and Adolf Hitler look like the greatest people ever."

That is how annoying it is.

The Joke is getting old people! So stop it already! - nintendofan126

Go to The Scariest Top Ten things In the World. Getting stranded in the ocean watching lonely as your supplies dwindle, that's scary? Nope, Justin Bieber concerts are apparently scarier. Getting lost in space as you run out of oxygen and die a slow, painful death,scary right? Not as scary as Bieber. Really?!

3 Trolls

Ignore the trolls, that is all! - MickeyMouse

Trolls are great people. Get this of the list now. - Userguy44

A few trolls are okay but a majority of them are bad - Randomator

I find the visitors that comment "TROLL! " are more annoying than the trolls themselves.

4 Random users getting 100 followers in no time

I don't find this annoying. But yeah there is just one user I find got 11 followers in one day in no time. - MorlaTurtle8

Well, maybe its because yall ain't interesting enough. I barely have any followers, and some of the most famous are active, comment a lot, and actually help make this community good. - Manowar9

I've been on this site for 18 months now. I'm just getting up there now with a current 93 followers. It bothers me that people can just whip 100 up, no problem. - Songsta41

I only have about seven followers. I keep on getting the suspicion that there are stalkers on this website - Merilille

5 Ridiculous comparison lists

Here are the ridiculous comparison lists:
1. Top 10 reasons why pizza is better than gravity falls
2. top 10 reasons why teen titans Go is better Than school
3. Top 10 reasons why bricks are better than cats
4. Top 10 reasons why Teen titans Go is better Than moms
5. Top 10 reasons why Fred the movie is better Than Big hero six - MorlaTurtle8

Adventure Time/Ebola, Justin Bieber/Gravity Falls, etc. Those are ridiculous comparisons. - EpicJake

Or 'Pokemon with cancer.' Pokemon and cancer have nothing to do with each other. And I've seen that list.

They compare Peach to Satan, Rosalina to Satan, Mario to Hitler, etc - yunafreya648

6 You can't change your username

Please admin add the feature to change your username. I really want to change it! - Userguy44

Imagine if you create an account to impersonate, right? And then you regret for doing so, but if you want to save your account by undoing impersonation, unfortunately, you'll be screwed X( - RB-Number1-fan

Well you can just create another account then and just start over - Neonco31

Forget it. We'll lose track of everyone then. - TriggerTrashKid

What wrong about that. - MorlaTurtle8

7 You can't actually delete your own list

Self-Moderated lists can be deleted, but why not Community lists? If you have a list you regret making and it's a Community list, admin doesn't want to delete it for some reason. He said it's unfair to delete a Community list. Why? - Userguy44

Actually you can do this. All you need to do is click on the "Icon" of the list. And then click on "edit list." And then scroll down. And if you ever see "if you want to delete this list then click on here." So all you need to do is click the word "here." And it'll say. "Are you sure you want to delete this list? " And then you click "yes." And then wal-la. You have your list fully removed. - MorlaTurtle8

I want to delete my 1st list, but I can't. And lets just say admin isn't being a big help. - RoseWeasley

Because once you publish a list, you give up ownership. Don't call it "your" list; only your remix will count as "your own".

8 All lists being done before

Not all the lists are taken. Just try to come up with a creative list idea. - Userguy44

I have an idea, when a new show comes out, make a list of Best (Show here) Episodes. But you gotta be real quick before someone else beats you to it, or they will get all the 385868281727458 votes, while you'll still be unknown to the whole entire world.

I tried to submitten a list of Top 10 best youtubers of all time. But no, it's alrighty been done with the list best youtubers. - MorlaTurtle8

There's literally an infinite amount of lists. Just think outside the box. - keycha1n

That's actually really good advice. The real challenge is making lists that people would like to read. - RaineSage

9 The policy

I don't know what policy is. Can someone else please explain? - MorlaTurtle8

The policy should rot in hell - Randomator

Screw the policy. - Userguy44

Why does it even exist? - MorlaTurtle8

10 Bandwagoning

Everyone hates Danny Phantom because ChatNoirFan18 hates it. Everyone hates Frozen because bandwagoning. Everyone hates Meghan Trainor because bandwagoning. You guys have no opinions. - DCfnaf

