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61 Frankie Heck - The Middle

She always assures she can do something, fails to do so, and then when she is confronted doesn't bother to say sorry and instead defends herself. Frankie is a pushover with her kids, leaving their battles at a draw, so that even when one child was clearly the victim, they face the same consequences as the true offender. Then she goes to Mike to complain after, but hardly ever takes his advice anyways. She has the audacity to claim she's stressed, yet she leaves her home in a mess, forgets everything, and hardly takes care of her children. She's demanding at times, such as when she asked Mike to take her to that monotonous Tea place for Mother's day, and when she forgets to buy her mother a gift after being the one to invite her, due to her lack of common sense, she takes the gift her children bought her and passed it off as her own. Frankie even seeps hypocrisy, she always points out people's flaws, mainly Mike's, yet can't bother to fix her own. Now, let's observe her relationship ...more

Just horrible. Always stressed out and tired. From what exactly. She does nothing at home, nothing at work and barely raises her kids. Just a ridiculous character.

Just annoying how she keeps complaining how hard everything is when she does nothing and has nothing to stress about. Every episode about her is the same, same storyline, about how everything falls on her and how she can't cope. Just painfully unfunny and pathetic.

I love this show, but I cannot stand Frankie. She is annoying, she noses around on everyone's lives, even forcing Mike to make friends, she is always yelling and nagging and making every character's life more difficult than in needs to be just for the sake of it. She sees herself as the mother of the year and is nothing more than a lazy crybaby that nags his husband for advice to turn around and do the exact opposite of what he just said.

Frankie is a piece of work! Lazy to the bone! My wife does crack up when Frankie gets home, throws some fast food bags on the table and then shouts, "I made dinner! ".

She not only should have been fired, but arrested as well in the episode that she impersonated a doctor to be able to cut in line to pay an over-due bill and then once again at her job when she pushed her boss, the dentist, aside and started shoving dental tools into a patients mouth!

And where is her neck? She has no neck! LOL

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62 Sanjay - Sanjay and Craig Sanjay - Sanjay and Craig

I cannot believe I had to add this. Sanjay has such an annoying voice and such a stupid personality. Remember the pilot episode? They went through ALL THAT EFFORT to see A BUTT TRANSPLANT. So stupid. And they called themselves PARTY DOCTORS. What does that even MEAN? Doctors don't party! Plus this show has more annoying characters too. They're about to be added.

He is super stupid. His show should be cancelled soon. - Powerfulgirl10

Thank God This Ugly,Farting,Bastard Got His Show Cancelled

This character is the epitome of an asshole, the episode of his family getting a new high tech car shows exactly how selfish this kid can be, so his dad spends a ton of money to get a new car because the car they own now is obviously trashed, it opens with the muffler scraping the ground, front headlight cracked I mean how can a person leave their car to turn this way? Anyway they get a new car and this little 12yr old does everything to having the new car blow up to have their car back.

63 Butters Stotch - South Park Butters Stotch - South Park Leopold "Butters" Stotch is a fictional character in the animated television series South Park. He is voiced by series co-creator Matt Stone and loosely based on co-producer Eric Stough.

I LOVE Butters. He and Cartman are my favorite on the show. Kyle is the one I hate.

Oh hamburgers!
Butters and Tweak are my favorites. - Bobdobb

Butters is AWESOME! I just want to hug him! ☺☺☺☺ - JennaRosesux

64 Sammi - Jersey Shore

Those clothes she wears, make her look like a stuffed sausage.

This is my name

65 Lumpy Space Princess - Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess - Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess is a character in Adventure Time. She first appears in Trouble In Lumpy Space. She is the the daughter of Lumpy Space King and Queen.

She sounds like a man (maybe because she's voiced by the shows creator pendelton ward).

66 Ted Mosby - How I Met Your Mother

Haha... I can see why Ted was put on here. He's kind of the equivalent of Brian Griffin in live action shows; neither of them can get a date, and they come off as pretentious at times. But neither of them are really bad people. But Ted is a compassionate guy, and overall, he's your everyday average Joe. I like him a lot.

67 Bianca DuPree - Beverly Hills Teens
68 Isabella Garcia-Shapiro - Phineas and Ferb Isabella Garcia-Shapiro - Phineas and Ferb

She irritated the hell out of me! She just keeps saying "Whatcha Doing'? " over, and over, and OVER! I know it's her catchphrase, but she is one of the Disney Channel characters I just wanna punch in the face!

Isabella doesn't have the worst voice on Phineas and Ferb, Suzy Johnson does. - nelsonerico6



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69 Eric Cartman- South Park

I LOVE Cartman! Seriously, he IS South Park. Without his shenanigans, there would be no show.

This one is extremely annoying. Really, who doesn't hate him? But he makes south park more enjoyable

I had the entire cast as number one, but they were taken off. I don't know why. Maybe its because it's the whole cast, and not just one character, so I guess I'll just put this one on here.

