Ten Most Annoying Things Your Buddy Does While Playing Video Games


The Top Ten

1 Hogging the new game
2 Playing on the only level he is an expert at
3 Going off on personal missions during multiplayer
4 Sabotaging your success

I have a nice house and many diamonds in Minecraft, and he comes over and kills me. I ask for the diamonds back, and he burns my house down and keeps the diamonds. Thing is he just moved to another country. :(

5 Bailing when they start losing

Opponent: shoots a useless team member

6 Getting Overly Emotional/Violently
7 Eating while Playing
8 Living Games outside of playing them
9 Complaining about the game's difficulty

Super Mario Maker has one.

10 Woooooh!

The Contenders

11 Spout out random memes

mik mak

12 Trash Talking
13 Excessive Trolling
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