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361 Lynn Loud - The Loud House
362 Lucy Loud - The Loud House Lucy Loud - The Loud House Lucy Loud is a fictional character in the Nickelodeon cartoon The Loud House. She was created by Chris Savino. Lucy is a goth and likes dark things.
363 Lana Loud - The Loud House Lana Loud - The Loud House Lana Loud is a character from the Nickelodeon show "The Loud House". The show and character was created by Chris Savino and Lana was named after one of Savino's sisters. Lana is the eighth oldest of her siblings, being six years old and two minutes older than twin, Lola. Lana's hobbies include playing more.
364 Lola Loud - The Loud House Lola Loud - The Loud House
365 Lisa Loud - The Loud House Lisa Loud - The Loud House At 4 years old, Lisa is the second-youngest child of the Loud family and the second-youngest of Lincoln's five younger sisters. She is often seen working on complex experiments, equations, and formulas. Her most annoying habit is her weird studies on others, especially her siblings.
366 Lily Loud - The Loud House
367 Grizz - We Bare Bears
368 Panda - We Bare Bears
369 Ice Bear - We Bare Bears Ice Bear - We Bare Bears

How is he annoying? Is it because he talks in first person? (I'm okay with that.) - Powerfulgirl10

370 Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls Mabel Pines is one of the lead characters of the Disney XD animated series Gravity Falls. The character is voiced by Kristen Schaal, and designed by the series creator, Alex Hirsch. She is inspired by Hirsch's own twin sister, Ariel Hirsch. She is a caring, boy-crazy 12 year old girl that moved to the more.
371 Foggy Nelson - Daredevil
372 John Doggett - The X-Files
373 Horat - The Nutshack
374 Joey Potter - Dawson's Creek
375 Barbra Jean Booker Hart - Reba
376 Maya Hart - Girl Meets World

She acts like her life is ruined just because her dad left (and she got to choose her new dad anyway) and that she doesn't have that much money. I guess that shows how materialistic she is. Plus she has great friends, yet she still has to complain about how horrible her life is and how broken she is and all this. Plus she is pretty which gives her an advantage in society. Practically every living person in this world has gone through worse stuff than her. SHE ANNOYS ME SO MUCH. - henrydanger

377 Blanche - The Golden Girls
378 Myra Monkhouse - Family Matters

Absolutely couldn't stand this character. I hate how she talks to Steve like he's a baby or something, she really is a sick puppy. She's also obsessive, crazy, creepy and a stalker in later episodes. What kind of girlfriend spies on her boyfriend! - DaWyteNight

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