Most Annoying Twitch Streamers

The Top Ten

1 FrankenKitty13

Her gameplay is bad, and her stream is nothing but incoherent screeching, her being verbally abusive to her boyfriend/brother Casper, and her talking about how cute she is. Not to mention her begging for money. She puts up huge donation goals that never come to fruition. First she put one up for a green screen, people donated then franken is magically gifted a screen. Did the people get their money back? Doubtful. Then she put one up for a stream deck. People donated but now that goal is gone and she’s asking for one through streamloots. Um what happened to the money people gave for that stream deck? Hopefully she puts all the donations for a nose job because she will need one if she’s ever going to top 20 viewers per stream. Don’t get scammed by her, please save your money. - Seventeen

2 NikkiDuhGames

Cringe... just cringe... - Seventeen

3 Poxxers

Nothing but loud. Everything is loud. And no gameplay. - Seventeen

4 Amouranth

Props to her for making bank, but still annoying - Seventeen

5 Fenugreek
6 Ninja

Toxic, every time he dies he blames it on something.

Ninja is hideous the skinny bitch boy got rich cause he was a Fortnite pro.

7 samtheMan
8 sporerose
9 Pantsonfire
10 Fennerattack
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