Top 10 Most Annoying Types of Comments On TheTopTens

The Top Ten Most Annoying Types of Comments On TheTopTens

"Where is __?" comments

Some people write this instead of adding the item they don't see on the list! - Metal_Treasure

I don't know, why don't you add it? - Garythesnail

Either add it to the list yourself or remix it. - BorisRule

Where is comments that are hating on Justin Bieber - DrayTopTens

"This should be #1" comments

This should be #1! - Britgirl

I pay attention to these comments because very often they are spot on, especially when the author explains why "this should be #1". Sometimes such comments make me change my mind. - Metal_Treasure

Everyone has different taste, so what you may think deserves number 1, other people don't. Everyone wants something to be number 1 but there are a lot of voters and not everyone thinks the same. Am I right? - Jonerman

This site focuses on personal preferences. Not everybody is gonna agree. - ryanrimmel

"I listen to classical music so I'm superior to the rest of mankind" comments

It doesn't correlate intelligence and superiority to another. If you say it like that, you are making yourself look worse by being cretin and uncultured. - Kevinsidis

The problem is no one ever seems to have said this (not native English) on TheTopTens - Alkadikce

Eh, I love it a lot, but I'm more of a rocker. - MontyPython

All current music is based on classical music. Whatever pop drivel is topping the charts will be mocked in a couple of years, and totally forgotten a few years after that. A few exceptions exist, such as Adele, who puts out excellent albums every 3 or 4 years. Britney Spears has been a joke for a long time, and JB, MileyTwerk, Demi and the bunch are now past their sell-by date and are parodies of themselves. I'll go for the stuff that has remained consistent for 500 years.

Honestly, where are comments like this? I can't find them. - Alkadikce

Comments about how bad Justin Bieber is.

I love making fun of music artists every now and then (even making fun of Cannibal Corpse), but Bieber is the butt of every music joke's getting old. Why not joke about Cannibal Corpse's song topics or Lil Wayne's guitar playing? - WheresMyGuitarPick

These Justin Bieber jokes make me want a lobotomy - ryanrimmel

Hating on JB was "cool" back in like 2009, but this site has driven the joke into the ground a million times over. Honestly he isn't that bad.

Get over it already. - Delgia2k

Comments where the first letter of each word is capitalized

This Is The Worst. What Is The Point? You Are Just Putting In More Work To Have Bad Grammar.

This is getting ironic to be honest - IceFoxPlayz

This Needs To Stop Happening! - BorisRule

It Kinda Annoys Me. - TheFourthWorld

"__ the best. Nuff said." comments

"enough said" can be substituted by "hands down" and "that's a fact" - Alkadikce

"Enough said". Yeah, it is enough said without reasons.

These comments make you look stupid.

Well, it's not "enough" because I wanna know why he/she/it is the best. - Metal_Treasure

That’s not enough said. Explain - Randomator

Michael Jackson fans who can't get over the fact that The Beatles sold more, had more #1's, and are more popular

I already so, just preferring MJ to Beatles. But the Beatles are awesome too. - BorisRule

Hey, being popular and selling a lot of albums doesn't make a music artist or band automatically good. (Note: I don't hate The Beatles neither Michael Jackson) - Delgia2k

True that just being popular does not make an artist automatically good. The difference is when you are talking about THE most popular and best selling, especially over a long period of time. As horrible as Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and even Britney Spears are, they are not THE most popular modern artists. For the last 5 years, the best selling artist is Adele [no surprise], and for the decade before that, it was Eminem. Funnily enough, just behind Eminem for 2000-2010 was The Beatles.

What will telling the fans who is more popular do? They'll still be Michael Jackson fans no matter what. - 906389

"Why is this here?"

Why is this at 44? It has to be at 44.8 or I will die!

"Pop music sucks, why is this garbage popular and not [insert names of six metal bands here]" comments

I really get sick of this. Although I'm not the biggest metal head you'll meet, I do enjoy it more than pop. But come on, there are better genres than metal AND pop in my opinion.

Classic Rock - Inspired many famous musicians later on and created multiple genres.

Classical - Takes deep thought and beautiful composing. It's really overshadowed, and people hate on it or call it garbage because it isn't their style. Well, that doesn't matter. It was one of the first developments of music and it takes plenty of talent and skill. - MontyPython

Compare crappy pop songs with other good pop songs and artists ALSO in the 2010s. It would make more sense and it won't be narrow-minded. The only point of "hating pop" is to hate on the crap songs, not the good and overshadowed pop songs. And then it makes a convincing argument on why the song you hate is crap.

Example: Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" is total garbage! There are a lot of better pop songs like the ones by Adele, Coldplay, Paramore and Imagine Dragons!

