Top 10 Most Annoying Types of Comments On TheTopTens

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21 This (insert random person) can't act
22 You will not throw_______at Elsa!

You forgot to caps it. Frozen fans always use caps - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

V 2 Comments
23 Whoever put this here remove it from the list
24 Whoever put this on the list sucks
25 Hate comments

That comment "You are psychotic if you think MLP is better than Spongebob, IDIOT! " made by a visitor on the list "Best Animated Television Series" just bugs me a lot - Neonco31

26 "You're just jealous", comments.
27 Lion King is the best movie ever, the best this, the best that, it does not deserve hate!!!

I'm so sick of comments like this and not everyone is going to like that dreaded movie. The movie does not deserve the praise it gets. Besides, it's not even the best thing ever, people.

I like the 2nd movie better. I've seen the first so many times it's getting boring. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

28 How dare you Frozen haters

Butthurt alert (Hey that rhymes! ) - PrincessKiana

29 Comments from people who direct their comments as "listen people"
30 God u suck ___________! comments

God u suck whoever makes these kinds of comments! LOL - sketchysteve

31 How Dare you "insert here" call it stupid!
32 Undertale is overrated so it sucks

I don't like Undertale, but not because it's popular.

33 Comments About Gravity Falls and Invader Zim

Not interested in either shows at all but they just keep on talking about them and will be sure to criticize you if you hate them - Neonco31

34 Emoji spams


35 Saying LOL for no reason at all

Lol Lol lol *face turning red and head explodes*

Lol, I know right dawg? - DCfnaf

Lol - Neonco31

36 Spam Bots Comments
37 [Insert movie, character, or singer] isn't overrated, it's underrated!

Or replace "underrated" with "overhated", same thing. When far too much praise and little to no criticism even of the constructive type is seen and heard, even if it comes from a vocal minority, whatever is being defended comes off as "overrated".

38 Any containing the word "lie" or its plural form

You know, "That's a lie! " or "The haters make up lies! "- those.

39 Comparing 2 other things
40 Comments that say "Top 10 anime battles."
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