Top 10 Most Annoying Things You Hear While Trying to Sleep

The Top Ten Most Annoying Things You Hear While Trying to Sleep

1 Yelling

Yes. I was gonna put noise but this is noise.

Once when I was asleep I heard my mom yelling at my sister and it woke me up

2 Cars Racing
3 Lights Buzzing
4 Dog Barking
5 Ambulance Siren
6 Talking
7 Car Alarm
8 Police Siren
9 Cat Meowing

Especially when it's either very late at night or far too early in the morning.

10 Snoring

I hate it when I need to sleep through this! - Userguy44

The Contenders

11 Clicking Fan
12 Clicking Walls or Ceiling

Oh my word. I have to deal with this thanks to a nightmare about a burgler that stalked me in my room.

13 Crying Babies
14 Loud Music
15 Coughing
16 Farting
17 Fireworks
18 Noisy Gut

Need I say more

19 Footsteps
20 Thunder
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