Imagine Dragons is awesome, and I went to their Evolve tour a few days ago. - IceFoxPlayz

I can name several great Pop singers, old and new, that I respect and listen to. And this is coming from a metalhead. - CrimsonShark

Come on, pop music isn't that bad. - Rorywilbren

Comments where everything is capitalized

Enough said. - RiverClanRocks

I remember a comment that someone wrote about people who hate Elsa. It went like this...

Typing in all caps is just an immature move - Randomator



The Contenders

"____ > ____"

Thetoptens > animated movies.

Xbox One X > Playstation 4 Pro

Bruno Mars > Ariana Grande - TheFourthWorld

TheTopTens > Your mom. - RogerMcBaloney

Brainwashed robots who complain that everyone who disagrees with them is racist

Yes, because I hate how everything is deemed "racist" nowadays just because of small things.

Social Justice Warriors?! - BorisRule

No, just no, they are nota racist - Martinglez

Thank you, news media. *sigh* - RiverClanRocks

Shut up x is great

This is just the worst type of comment, even if it's defending something I like. It's just pathetic to not defend your opinion and not coming up with an argument defending your claims.

This is annoying because the person who says it is disrespecting the opinions of people who don't like something. - allamassal

Someone called me an idiot for insulting SoundCloud rappers when X when X was one. He may be dead, but he wasn't good - 445956

Yeah tell them to shut up that will change their mind - Randomator

"Who put this on here" comments

I don't know who put this here, but he deserves an electric shock. - Alkadikce

Kind of like YOU did when somebody listed Owl City on the worst songs list.

Who put this entry on here? This isn't a big deal - DCfnaf

Someone on TheTopTens.

Passionate rants with poor grammar.

I hates them! Really, why they don't check your grammar? Come back when grammars is learned! - RoseWeasley

If you rant, make it understandable and convincing. Poor grammar and spelling cannot be taken seriously! And most especially the rants that are full of holes! They're evident in certain user comments!

Some comments have such poor grammar and spelling, it is impossible to tell what they are trying to say.

This is just so horrible I think it is a bad song it is really useless I have such good grammar

"My music taste is way better than everyone else's" comments

It's really annoying when someone thinks that his/her opinion is a fact. - Delgia2k

Just about every post on every poll, including this one, is people stating their own opinion as fact.


Nope - Randomator

Constant and repetitive sarcastic responses. Not sarcasm in general, but for example, when an item on a list of annoying things (let's just say 'Typing in all Capital letters) gets 100 of the same sarcastic "I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT!!!" response.

Yeah it can be quite irritating - Randomator

Yeah it can be quite irritating

Yeah it can be quite irritating

Yeah it can be quite irritating

Yeah it can be quite irritating - Alkadikce

"SpongeBob USED to be a good show" comments

When I first joined I hated new SpongeBob WAY too much. I mean, it's just a kids' show. Nothing to be offended over. The only episode I'd consider actually offensive is "One Coarse Meal", and as cliche as that is, at least I'm not naming 5000 episodes that are "evil". - Garythesnail

I didn't imply that it isn't good, I love the show but all the time people just complain; "Oh no, a character got his feelings hurt in this one episode, how horrible! It should've ended in 2004! " And it gets really annoying once you've seen that so many times.

It kind of did go downhill after the "Sponge out of Water" movie, though. - my_account107

Almost every SpongeBob list I see has this - Matt92647

"Why isn't this higher?!"

It really Depends honestly - Randomator

Depends on the topic - Lucy1402

Why is t this higher?! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

How Dare you "insert here" call it stupid!

SkyDoesMInecraft,Call of Duty,MLP,FNAF,Pewdiepie, and Sonic are a few examples. - sdgeek2003

Hate comments

That comment "You are psychotic if you think MLP is better than Spongebob, IDIOT! " made by a visitor on the list "Best Animated Television Series" just bugs me a lot - Neonco31

I got this multiple times. - Userguy44

You just said an annoying comment

This should be at 1

You will not throw_______at Elsa!

Lol I remember this... Caps Girl. - Popsicles

What about a cross? Can I at least throw THAT? - IceFoxPlayz

Throws shells at Elsa.

What about a cupcake? - RoseWeasley

Saying "no offense", and then going on to say something extremely offensive

Just saying "No offense" doesn't mean that it isn't harmful to someone. It's like saying, "Oh, I don't mean for this to hurt," and then stabbing someone with a hot pink pocketknife - RedTheGremlin

It really irritates me when someone comments on how bad some peoples' spelling is! Can you stop it, please? English isn't some users' native language; they try their best. Give them a break! And even people like me who make the odd what? - Britgirl

Britgirl good point. Since I do this on my tablet my fingers are to big for the keyboard and when I play roblox there are typos left, right and centre - Enderninja327

Its easy to tell the non-native English speakers, and they deserve plenty of consideration for making the effort. Most of the people making horrendous mistakes are native speakers who at best are too lazy to even try to make themselves understood, and at worst are functional illiterates.

