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Jennifer Tallulah "Jenny" Humphrey is one of the characters in both the Gossip Girl and The It Girl series of novels by Cecily von Ziegesar.


she is so annoying I hate her so much. she thinks she can just do whatever and ugh! can you say bitch? and what was with the whole sleeping with chuck episode. She ruined everything with them. We all love Blair and Chuck and now we can't because of that annoying good for nothing.

I hate her so much. She acts like she's a big adult and that all of her bad decisions are justified. Everyone older than her gives her good advice and all she does is blow it off and makes mistakes she could've avoided not to mention she has the most annoying voice. It's almost a tie for her and Vanessa but Jenny pulls ahead as my least favorite because she treats the people that actually love her like crap and thinks she's better than everyone else.

I started watching Gossip Girl a couple months ago. For a while I was rooting for Little Jenny Humphrey, I mean come on, she wasn't that bad. Then she turned evil when fighting with Blair. Blair was the sort of evil you could totally love but Jenny, she was just evil.

She didn't need to fight with Blair, she was barely fifteen - sixteen, she should just take her punishment and just go with it.

I hated her near the end-ish of season two, also. It was season three that set me off! That stupid girl always tries to abandon her family for a pathetic guy, a pathetic model and her (unfortunately) tres chic fashion line. She's only fifteen (to) sixteen, EMG, she does not need a guy or anyone!

THE WORST OF ALL, she tries to break up her step-sister who has been totally nice to her for forever and then she decides to be a total bee with an atch 'cause she's dating this guy WHO HAS NO INTEREST IN HER WHATSOEVER after knowing she's a total M E A N I E, with capital all ...more

They should have killed off this character.

To be fair there are lots of annoying characters on gossip girl but jenny humphrey takes the cake. She annoys me in almost every episode. She is extremely childish and stupidly vindictive. At least Blair is smart with her scheming, Jenny is just foolish and irritating with her "schemes" if you can even call it that. She irritated the hell out of me when she tried to steal Nate from Serena and also when she tried to break Rufus and Lily up just because Serena was mean to her... well I WONDER why Serena would be mean to you, attempted boyfriend thief!

"Little J" is basically the worst person ever. I'd take Georgina over her any day of the week.

She is by far the most annoying character I've ever seen on a T.V. show, she is manipulative, but unlike Blair and Serena (who can also be manipulative) she lacks common sense, and overtime loses any morals that she should have. I cannot think of one episode or action where she redeemed herself in my eyes, and overall, I am so happy she left the show

She is so desperate. the way she is embarsing herself trying to get Nate when she knows he is with Serena and can clearly see in love with her (at the time).

Her schemes, her lies, her eye make up, her pink netting hem on the Constance uniform and oh sweet lord her mullet! Plus she came between Blair and chuck which is reason enough to hate this intolerable character! She is by far the most annoying character... Like... Ever!

She is so annoying. She ruins other people's relationships just for her own good, even her friends'. I thought she's different than the "MET" girls but she's even worse. She reminds me of Blair from the first season - such a bitch!

I want to like her for being one of the only non-rich characters to relate too, but she steps on everyone to climb a stupid social ladder. Everyone tries to be there for her and she takes advantage. She changes so much. She sucks. The most hated T.V. character of all time.

I hate Jenny! She ruins every relationship she can find!

Vile poser teenage raccoon impersonator Taylor Momsen plays screechy whiny drama-driven version of herself

I hate her character. Even her screaming voice like when she says "dad" or "Dan" when she is excited about something makes me feel disgusted...

She has always been manipulative. She only does things for herself with no emotions towards her family.. Especially Serena because of Nate. That's when I started despising her. She messes up and gets another chance to prove herself wrong but in the end I see that she always screws up.

I'm on season 3 of gossip girl and I can't STAND JENNY! She's the most annoying person on the entire show.

She was always so awful to her family. She never listens and never likes available guys. Also, she stole her friend's mother's dress- a very expensive one that she could never afford. I was rooting for her after she got dumped by Penelope and them, but then she won over more girls and took over as "queen" after Blair left.

I really hate Jenny she ruins everything. No one can be happy with her on the show. She is so self observed, jealous and stupid that she deserves what happens to her. I hate Jenny!

She has the be the most annoying character on gossip girl. However every time she gets into trouble some how everyone still helps her while she continues to ruin everything for everyone on the show. And I really caught how annoying she was at the start of season two. She should have been gotten away from the show.

She is an absolute imbecile and she is the most self-centred person to ever be portrayed on Television. Someone needed to smack her in the face from the start and tell her to get her head out of her arse and think of other people for a change.

Ugh she has no personality except being a bitch a whining I just want her to disappear from gossip girl.

Used to like her but started hating her especially when she tries to take Nate from Serena. And I hate her whole family too!

I hate jenny she just comes and ruins everything! She is such a wanna be and she just looks bad. At the end of the day they always make her look like the innocent one when she's actually the opposite. And even though I kind of liked her in the beginning she honestly later on became an annoying back stabing wanna be.

She's irritating and frustrating, untrustworthy and just plain stupid. She needs to stop acting grown and realize she's not a princess. She's desperate and terrible character who causes too much trouble.

She pisses me off more than Serena's grandmother