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21 F-Zero GP Legend Haters

F-Zero Gp Legend haters should eat pig #%>%!

I punched an F-Zero Hater once

22 Beyblade Haters
23 Gurren Lagann Haters

Fan service is not the main point of this show. Most haters tend to derive from how the characters are annoying or the fan service is insane. But the anime is actually more than that if they gave it a chance. If they still don't like it, they should at least let people who want to give the series a chance watch it instead of being bashed on for watching it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

24 Code Geass Haters
25 Log Horizon Haters
26 Inuyasha Haters
27 Big 3 Haters
28 G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Haters
29 Golion Haters
30 Sub Haters
31 Seraph of End haters

-Literally anyone on MAL.
Give me another reason to never get a stupid MAL account cause it's FILLED with how rabid these haters are.
I know it doesn't get hate on youtube as much as it did before but it's still somewhat over hated.

32 Crossover Haters
33 Sailor Moon (Classic) Haters

A lot of them are usually rabid, over obsessed Sailor Moon Crystal fans, who are basically the next GoAnimate fandom. And a lot of haters I've seen of it provide very crappy reasons as to why they think it sucks and they act like they never watched the whole thing.

Also I've seen some reviews on this website THEM Anime and two of the reviewers who reviewed it wrote horrible reviews on some of the seasons, the reviewers were rant posing P.O.S., their points were very vague, lacking, were very biased and acted very insulting to the Sailor Moon fanbase, generalizing them. Read their reviews and you'll see what I mean.

If one hates it, that's fine, but they should

34 Aquarium Age Haters
35 Chrono Crusade Haters
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