I think this is one of the only things I hate.

Spam bot comments

Every comment about Dimash Kudaibergen comment. - Userguy44

This (insert random person) can't act

Lovefrombadlands can't act.

Hate comments about other celebrities

Seriously, just look for a list about Justin Bieber. - Supersalsa

"Frozen is so overrated" comments

So many people treat Frozen like a blight on the face of the earth. Well, it's not the best movie ever, but is it really that terrible? They drive their hate farther than it feels necessary. Also, some rant about the twist ending where Hans turns out to be evil. Although that was a little sudden, would you rather have Hans kiss Anna and everything would be bright and cherry, with cheesy romance? Another topic is that you see the merchandise everywhere. Well, yes, I have to admit that it is, but have you noticed all the Finding Dory products?! Whenever I go to stores, there's an entire shelf dedicated to Finding Dory merchandise. There are more overrated movies than Frozen out there. So, in other words, the Frozen lead has kind of settled down to the point where there's not as much rile about it. If you despise Frozen so much, fine, but I'd prefer if you would cease to shove your disdain in everyone's faces. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

It is bizarre that anybody cares that much. If you like it, feel free to watch it over and over. If you don't like it, why say anything at all?

That's true, though it does get annoying.

Not because it's overrated, I hate it for different reasons and the hate is pretty out of control - Neonco31

Comments from people who direct their comments as "listen people"
Whoever put this here remove it from the list

You can’t really remove things.

Undertale is overrated so it sucks

It is overrated because people just want to make inappropriate photos of skeletons

I don't like Undertale, but not because it's popular.

Comments that say "Top 10 anime battles."

Top 10 anime betrayals

Top 10 anime bad list items - sadical

The one that put "top 10 anime betrayals" STFU!

Troll comments that no one seems to get are sarcastic

I have this problem in real life. People take me too seriously I guess - ryanrimmel

I kinda have this problem - BorisRule

Those turn out to be hilarious.

I make joke comments and some people get kind of upset with me when it’s a joke. Like I said Something Just Like This was good but I never heard it, and described a really unrealistic house I don’t have.

"Jackie Evancho is better than [insert main stream artist]" comments

Depends on your age, Jackie Evancho is a serious classical singer, who appeals to grownups, not kids or even teenagers. Her duet partners are also serious grownup singers, mostly classical like Andrea Bocelli, but also including people like Barbra Streisand.
If you are under 25 years old, you are not expected to like her, and its no surprise if you don't.


I like Jackie. She's talented and has a good voice for her age. But I like Relient K better. - RiverClanRocks

I like her music, but not as much as other TopTenners - Martinglez

Whoever put this on the list sucks

Or comments like "If you like x, then you suck." - TheFourthWorld

Saying LOL for no reason at all

Lol Lol lol *face turning red and head explodes*

This is a good song lol

I hate this! Lol! - sadical

Lol, I know right dawg? - DCfnaf

"First" comments

I thought this was on YouTube - BorisRule

I rarely seen this... - Lucy1402


"You're just jealous", comments.
"Take that off the List"

Because you can't remove an item from a list. - allamassal

You Copied from Watchmojo/ Ms. Mojo

Watchmojo did not invent the top list genre, they only popularized it. Even then, TheTopTens came first. - Supersalsa

Seriously these comments need to die its really annoying when people keep pointing out that someone copied their list from Watchmojo. - egnomac

Lion King is the best movie ever, the best this, the best that, it does not deserve hate!!!

I'm so sick of comments like this and not everyone is going to like that dreaded movie. The movie does not deserve the praise it gets. Besides, it's not even the best thing ever, people.

I like the 2nd movie better. I've seen the first so many times it's getting boring. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

What is it with you guys and The Lion King!? - Supersalsa

I bet I know who added this - Randomator

How dare you Frozen haters
God u suck ___________! comments
Comments about Gravity Falls and Invader Zim

Not interested in either shows at all but they just keep on talking about them and will be sure to criticize you if you hate them - Neonco31

Emoji spams


[Insert movie, character, or singer] isn't overrated, it's underrated!

Or replace "underrated" with "overhated", same thing. When far too much praise and little to no criticism even of the constructive type is seen and heard, even if it comes from a vocal minority, whatever is being defended comes off as "overrated".

I feel like people say bad things are overrated and good things are underrated but they aren’t; there just using it as a compliment.

I would have voted for this item but it would become overrated on this list, so I rather leaved it under-overrated. But if it was higher, it would be fairly overrated. I hope this comment remains behindrated so don't aboverate it by giving thumbs up. Its high praise would result in being hatedrated - Alkadikce

Any containing the word "lie" or its plural form

You know, "That's a lie! " or "The haters make up lies! "- those.

Comparing 2 other things
"Why isn't this Here?"
Justin Bieber jokes
(Insert youtuber name) won't pin this
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