Top 10 Most Annoying Things White People Say About Black People

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1 Blacks are not as pretty as us

Most of the stuff on here, I never hear white people say. This list is over-exaggerated. - Caleb9000

This annoys me so much. Inner beauty is what counts - ParkerFang

Are you dumb fam? Black don't crack and you're telling me we don't look as beautiful. Look at Gabrielle Union (at least 46 but looks 20), Taraji P Henson (Cookie in Empire, she's 46), Beyoncé, Rihanna, and many more. BLACK don't CRACK PEOPLE. Search it

2 All blacks get arrested
3 Black people give Ebola to other races

Never heard anyone say this in my life. I feel like whoever made this list just took horrible things said from horrible people and made a list. Most white people in the US are afraid of insulting blacks. - Caleb9000

Pathetic, It makes me sick when people say this. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

4 I hate black people

This list is literally claiming that white people on average say this. - Caleb9000

Without black people nba and hip hop wouldn't be that good

Why people said this, some black people most beautiful then white people - belarbi

How racist

5 Black people can't grow their hair long because they use perms

At least they find ways to grow it without perm - ParkerFang

6 Black people are stupid

I'm white people, and This list is not very nice. - LapisBob

7 Black people are fat

What white people say black people are fat

Yea totally Michael Jordan and usain bolt are fat now..

8 Black people are ratchet

I don't even know what "ratchet" could mean; are you saying that black people are like a socket wrench?
More likely you are simply illiterate, and are trying to say "wretched".
This is a very stupid list; I know a lot more white people than you do, and none of them say any of these things.

It's a word. It means to have no resistance and to have no self-control. While this is not true about all blacks, don't call someone illiterate when they know a word that you do not. That just makes you look hypocritical. - Caleb9000

It is a word. - Caleb9000

9 All lives matter

Also, White people need to stop saying this because first of all, duh, of course all lives matter, but because white people have not had the same opression black people got, there is a thing called black lives matter, and when white people don't get the attention they want they make it about everybody

This isn't said about black people whatsoever, it's said about the entirety of the human race. And rightfully so, because all people, including blacks, deserve a chance to live a healthy life. - SwagFlicks

10 Black people are responsible for making our economy bad

I'm sick of people feeling bad for the blacks just because of the apartheid in South Africa. Now in South Africa, Zimbabwe etc they are abusing their rights and it's actually sad that the modern day person does not realise that. - AGK

I'm pretty sure they meant Obama, and Obama only. - NoEntranceHere

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11 Blacks should burn

Lol what

12 Black people are superior to white people

Self hating white people who think this are the worst.

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