Top 10 Most Annoying Types of Nintendo Fans and Haters

Here are the worst types of Nintendo fanboys and Nintendo haters.

The Top Ten

1 Mario Haters

Those guys are terrible! If you didn't know already, I have a hatred of these haters, they literally complain about Mario is for babies, Mario is for EVERYONE, NOT BABIES.

They also hate the game just because of Peach getting kidnapped while other games don't, other games CLEARLY have someone rescuing someone such as TLOZ and Crash Bandicoot.
Some people hate Mario because it's not dark, while some kid-friendly franchise did became successful, some like Shadow the Hedgehog don't.
Some people don't like the franchise because of certain characters, mainly Princess Peach.

In fact, most people hate Mario for stupid reasons, and don't even research.

2 The Legend of Zelda Fans

Where do I even start? First of all, they are the cause off overrating the Zelda franchise. Secondly, they downright despise Mario and if you say that Mario is better than Zelda, they will force you to like Zelda better.
They also attack you if you don't like the franchise, in fact, they made the Metacritic score of BOTW went down because they were angry of a certain critic's review! They also hate every video were a Mario character wins against a Zelda character.
What is the worst things about these fans, THEY LITERALLY WANT EVERY GAME TO BE NOMINATED FOR ANY GAME RELATED REWARD, and don't even get started on the fandom of BOTW.

3 Super Smash Bros. Fans

Ok, Smash's fanbase, they are VERY ANNOYING.

First of all, Melee fanboys, these are the worst kind of Smash fanboys, they say that it is the only good game in the series.
Secondly, they request unlikely characters in Smash like Geno, Master Chief, and Sora, to make things worse, they EVEN REQUEST NON-VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS, such as Goku, Shrek, and SpongeBob.
They also bash people for someone who likes a character that is commonly hated by the Smash community (Such as the Fire Emblem characters, Daisy, Isabelle, and the Piranha Plant)
To make matters even worse, Daisy and Chrom were highly requested characters in SSB4, and yet they complained about them.
Waluigi Fans, many were upset he was not a playable fighter, and trolled Sakurai, to make it even worse, they sent DEATH THREATS to him.
They call every similar game to Smash a Smash Rip-Off.
There were also many fake leaks that the fans believed were true.

4 Splatoon Fans

OMG, I CAN'T STAND THOSE FANS EITHER, like Zelda fans, they claim that Splatoon is the best Nintendo game of all time, and if you don't say that, they will attack you. Some fans hate Mario only because of F.L.U.D.D., THAT WAS A MINOR CHARACTER IN THE FRANCHISE, the fans who like Mario are also bad, they always ship Luigi x Marie and hate Luigi x Daisy to DEATH, they also seem to hate ARMS, draw Rule 34 art of Inklings, and their OCs are awful although not as bad as Sonic OCs.

5 SNES Fans

These fans claim that the SNES is the only good console Nintendo made, this is NOT TRUE.

6 Pokemon Haters

Like Mario, the haters say that Pokemon is for babies when it's for EVERYONE. They also call the fans offensive nicknames, and I heard that even some people don't like Pokemon just because of no swearing, REALLY!? POKEMON ALWAYS HAD NO SWEARING. Also, "Cough Cough, Digimon fans."

7 Pokemon Fans

The haters are worse and they are still yet annoying (not if your a normal one), they make a LOT of terrible ships, which some revolve around zoophilla, even worse, THEY SEXUALIZE POKEMON, they do shipping wars, and like many other fanbases, they attack you if you don't like the franchise.

8 Kirby Haters

Most fanbases that hate Kirby is from once again, COD fans. However, Sega fans say that Kirby's Avalanche is a rip-off of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, even though both games were reskins of Puyo-Puyo. They say offensive words to the fans, and they disrespect other people's opinions.

9 Mario Kart Haters

Cough, Cough, CTR fans, trust me, if you say Mario Kart or a Sonic Racing game is better than Crash Team Racing, they will attack you, they also say that MARIO KART SUKZ. MKWII haters are awful, they literally bash it and say that it is the "worse Mario Kart", also if you like MK and a hater finds out, they will attack you.

10 Fire Emblem Haters

Smash fans, enough said.

The Contenders

11 Earthbound Fans

Those guys won't shut up about another Earthbound/Mother Game! As well as requesting Porky Minch in Smash!

12 Fire Emblem Fans

Ugh, like almost any fanbase if you dislike the franchise they will attack you, also they beg Nintendo to make another anime adaption!

13 Animal Crossing Fans

They always overpraise the franchise, the franchise has flaws you know, they do not like any non-Animal Crossing game, all they care about is Animal Crossing! Just like Splatoon and Zelda fans, also they also gave fake 5-star reviews on the new Animal Crossing game.

14 Mario Kart Fans

The haters are much worse, but the fans can be annoying to, mainly if you like a track that is commonly hated by fans, and especially if you hate a track everyone else likes.

15 Kid Icarus Fans

The people who won't shut up about requesting Viridi in Smash, also bash Dark Pit because he's a Pit clone (even though that is true), and they act like F-Zero and Earthbound games that won't be patient about another game.

16 Donkey Kong Fans

Ok, they are classic Rare fans, but ugh, they hate DKC3 for stupid reasons, and attack people who don't like the franchise (even though I never seen anyone dislike the DK Series), however, they are not as bad as most other Nintendo fanbases.

17 GameCube Fans

Like SNES fans, they think it is the only good console Nintendo had made, and don't even get started with Melee fans, Super Mario Sunshine fans still won't shut up about a second game.

18 GameCube Haters

PS2 and Xbox 360 fans, enough said.

19 WarioWare Fans

Some even hate Wario himself.

20 Super Smash Bros. Haters

Cough Cough, Mortal Kombat fanboys.

21 Waluigi Haters

There actually was a flame war over him here on TTT some years ago

22 Super Mario Sunshine Fans
23 Paper Mario Fans

I get the newer titles aren't as good as the original trilogy, but they're not an abomination either. Not to mention they threw a temper tantrum when even Super released

24 F-Zero GP Legend Haters
25 Undertale Fans
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