Most Annoying Types of Classmates

I made this list because i hate my classmates I hope you relate to this list

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1 Bullies

There are these people at my school who lock people in lockers and try to get them stuck in elevators. - sadical

They ruin school for me. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

I deal with a lot of stupid people in my life. Most of them are try to be bullies. They are hypocrites, think they're smart, basically everything on the list, etc. So.. ya

They really are the worst types. A lot of them while I was at school still live very close to me. Wonder if their children has followed in their footsteps... - Britgirl

2 Know-it-all classmates

Hate it when someone acts smarter than everyone in class because they know a lot of big words

Actually we have none but me and my friend are the two smartest but know that mistakes happen

Gets annoying when it's 2 of them!

Yeahh! I hate it when one kid gets chose to do seriously EVERYTHING and outshines everyone! - cutiepiestarlight

3 Teachers pet

They're so annoying. Basically tattle tales.

I hate that one goodie goodie kid who ALWAYS reminds the teacher about last nights homework,likes the one teacher that literally everyone hates,and tells the teacher that you said that you hated that you said that - Randomator

I’m not saying which year it was, but I have been in a class before where at least 95% of the students were teachers pets. Oh, and did I mention that the teacher I had that year was awful to us? - 3DG20

4 Unstoppable mouth classmate

What they say is more important than how much they say. I actually get on well with very chatty people as long as everything they discuss is interesting and they never disrespect other people. As for the ones who are rude to everyone and go on and on about how much they hate everybody around them for no good reason, the sound of them shutting up is music to my ears. - Entranced98

When people don't stop talking, I get mad. I said today "Yeah, I'm kinda excited for the first day back from winter break. The only problem is that I'm stuck with these people again." I'm that person who's mean without even realizing it.

I don't mind conversations but if I’m trying to work then shut up - Randomator

I like to talk a lot because it's fun and sometimes I get mad when I'm being told off

5 Perfectionist classmates

Aka the ones who stress out the most - Randomator

As a perfectionist myself, I agree that sometimes we're annoying and petty but its just how we are. Non-perfectionists out there! Think about what it must be like to put crazy effort into everything to make it perfect. Think about how we get hurt when things don't go in a perfect way. It sucks for us

I'm going to be honest here and say that I'm that annoying perfectionist that will whine about getting a 95 on a test. EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT! - Supernatural

6 Girlie girls

Stop hating girly girls - lovestarlist

We’re not hating girly girls in general, just the die-hard ones that like to blab for hours about their makeup, nails and hair and act like they’re better than everyone. Please don’t confuse the two because yes, there are good “girly girls” (even though I hate that term) out there. - 3DG20

7 The person who thinks that they are smart but are not

I am so smart, I am so smart
S-M-R-T I mean S-M-A-R-T - SpectralOwl

8 The classmate that always steals your things and says that they are their things

This happened to me too.

Luckily, I never deal with this because none of my classmates care that much to stoop so low as to claiming my stuff, but I would not tolerate it if it did. - 3DG20

9 The pencil thief

If you're reading this, Ben, hope you've dropped this habit. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

This is why I have trust issues - Randomator

That’s me because I always lose my pencils. - sadical

10 The attention seeker

Annoying as hell - Randomator

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11 Racist classmates

Don't these ones fall under the 'Bullies category? ' - clusium

12 The classmate that thinks that he/she is smart but they are not smart at all

Same as above, pretty much. - Entranced98

13 Classmate that like Justin Bieber

This is dumb. My friend has a CRUSH on him, but I don't care. She is fun to hang out with. This is also called not respecting people's opinions.

14 Classmates who spread rumours

Oof hate dem people

Literally 90% of my classmates a few days ago - DarkBoi-X

And the classmates that believe it and refuse to stop even though the person that started the rumour isn’t ever able to provide proof. - 3DG20

15 The classmate who hates you

I was super overhated over nothing at my old school. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Oh well, chances are I hate them too anyway. - 3DG20

I can't relate. I’m pretty neutral with everyone so nobody hates me - Randomator

This could also potentially fall under the 'Bullies category.' - clusium

Yeah, but this is a little different because you can hate someone but not care enough to bully them. - 3DG20

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16 Classmates that play inappropriate games

These are good - DarkBoi-X

Haha me

17 Classmates who are that one 'popular, smart, good looking, amazing person' who everyone loves and has a lot of fellow classmates from the opposite gender falling for them

In other words the star athlete - Randomator

Basically everyone except me. I’m happy for them though. - sadical

Don't be jelly. - Entranced98

You wouldn't find it annoying if it was you under the spotlight, would you? - Entranced98

18 The classmate who hogs the teacher

Also known as the kid who asks a question every 5 seconds - Randomator

19 Anime haters

To be honest, I find the fans more annoying because just like most other fanbases, a lot of them just love to shove it down your throat and they don’t respect other opinions. This item is a prime example of that. - 3DG20

I go to school with one and he always tries to get a rise out of the rest of the band with their dumb comments like "i don't get it anime sucks" and "how can you watch that? it's so stupid! " as much as I try to ignore him he is always trying to hit on the girls in band too and literally all of us like anime so its like... dude...

20 Religion fanatics
21 The kids who won't shut up and are really popular, and you're the only one who can see that they aren't going anywhere in life

There's a bunch popular girls in my science class that talk and talk and will not shut up.

22 Those Who Make Fun of Mental Illnesses, Pretending to Have Them Ect.

When you actually have a mental illness, these guys are THE WORST!

Ugh I hate people like this

23 Violent classmates

Me when you see my bad side

24 Bronies Bronies

So? What's wrong with being a brony? It's their opinion. - Neonco31

25 Classmates who always blame you for their sins


26 "fake" classmates
27 Cry babies

Get this higher - DarkBoi-X

28 Fun crushers

Yes. There is this girl in my class named Arika who thinks she is the boss of everyone! She pisses me off so much! CandyBlood13

29 Bossy people

I used to go to school with a lot of those people, in fact, I unfortunately still do with a few of the same people. - 3DG20

30 The Spoiled Rich Kid Who Thinks He's Better Than Anyone and Can Get His Way Every Time.


There is a boy in my class named Andrew Chirakadze who always tries his best to get on my nerves. He finds it fun making me angry. Many people think he has a crush on me. His family is very rich and he always brags about himself especially in sports. If I tell him to shut up I'm the one who usually gets in trouble.

31 Tattletales
32 Whiners
33 Crossover haters
34 Brats
35 Talker haters


36 Pop haters
37 The classmate who likes to scold people
38 Hypocrites

There are a lot of them. A LOT! I HATE THEM SO MUCH! - Lucy1402

39 The person whose phone flashes when they get a notification
40 Classmate who follows you everywhere
41 Classmate Who Wastes the Teacher's Time So that You Can't Get Help When You Need It
42 People that Act Stupid
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