Top 10 Annoying Trends In Video Games


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1 Microtransactions
2 First-Person Shooters as far as the eye can see
3 Faux-retro games

Cave Story, Shovel Knight, Minecraft, The Binding Of Isaac, La-Mulana, Spelunky,
Terraria, Super Meat Boy, Fez, Hotline Miami, Fenix Rage, Mercenary Kings, Catacomb Kids,
Intake, Bit Trip Runner, Dino Run 2, Donkey Me, Dyna Boy, Freedom Planet, Odallus, Rex Rocket,
Mutant Mudds...

Jesus Christ, does it ever end? Also, notice how literally every single one of these is an indie game. - xandermartin98

4 Indie games just for the sake of indie games
5 The endless flood of Let's Players

I'm tired of boring YouTubers doing Minecraft. It used to be fun to watch, but for some reason it's just boring to me...Or maybe it IS. It's literally just the same game except wit different colors, textures, fonts, etc. Even traditionally Minecraft YouTubers like SSundee now only do the occasional Lucky Block video and mostly play fan-requested games.
TL;DR: Minecraft just lost its charm due to over-advertising.

6 Major League Gaming Stereotypes

Mountain Dew
Strobe Lights
Dank Memes
Enough said - xandermartin98

7 Horror games that aren't that scary
8 Minecraft clones
9 Forced memes

Like "skooma." Not even funny, and people hate on you if you don't get it. Almost all video game memes are crap, and they are usually made by people who think the white Impact font with black border is still relevant. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 The endless stream of Super Mario 64 bloopers

What? I used to watch these when I was like 7! - mathyfox441

Yes, I have allways wondered why - Martinglez

The Contenders

11 Online hackers
12 Games Being Popularized by Pewdiepie
13 Capcom milking every single series it has to death

Except their most important franchise, Mega Man - Martinglez

14 Little kids flooding the Call of Duty community
15 People hating on games just because they change up the formula of their respective franchises

Sonic Unleashed is a good example it a good game and does the werehog gameplay right

16 Games designed just for the sake of being difficult

Almost ever level made in Mario Maker

Like Unfair Mario. The first level had me almost throw my computer across the room.

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17 Photoshop Memes
18 Youtube Poops made by Windows Movie Maker noobs
19 The even more endless stream of G-Mod videos
20 1337 Speak
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