Poor Zootopia - TriggerTrashKid

I hate this

The Contenders

11 When your comment gets deleted

Of all the things listed on this list, this is the one I hate the most. Recently, I made a good and funny comment on a list and it got deleted. Weird thing is, many many other comments and replies we're also deleted. For anyone interested, it was on the list "Top 10 Hottest Smart Women". My guess is someone at TTT follows their own personal extreme feminist / social justice warrior agenda... - RogerMcBaloney

Especially when it's a comment you worked hard on. Admin deletes them for no reason. - Userguy44

This kept happening to me recently. I tried to make comments with a lot of good points and criticism, but then they just end up getting deleted, and I have to start all over again. - TheBMWNerd29880

It's so annoying! What's more annoying is that when you worked hard on your comment and it gets deleted. - TheFourthWorld

12 Duplicate items

I seen a list that had 2 legend of zelda for sword adventures on the same list I reported the error as a duplicate a few times and it still seems to be there

Really annoying! - MorlaTurtle8

So annoying - Randomator

13 Most visitors

The problem with some of us is that we abuse our anonymity by saying stupid and offensive stuff since we can get off scott-free within it any consequences. Of course, there are good ones that actually have brain cells, but some have no common sense.

Finally, a visitor with 735728374673829363761583901837 brain cells and smarter than a flying corn flake van with a mustache - CerealGuy

Especially the one who keeps spamming in all caps just because when someone dislikes Elsa and Anna. - MorlaTurtle8

I think there aren't many real visitors - most of the "visitors" are users who abuse anonymity to bully and offend others, usually for no reason at all. - Metal_Treasure

I don't hate all visitors, but some visitors I've come across on this site are absolute douchebags. The good ones, that know what they're talking about, and aren't pretentious are the few visitors I like. Those visitors are rare, and hard to come by to be honest. The douchey visitors, are more common and drive me nuts.

14 When you accidentally like a comment you disagree with

This happens to me all of the time. - 3DG20

Yeah I know right. - MorlaTurtle8

It happen to me. - MorlaTurtle8

More awkward than annoying. - Userguy44

15 Vote bombing

I hate these people - Randomator

Also known as botvoting. - Userguy44

I hate them! - MorlaTurtle8

Spam voting. - TriggerTrashKid

16 Waiting for someone to reply to your messages

I always feel like I have to reply right away when I get a message or the user will be mad at me. - sadical

Especially if you're talking to someone who only shows up at night, and you can't get up in the morning that early to talk to the person online. So if you reply, it would take you 12 or more hours to wait. This is at its worst when you are talking to someone who has a 12 hour time zone difference.

That's a problem with all means messaging. That's not specific to TheTopTens. - Songsta41

Eh, No it's not, to some of my friends and I, I'm happy that we just spoke. - Fandom_Lover

17 Returned lists which shouldn't have been returned

Yeah once I had a list returned twice, I changed it to a self moderated list, was planned to have it as a community list so people could add more items, was a worst T.V. shows to be forced to watch list I made - trains45

I hate this! - MorlaTurtle8

So annoying - Randomator

Oh my. - TriggerTrashKid

18 Bullies

So for I haven't had any bullies yet. Update* Never-mind I have. - MorlaTurtle8

Dang bullies. Screw em. - TriggerTrashKid

19 Admin not approving your submission

Once I had a top tens account I made some list and the admin didn't approve it, I did the list 3 times and they kept not approving it, I gave up I wanted to make my own list and it kept not happening

I had this happen on my old top tens account when I made a list and it never got approved, happened to me twice, it was quite disappointing when it happened - trains45

Lately I had lists get returned, a few lists I made in the past 3 weeks got returned at least once - trains45

I understand that some stuff isn't approved because it just doesn't fit for the list, but other times, I'll try to add something that actually works for the list, and he/she won't approve it... - NicholasYellow

20 Admin taking forever to approve images

It shouldn't take days or a whole week for the administration to approve images. - Userguy44

Now this is a ridiculous issue. It should not take 3 days just for one image. Absolutely unacceptable - Randomator

It takes almost a whole week to get a single image approved. - Limeyy

Please approve my Peter Pan image. - TriggerTrashKid


There is one who keeps spaming in all caps on every Item of a list when someone that dislike Elsa and Anna. - MorlaTurtle8

I saw on a few lists here a girl who always typed in caps on every item of the list. Her arguments were repetitive and seem like she just played Mad Libs: every argument was the exact same, only the actual items she wanted to stop from having thrown at Elsa and Anna were changed every time. Every argument followed a template and it was extremely annoying. The all caps makes it worse than it already was. - TheMeaningOfLifeIs42

Well, You're saying your annoying if your writing in Caps.

