Top Ten Most Annoying Things When You're In a Movie Theater


The Top Ten

1 A Person's Phone Starts Ringing
2 People In Front of You Get In Your Way

I hate sitting behind a super tall person at the movies

Ahhh... Your enjoying the movie aren't you. Your friend next to you tells you a good part is coming. You brace yourself. Then, all of the sudden, a wide, tall man get up, and you know what he does? He gets in the way of you seeing the good part. Sigh.

It's even more rude and disruptive when they yell at you to get out of the way. Being tall, I get that too much. - PositronWildhawk

You're 6 4" Pos! I mean, maybe cause I'm a midget, but I get it. - keycha1n

3 They Start to Talk Loud On the Phone

I use to work at a movie theater in Los Angeles. I remember this one year, I had about 9 or 10 different customers come to me complaining about the middle aged black woman in the 7th row talking loudly and obnoxiously into her phone about food prices.

4 They Pop Their Gum Over and Over
5 Accidentally Sitting In Chewed Gum In the Seat You Are In

Just old food in the seats in general sucks. Once I sat on a hot dog, no joke. The person had just left it there and hadn't bothered to clean up after themselves - Haumea

6 Little Kids Start to Kick Your Seat

I was literally just in a movie theater today, and a kid literally kicked my seat almost the entire time, even after I told him to stop. - Minecraftcrazy530

Some stupid kid was kicking my seat when I went to go see Kong: Skull Island. I wanted to punch him in the face.

7 Trying to Announce Something In Front of Everybody
8 The Long 30 Minute Lines for Snacks & Drinks

My movie theater has a "room service" type of system where you can order food and drinks without leaving your seats. You just press a button and take your order, then, then your food will arrive several minutes later.

9 The Prices of Snacks & Drinks

I hate how a small popcorn, drink, and a candy box costs $35+ - Haumea

Cashier: What would you like?
Me: A small popcorn and a small drink
Cashier: That'll be $20
Me: what - Pegasister12

10 People Talking and Laughing Out Loud

It's a cinema, people should keep their mouths shut when the movie is playing. - DUTCHlioness

The movies is my favorite place to go on earth, but this ruins everything! - Jonerman

The Contenders

11 People Texting Non-Stop
12 Autistic kids

... I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I can relate. Stop saying Jordon and watch the dang movie!

OFFENSIVE! - BorisRule

13 The Yeller

Yes, we did, be quiet.

14 The Previews

DUH. Most of em r horror movies.
Suck big time.

15 The Spoiler Person

I never go, and I still know this. There's one in every movie.

16 Crying Babies
17 Loud Munchers
18 It's Too Loud

This is one of the main things that I dislike about a movie theater

19 Birthday Parties
20 The Movie Sucks
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