Top Ten Most Annoying Times for Your Internet Connection to Die

Chances are at least one of these things happened to someone reading this list. What's the most annoying time for it to die?

The Top Ten

1 Just After You Set It Up

A sign that you haven't bought the best internet service. - PositronWildhawk

2 Just Before a Download or Upload Finishes

This has happened to me upon countless occasions. Countless numbers of files that are just about to finish downloading before they suddenly stop and, once I reboot my server, I have to start over. Nrgh! - PositronWildhawk

This should be number 1.

It make Me piss Off

3 Just Before You Confirm an Urgent Action

Imagine if you're about to go bankrupt, and you're just about to save yourself online, then the internet dies. Aa-aa-aargh! - PositronWildhawk

4 Just Before a Good Part of a Song

The vocals stop, the drums go up, you hear one note from a guitar solo, and the song freezes. Very annoying. - PositronWildhawk

5 Just Before a Significant Scene In a Movie

Nerds across the planet would go mental! - PositronWildhawk

6 Just Before You Purchase Something You Really, Really Need

It took me ages to get Pullblox on my 3DS!

7 Just Before You Find Someone Who Hacked Your Account

I will look for you, I will find you, and I will ki... NOO! I wanted to finish the movie quote! - ethanmeinster

8 Just Before You Send an Important E-mail
9 Just Before You Receive an Important Message

So annoying. If you were meant to get it yesterday, it just makes you want to drive an axe through your computer! - PositronWildhawk

10 Just Before You Finish a List On TheTopTens

This happened to me yesterday. I made the list 'words which sound amusing when said backwards' my connection failed right before I was about to send, so I had to rewrite the whole list again. I went crazy - as only crazy Britgirls do... - Britgirl

I blog more than I make lists, but thankfully, I always do my drafts outside the internet before I post them.

This almost happened when I made this list. It's probably just my mind tormenting me. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 In the Middle of Filling Out a Paid Survey
12 In the Middle of an Online Game With Your Friends

When your about to lot the items from a boss you lag then dc I almost punched my screen

13 While Attacking On Clash of Clans

This is the worst! You attack and realize that you wasted a lot of elixir on your troops!

This one is awful.

14 Just Before You Finish a Massive Project
15 When Playing Online With a Good Friend

This Drives me Nuts when I'm Playing ps3 with my Friends and then either the Server dies or my internet connection fails it really pisses me off - Curti2594

Then they log off...

16 When You Are About to Win the Lottery Online

When you are ABOUT to... Ha! Funny.
"What's up with you? "
"What's wrong?! The internet connection's only bloody gone and died on me hasn't it. And just as I was about to win the Lottery too! What an arse! " - Britgirl

17 Just Before a Movie Is Done Downloading

If your download speed is really slow like mine, you'd know how much of a beating that feels.

18 When You're About to Write a Top Comment On Youtube
19 After You Finally Fixed It

No. don't do this to me. You HAVE to be kidding. No. NO!

20 In the Middle of a Youtube Video

"Today we're opening a Lunala elite trainer box. It comes with booster packs, dice, and-" CONNECTION LOST

-.- - Lunala

21 Just Before You Report Something
22 When You Also Have to Fix a Friend's Connection
23 When You Are Messaging Your Crush
24 While Playing Internet Using Games

So annoying like shoot and suddenly it says 'disconnected"

25 Just Before Buying A Game Online
26 When Your Homework Is Due the Next Day

This is called Karma for doing it the night before

27 Just Before Playing Grand Theft Auto Online
28 When You Are Watching a Music Video Premier the Second It Comes Out
29 Minecraft, In A PVP Fight where if you log out you get PVPlogged.
30 In the Middle of a Game


Garry's Mod

31 When You are Actually are Doing Homework
32 Just After You Have Defeated a Really Hard Boss in a Game
33 In The Middle Of Someone Telling You A Secret
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1. Just Before a Download or Upload Finishes
2. In the Middle of Filling Out a Paid Survey
3. Just After You Set It Up
1. Just After You Set It Up
2. Just Before You Confirm an Urgent Action
3. Just Before a Significant Scene In a Movie


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