Most Annoying Types of Classmates

I made this list because i hate my classmates I hope you relate to this list

The Top Ten

1 Bullies

They really are the worst types. A lot of them while I was at school still live very close to me. Wonder if their children has followed in their footsteps... - Britgirl

2 Know-It-All classmates

Gets annoying when it's 2 of them!

Yeahh! I hate it when one kid gets chose to do seriously EVERYTHING and outshines everyone! - cutiepiestarlight

3 Teachers Pet

I hate that one goodie goodie kid who ALWAYS reminds the teacher about last nights homework,likes the one teacher that literally everyone hates,and tells the teacher that you said that you hated that you said that - Randomator

4 Unstoppable mouth classmate

When people don't stop talking, I get mad. I said today "Yeah, I'm kinda excited for the first day back from winter break. The only problem is that I'm stuck with these people again." I'm that person who's mean without even realizing it.

I like to talk a lot because it's fun and sometimes I get mad when I'm being told off

5 Perfectionist classmates

I'm going to be honest here and say that I'm that annoying perfectionist that will whine about getting a 95 on a test. EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT! - Supernatural

6 Girlie girls
7 The classmate that always steals your things and says that they are their things

I really hate ths type of classmate I experience this one a lot - lovingicecreams

8 The person who thinks that they are smart but are not
9 The classmate that thinks that he/she is smart but they are not smart at all
10 Classmate that like Justin Bieber

This is dumb. My friend has a CRUSH on him, but I don't care. She is fun to hang out with. This is also called not respecting people's opinions.

The Contenders

11 Racist classmates

Don't these ones fall under the 'Bullies category? ' - clusium

12 The Pencil Thief
13 The classmate who hates you

This could also potentially fall under the 'Bullies category.' - clusium

Uhm... I don't have any experience at this cause no one in my class Hates me - Righteous

Wow. Not hated AT ALL? Congrats, you've done the impossible, which is having no one hate you in class! (Well, I guess that's only impossible for me, because people in my class are just @$$holes who hate people for the stupidest reasons) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

14 Classmates who spread rumours
15 Violent classmates
16 Bronies

So? What's wrong with being a brony? It's their opinion. - Neonco31

17 Classmates that play inappropriate games

I am literally the only 1 in class that doesn't play 18+ games - GriffinDoge

18 The Attention Seeker
19 Classmates who always blame you for their sins
20 Classmates who are that one 'Popular, smart, good looking, amazing person' who everyone loves and has a lot of fellow classmates from the opposite gender falling for them
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