Top 10 Most Annoying Types of People on

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1 People who are 5x the size of you and they still split just for the sake of getting you

These people are called savages. NOOBS

For some reason when the biggest cell splits just for the smallest I call it "cell pedophillia" I don't know y

I hate when people stalk me on game in general.

2 "W=team" people

I hate those people one of my friends does that when they tell me to join I just fool them and when I get big I eat them - 2storm

3 People who team up on free for all

If you want to team up, go play the team mode instead...

4 People who chase you even though they're the same mass as you

Ugh. So annoying, You can't really split anyways or you are screwed

That always happens to me!

Definitely - 2storm

Haha ikr.Then u give up and hey found out the can't even eat u

5 People who take the same name as you
6 People who eject mass, making it bait for smaller cells, then they split-kill them
7 Tiny cells harassing bigger cells by hiding in viruses

I see some people do it,and if they do it then I could do it! What I by is like if someone's cheating then I could cheat to make it even.

8 Doges and Saniks
9 Corner lurkers
10 Suicide cells

If you don't know what a suicide orb is, it's pretty much those orbs that, for an unknown reason, crashes in into a bigger orb - EpicHorrorMaster

A way to make cells larger.

The Contenders

11 People with swear word names

UGH one time I was watching popularmmos and a cell had "penisf***" for a name. Disgusting.

12 Bot users
13 People with inappropriate names

Like DRUG Penis

14 Cells with offensive names or "TEAM PLS" names
15 People that hide in every virus they can.
16 Those who try to befriend you every opportunity
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