Most Annoying Types of Neighbors


The Top Ten

1 Nonstop-party hosts

Those people that host random all night parties. Enough to keep you up. - naFrovivuS

You'll just be hearing spanish music and drunks all night long

Stuck next to a bunch of these right now. They scream and scream until 1am and burn stuff in their garden...fml. - Entranced98

2 Pranksters

I don't know if this is a thing anymore, but have you ever had your house egged and/or toilet papered? - naFrovivuS

Had these once. Nightmare. - TwilightKitsune

3 Firework launchers

Once when I was 8 the neighbors were setting off fireworks and I yelled ITS NOT 4TH OF JULY! Out the window.

Ever had neighbors that launch fireworks at random times? When you're trying to sleep? - naFrovivuS

4 People that let their dogs poop anywhere

It's fine if you take them out to do their business, but CLEAN UP AFTER THEM. A neighbor once let a dog poop in our yard and left. - naFrovivuS

Once a dog crapped on my porch and it was there for A WEEK. that's so disgusting!

5 Spoiled Rich Kids

You're trying to take a walk, and some spoiled rich, *ahem* brat, starts bragging to you. - naFrovivuS

6 Swaggots

Those guys that smoke/vape, blast rap music out of their car, and sag their clothes. Incredibly inconsiderate. - naFrovivuS

7 Smokers

Do you love the outdoors? Do you have kids? Do you take walks with your kids? Have you ever encountered a random smoker? - naFrovivuS

8 Skateboarders

Not just skating on the sidewalk. Skating on the street where people try to drive. - naFrovivuS

9 Political Nutjobs

People that scream "VOTE FOR ______" or post a bunch of politics related signs on their front yard. - naFrovivuS

10 The Person That Hides In His/Her House All the Time

Okay, not really annoying, but frustrating when you don't know why they never come out. - naFrovivuS

At least they're usually harmless. - Entranced98

The Contenders

11 Old Person

Uh lol

12 The bible thumpers
13 The nosy neighbors
14 The neighbors who have sex all the time
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