Top Ten Annoying Things You Hear In the City But Not In the Country

The Top Ten Annoying Things You Hear In the City But Not In the Country

1 Lawnmowers
2 Music Bass From Car Radios

This quite annoying when people do this in their cars worse if it is way too loud - trains45

3 Bad Car Mufflers

I hate this noise drives me crazy it is way too loud! - trains45

4 Kids Screaming

I've been over a fair amount of British countryside and you still get this. But being a London boy, there are bigger problems. - PositronWildhawk

5 Dogs Barking

I have had a time I heard dogs barking for hours drove me crazy - trains45

6 Police Sirens
7 Leaf Blowers
8 Loud Trucks and Motorcycles

This drives me crazy every time it way too loud! - trains45

Man this drives me nuts

9 Chainsaws
10 Road Construction

The Contenders

11 Noisy Traffic

I used to live by a house with noisy traffic the noise drove me crazy sometimes - trains45

This sucks if you live by a busy road than it too noisy because of traffic can't relax without the window open in summer

NYC in a nutshell

12 Snow Plows

This got annoying at my old house hearing it when I trying to sleep on a school night after a big snow fall, on the weekend I could listen to my music to block it out - trains45

13 Jets The New York Jets are a professional American football team located in the New York metropolitan area.

Wrong jets. I mean airplanes - westofohio

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