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21 You can thumbs up a comment more than once

You can? I hope it's the same with thumbs down…that's when the REAL fun will start! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

22 Merged lists which were completely different

Yeah! One time, I made a list called "Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Have Farted". The admin sent it back to me claiming it was a duplicate of the list "Top Ten Best Users of TheTopTens". Totally unfair. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

23 "Why is this on here?"

Some people might or might not (depending on the list) like the item you're commenting "why is this on here? " on. - imacg4

Especially putting Justin Bieber on the "best" lists.

24 Songs are left, right and center

Well as a music list maker myself, I find music to be powerful in it's own merit. So saying that "Most people like it more than their parents" is not a entirely accurate statement. Some like music better than their parents but I wouldn't say most of them. - BoredJeff02

Seriously, the only way to get popular is to make music lists. Most people on this site like music better than their parents.

25 Admin not approving your submission

I understand that some stuff isn't approved because it just doesn't fit for the list, but other times, I'll try to add something that actually works for the list, and he/she won't approve it... - NicholasYellow

26 Censorship of profanity

Look I'm not 10, I can handle someone dropping the f-bomb. And this profanity censorship on the website is really strict. In my opinion it should be less strict with the censorship. It's just words after all! To me this really only censors freedom of speech and gets old really fast. Seriously though this does get old and is quite annoying to me. - BoredJeff02

Ever see a comment with a random apostrophe? Whoever made that comment had used the present participle form of "freak" (leaving off the "g"), but it was removed except for the apostrophe. Also it appears you can't use said participle form of "freak" when you're not even trying to swear but merely saying someone is in a heightened emotional state. As far as censoring, that's rather excessive.

27 Immature teenagers
28 Most users
29 Nerds

What so bad about them? - CerealGuy

Nerds are awesome though - Imreallyboredrightnow

30 Pointless added items

Why people do this is beyond me. You could have a list of; say, Best Hip-Hop songs, and someone adds an Elvis Presley song. Things like that. - TheParasiter

31 Duplicate items
32 Putting items on lists for different things.

Cartoon Network shows on a list about Nickelodeon... enough said - EgoGuy

33 Fanboyism to the point of overtly bashing other people's opinions
34 Negative comments about about artists
35 Admin taking forever to approve images
36 Admin doesn't listen to users' feedback
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1. Random users getting 100 followers in no time
2. Your lists getting merged
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