Top Ten Most Annoying Things TopTenners Do

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1 Say they are going to retire because they aren't popular

I can't believe some people actually do this. I may be just some anonymous, but I don't mind that. I'm not looking for popularity. The point of this website is to share opinions through Top 10 lists, not look for fame.

I knew I wasn't popular, so instead of begging for popularity, I improved my content. it works a lot better, weirdly.

Seriously, that is stupid. Make better lists!

Seriously, does popularity matter?

2 Hate on others' opinion

Again, one of the points of this site is to state your own opinion, not bash others'. I've seen this happen too many times, where some people would tell others to go listen to "real music". There is no such thing as real or fake music. Don't like pop? Don't tell others to stop listening to it. Don't like metal? Don't tell others to stop listening to it. It's simple as that.
Okay, rant over.

I hate it when people go:

You like ______, you should like ______ instead, it's real ______ it has _______, the only stuff _______ has is ______ and the blanks are usually filled in with:

You hate metal, you should like pop, you should like metal instead, it's real music it has Metallica, Guns and Roses, the only stuff pop has is Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus.

Obviously this is the most annoying problem on the people from this site

3 Beg for attention

It really gets annoying. Anyone who has asked someone to follow them, or has the message "you follow me, I follow you" in their profile needs to stop and get followers like everyone else did: By working hard and being a good user.

That said, there's an alarming amount of people constantly begging for attention. From "retiring" to all sorts of dramatic sob stories. Which I wont diminish-I'm sure your struggles in life are difficult and hard to deal with-but count your blessings. My life is not perfect either, but I'm completely and totally grateful for what I do have. Also considering everyone whose complaining is upper-middle class (I know this for sure, you all have computers or devices)

**takes a breath** Allow me to rant a bit!

Sometimes, attention can corrupt. No wonder flamewars are so common on the internet.

Similar to people in YouTube begging for subscribers.

"Wa follow me, how does ________ have more followers than me look at this account! "

4 Pick fights

I can't believe some people here are actually LOOKING to pick fights.

It's pathetic when people go out of their way looking for trouble

5 Complain about not getting votes

I hate how some people feel they should post rants that go on and on about how they don't get votes

Messager: Could you vote on my lists? (for the fifth time)
Me: Would you mind awfully sodding off and doing your job properly?

6 Saying "This should be number one" on everything

It's just become so cliche to the point it's a little annoying. Some of us have different opinions, ok?

This should be number one (that was a joke by the way)

This should be number one on everything.

This should be number one

7 Post ways to kill lists

Don't go killing ANYONE! It's not only illegal, but it's wrong. Nobody deserves to have their life cut short.

Not liking someone's music is no reason to hang them or assault them with coal.

8 Post dumb lists that no one gets

If you are running out of ideas, you should wait till you get a good one then start posting.

Nowadays the frequency of these has been increasing gradually unfortunately.

9 Act all smart and mature

Pretentiousness is one of my biggest pet peeves. - keycha1n

Seriously, it's just a list.

Rustlers in a nut shell as well - darthvadern

10 Make dozens of accounts

It violates the site's terms and conditions. So stop. - PositronWildhawk

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11 Troll someone

Rustlers in a nutshell - Nonpointed

12 Act like they’re so unique and special all because “they like ‘real’ music”

Everyone is unique in their own way. And I don't think it's rare to find someone from a younger generation listen to older music. The majority of people I know from that generation listen to music old and new, rock and pop (don't know anyone besides me who listens to metal, tho). Even if some of my friends only listen to pop, I don't let that determine whether I want to be their friend or not.

Yeah, because totally not like there are a million other 13 year olds that do the exact same thing some of you guys do bragging about how they’re supposedly better than everyone else all because they like metal.

13 Copy paste list from other websites
14 Seek attention but deny it
15 Pretend to have schizophrenia

Wait, some people ACTUALLY do this?! If so, not cool. Schizophrenia is not something to be taken lightly. I don't have it myself, but I know it can be horrible to live with.

16 Repeat everything you say during messages

Is this supposed to be funny? Well it's not. It's annoying and stupid - bobbythebrony

17 Hate popular or well-known things for stupid and one-dimensional reasons
18 Hate Justin Bieber and Shove Their Hatred Down to Others
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