Most Annoying Things When Writing a Story

I've experienced most of these problems when writing stories and these problems are just plain annoying when some of these things on list happen to me.

The Top Ten

1 Writer's block

Try going back and rereading what you had. If something odd happened back there, that's the reason you may be stuck. If that doesn't work, trial and error is an option. Still stuck? Look to the characters!

I'm suffering from writers block and I don't know what to do! WHen I ask for help everyone says 'make a character die' but a character just died and I like the characters I created. PLEASE. HELP. ME.

Here are a few tricks from a young writer:

1) Think of it like a road with many paths branching off. Try one path, and if you don't like it, turn back and try another. You'll find the way eventually.

2) Sometimes, it's not what YOU want. It's what the characters want. Just look to them.

My writer's block lasts days, sometimes weeks. I love to write, but I always get writer's block in the middle of a story, and it's really frustrating.

Writers block only last for as long as you want it to. You will always find a way out of it if you're dedicated enough.

2 Lack of inspiration

I once wrote a story based on the Daleks of Doctor Who. And their war with the movellans. It's basically an action story with hardly any dialogue, but it was written a good five or six years ago at least. Lost it now.

If you struggle with lack of inspiration or imagination, you only need to start looking at life differently.

There is never a lack of inspiration. It's literally everywhere! You just have to look for it.

I never run out of imagination when it comes to horror stories

3 Starting over when you (or someone) don't like the storyline

Gah! Hate this. I am my own worst critic and am forever writing, scrapping, rewriting and scrapping. Nothing ever seems to look right.

4 Someone ruins your work after working hard on it

My enemy ripped up the story me and my 3 friends were writing at school.

5 Leaving the story behind and never working on it again

Yep. I’m very guilty of this.

6 Cancelling the story-in-progress

You have to know when the plot is working and when it isn't and being brave enough to let it go when it isn't, however heartbreaking it is.

7 An idea you had was already used by someone else

The most irritating thing a writer encounters.

8 Other ideas of a good story interfere with your current work

What's happening to me right now...

9 Losing interest in making the story
10 Feeling tired and stressed after hours, days, or months working on it

"There is nothing to writing. You just sit down at a typewriter and bleed." -- Falsely attributed to Ernest Hemingway, but still accurate.

The Contenders

11 Accusations of plagiarism

"You ripped off Wings of Fire! " - An incorrect individual looking at one of my characters

12 Burnout
13 Mind-blank
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