I don't find this annoying. - MorlaTurtle8

22 Fanboyism to the point of overtly bashing other people's opinions

Yeah and they don't respect opinions. - MorlaTurtle8

I know one user on here who did this several months ago. - allamassal

When "minions" become overpowered they become OP-nions. - TriggerTrashKid

23 You don't know who unfollowed you

I don't really mind it if someone unfollowed me, but it would be nice to have a notification option to see who unfollowed me. - Userguy44

I know someone unfollowed me. But I don't care. - MorlaTurtle8

24 When you try to delete a reply but it stays there

Happen to me once. I try to delete my reply from a post comment on one of my posts but it just stays there. I did it many times but it's still there. But there is only one to get rid of it is to delete my post, I did but it's finally gone, but now I have to remake the post again. - MorlaTurtle8

I've tried at least 5 times to delete a reply I left on a comment on the list of Saddest Years in History, but it just won't go away. I just tried again, refreshed the page after a few minutes, and BOOM there it was again. - allamassal

25 Not being able to come up with 10 items for a list

I thought of a list of worst things about the coronavirus and I only had 7 items couldn't think of anymore, it always sucks when this happens - trains45

This is kinda annoying, I have had a few times I thought of a list, but I couldn't think of 10 items at all, and I just thought of a list and I only came up with 5 or 6 items - trains45

26 Merged lists which were completely different

Yeah! One time, I made a list called "Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Have Farted". The admin sent it back to me claiming it was a duplicate of the list "Top Ten Best Users of TheTopTens". Totally unfair. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

27 Admin changing the title of your list and it changes its meaning

Pretty annoying if you ask me. - MorlaTurtle8

Happened to me, screw admin. - TriggerTrashKid

28 Most users

Especially the ones that don't respect opinions. - MorlaTurtle8

I dislike a lot of users, but I also like some. - Luckys

Especially anti-trolls. - TriggerTrashKid

What do they do that’s annoying? - sadical

29 People using autism as an insult

It's just autistic.

I have autism. - MorlaTurtle8

30 "Why isn't this number one?"

Hey, do you know what means opinion? - Delgia2k

Why isn't this item number one?

So many complainers...including you, who are being complete hypocrite. You're literally COMPLAINING about complainers - mpgami

Just because...opinions are collectively presented. - TriggerTrashKid

31 You can vote more than once on a list

This should be way higher, I currently have some troll voting over 10 times a day on my top ten mario party characters list for princess peach, its very irritating - YOSHIA2121

I like it, actually

A.k.a. Spam voting - TriggerTrashKid

32 Censorship of profanity

This is the internet! We have a right to say profanity! It’s freedom of speech! Why does this have to be censored?

I demand answers!
I demand answers! - Limeyy

Look I'm not 10, I can handle someone dropping the f-bomb. And this profanity censorship on the website is really strict. In my opinion it should be less strict with the censorship. It's just words after all! To me this really only censors freedom of speech and gets old really fast. Seriously though this does get old and is quite annoying to me.

Ever see a comment with a random apostrophe? Whoever made that comment had used the present participle form of "freak" (leaving off the "g"), but it was removed except for the apostrophe. Also it appears you can't use said participle form of "freak" when you're not even trying to swear but merely saying someone is in a heightened emotional state. As far as censoring, that's rather excessive.

That happened to me on one of my comments about What About Us that I wrote over 6 months ago. - allamassal

Admin should ban censorship. - Userguy44

33 Troll items

Oh yeah. Bieber. - TriggerTrashKid

I hate them! - MorlaTurtle8

34 People who disrespect your opinion

Even thought you disagree with an opinion, say it in a nice manner instead of being unnecessarily harsh because of an opinion. - Userguy44

35 You can thumbs up your own comments

I did this accidentally a few times, but this is pointless honestly. Why would you wanna thumbs up your own comments? - Userguy44

It's your comment, do what you want. - TriggerTrashKid

You can thumbs up your own comment if you want to. - MorlaTurtle8

36 Sometimes it can have too many tabs open

I had 9 tabs open on my phone, this is annoying when this happens, the top tens shouldn't open a new tab when I open a list on accounts pages, eventually I can have too much tabs open, if I am not paying attention - trains45