If anything Cartman made the show better, yes he may b*tch and moan but that's the point; not every character is going to be nice, you know.

70 Princess Bubblegum - Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum - Adventure Time Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom is a fictional character in the Adventure Time animated series on the Cartoon Network.

The reason why I hate Princess Bubblegum is because she turned Finn down, I hate girls who turn guys down, it's just upsetting to me!

What's annoying about her is that she is always bossy and in the rattleballs episode she killed all the bubblegum guards and even rattleballs without realising he and the others were good at fighting (rattleballs escaped though) and she thinks she is smart but isn't.

Princess bubblegum is a whiny, stupid, selfish, bossy, manipulating spoiled brat she thinks that just because she's a princess everyone should bow down to her she's also a typical mary sue she also never acknowledges or learns from her mistake if she's supposed to be a smart person shouldn't she learn from her mistakes? No all she does is do something and ruin it and expect finn and jake to clean up the mess she does she's a dumbass in distress I really wish I could go in o and slap or punch her in the face she's like a total bitch and has no problem lying or destroying a person's life like what she did to the duke of nuts and everything is always served on a silver platter for her so all in all I think that PB is a stupid, selfish, mary sueish, whiny, bossy, manipulating, dumbass in distress, attention-seeking, bitchy spoiled brat who always expects finn and jake to clean up her mess for her she's a total bitch who needs a slap or a punch in the face I wouldn't even be surprised to ...more

I stopped watching that cartoon on october 13th 2015 after I read a big spoiler and found out how idiot she actually was.see what happened on cartoon network on november 14th 2015.i can't believe the staff decided to ruin everything because they actually don't like vampires the way they are.princess idiotgum deserves the worst pains ever!

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71 Daniel Tiger - Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

How is this lower than dora?

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72 Mohinder - Heroes

He was so overly dramatic all the time.

73 Janice Litman Goralnik - Friends
74 Angelica Pickles - Rugrats Angelica Pickles - Rugrats Angelica Pickles is a cartoon character who appears in the Nickelodeon shows Rugrats, All Grown Up!, and Rugrats Pre-School Daze, and is among one of the series' original characters.

She's so mean to the others :(

75 Robert Barone - Everybody Loves Raymond
76 Jeff Winger - Community

I like Jeff, even though he is a vain douche at times. Brita is the one I can't stand.

Britta's the one who should be here. She should be number one. - mac2

Ugh Jeff is okay. BRITTA is the worst!

77 Finn Hudson - Glee

He shouldn't have been on the list. He is so cute and sweet.

He's really sweet. I know not ALL the time but he's a good guy and REALLY loves and cares about rachel.

He was so dumb and his singing was BARELY half ass. So annoying.

The most annoying ever (maybe second after Joffrey)
He is always everyone's favorite and everyone admires him but I don't know what they find in him. He messed with two girl's feeling while slept with one more, kissed his mentor's wife and ruined their wedding, acted awfully to his sweet little brother Kurt, and I just hate the way he looks at the camera when he thinks he is the best and most innocent character ever and girls buy that -. -

78 Dan Humphrey - Gossip Girl

He is so lame and boring. He is the most irrelevant character on Gossip Girl, he is a hypocrite he hates the upper east side and says they are the most obnoxious, self-centred people ever but guess what he is exactly like them, no he is even WORST, he was rude to Vanessa even though she is the only one who has liked for who he is and loved him for that. He got Blair, BLAIR CORNELIA WALDORF, she is beautiful, amazing and smart. Dan is ugly, annoying. Blair was probably only dating Dan the same way she dated Nate however she loved Nate her ENTIRE LIFE and as seen in Gossip Girl she only had really, strong and intimate feelings and loved extremely much for Chuck, Nate and Prince Louis, she never loved Dan and she only liked him that they only dated for 7 episodes so the producers and writers knew from the start Dan Humphrey (A.K.A Lonely Boy, Brooklyn Boy, Poor Boy, Loser, Wannabe, Ugly Duckling) and Blair Waldorf (A.K.A Queen B, Princess B, Beautiful, Charming) could NEVER WORK!

He is so annoying. Pretends to be such a truthful person... Lies and gets to make blair as his girlfriend... For heaven sake look at your face and hairs and eyes and what not? He doesn't know how to act.. Boring and foolish at the same time... Keeps on blabbering about honesty... It's easy to say others

So lame and boring, monotone voice... Can't stand!

Dan is literally like his father (Rufus Humphrey) I purely hate Dan because of Rufus!

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79 Fran Fine - The Nanny

I agree the worst voice to have to put up with for 2 seconds is bad enough.

Never watched any episode after the pilot, because she was just too irritating to listen to.

There is nothing "fine" about Fran! - DaWyteNight

80 Lois Griffin - Family Guy Lois Griffin - Family Guy Lois Patrice Griffin is one of the main characters of the American animated television series Family Guy.
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