Yeah this is annoying once I had 12 tabs open at the same time of the top tens on my phone when I wasn't paying attention easy to tell on pc, but on mobile chrome sometimes it hard to tell because of the number on chrome on mobile if your not paying attention to it you may have like 10 or more tabs open after awhile like I did on mobile with 12

Once I was using the top tens on my phone wasn't paying attention to the tabs number then I had 20 tabs open of all top tens I was like why is there so many tabs open I had to close them all

One time I had all 36 tabs of the top tens on safari on my iphone I couldn't open another tab then I had to check there was 36 tabs open of all top tens I closed all the tabs except one tab

37 People who make blocks of low quality lists just to rise up the stats

I used to do that a lot and I was veru stat-paddy, but I try to make more high quality lists now. Even though I don't have one yet, I'll try to make one. - Userguy44

Not gonna lie, I used to do that. But then I realized that's not what this site was about. Now I just remix lists when I feel strongly about an order and make lists when the come to mind. - Songsta41

We need more people with HQ list. - TriggerTrashKid

Yes. - TriggerTrashKid

38 Pointless added items

Some people add an item on a list of the same list. Example. Top ten worst lists on the top tens and than someone adds an item called this list. It's really annoying. - Userguy44

Why people do this is beyond me. You could have a list of; say, Best Hip-Hop songs, and someone adds an Elvis Presley song. Things like that. - TheParasiter

*Cough* Justin Bieber *Cough* - 3DG20

I was looking at TheTopTens homepage feed and saw someone added CupcakKe to the list of Worst Presidents of the United States. What? - allamassal

39 You can thumbs up a comment more than once

Yeah, if you like a comment and than go back later then you will have the opportunity to like it again. Admin should fix this problem. - DrayTopTens

You can? I hope it's the same with thumbs down…that's when the REAL fun will start! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Who cares. - MorlaTurtle8

40 Admin taking forever to approve your comments
41 Troll feeders
42 Elitists

Go play real guitars, Guitar Hero sucks. - TriggerTrashKid

43 People who remix every list for stats

I did this a lot, but nowadays I try to make quality and detailed remixes. - Userguy44

You guys know who you are. There are some people on this site who literally remix every single list, even if they know nothing about the list itself. All they wanna do on this site is get to #1 on remixes. That's really stupid and annoying if you ask me. If it's not your own opinion, then it really isn't a legitimate remix - ryanrimmel

I wonder how many read this and realized they forgot to remix the list! - Songsta41

I hate it when people literally remix every list on here while ey make little to no lists of their own... It's like they're in the statistics page without even coming up with an original idea! - TheMeaningOfLifeIs42

44 Admin doesn't listen to users' feedback

Admin replies to my messages. - sadical

Because, admin thinks they are demigods. - TriggerTrashKid

Finch does listen to feedback though. - Userguy44

Yeah he does. - MorlaTurtle8

45 Fans

What does that have to do with TheTopTens? Like really? - MorlaTurtle8

* obnoxious fans - Randomator

I don't get it. - MorlaTurtle8

What? - Userguy44

46 You can't always add things to lists
47 The 10 Votes on per list Update

I like this update now I can comment 10 times instead of just once on a list

Nice about this update I can unvote on something I vote on by mistake, but it sucks after I vote on a list I can't vote on anymore items until 12:00am utc time, it can suck if I miss something I vote on I can't until later - trains45

48 Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan (born 15 August 1967) is an Indian guru, music producer, singer-songwriter, actor, filmmaker, and convicted rapist. He has been the head of the social group Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS) since 1990. more.

He is a rapist and people think he is better than Mahatma Gandhi. Yes, the world is developing. - TriggerTrashKid

He got 37% on the list of Greatest Religious Figures and all the rest got less than 14%. He is also spam-voted on lists like Most Important Leaders. - allamassal

49 Your list taking forever to get approved

It always feels like it takes forever for my lists to get approved whenever I add a list it quite annoying - trains45

My list worst songs to have as an nhl goal horn felt like it took forever to get approved took about 4 hours to get approved - trains45

50 You can vote on your own lists

This shouldn't be on here because it's stupid reason. - 05yusuf09

What's annoying about this? - Userguy44

It's kinda awesome. - TriggerTrashKid

So what - Randomator

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