Most Annoying Types of People That Comment On YouTube Videos

This is my idea of the most annoying types of people that comment on YouTube videos. I don't mean to offend anyone, that's just for fun. I hope you like it.

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1 The "First Comment!!!!!!!" ones

I haven't been seeing as much of these lately, thank god.

No one cares if you're first

They're back and worse than ever. They now comment "first" even when they're nowhere near first.

Once I saw a Comment only saying "First",it had more then 1.000 likes...

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2 People that click on videos just to dislike or write nasty comments

These people are stubborn they are offending people that do a lot or work doing just one video! Those people that say no offense or have a reason..okay but HATING SOMEONE THAT IS INNOCENT FOR NO REASON IS TOTALLY DISTURBING!

People can share their opinion anywhere, as long as it's justified.

If you know you're gonna hate it, don't click on it! - ShyChick

Toxic people - USGC

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3 People that send death threats

Don't expect us to think that you're not a dumb idiot if you ask someone to kill him/herself for having different opinion

They probably don't even know where you live

All because a cartoon fan doesn't like Girl Meets World... Which is good - PhoebeThunderman

I hate people who type "kys" like they have nothing better to say.

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4 Grammar Nazis

I feel bad that this is me but bad grammar actually hurts me (physically even though this is probably just mentally) and makes me feel good when I correct people

I am a Grammar Nazi. - thearkis

This is me! 100%! - RockFashionista

Grammar Nazis? More like Grammar Hitlers-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

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5 Bullies

I have been picked on by quite a few people for correcting other people. It's not really a big deal to correct someone, there are bigger problems in the world than that. I am actually on the autism spectrum and I am so tired of having to leave a big comment explaining all of this. I was looking at my notifications last night and all the comments aimed at me, made me feel sick. - WinchesterGirl26

Unfortunately, there are a lot of them. - ShyChick

Of Course I have stupid Bully I Have 1

They're everywhere - ParkerFang

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6 Like if you're watching in comments

This joke wasn't even funny the first time. Even if it wasn't a joke it's still not funny no one really cares what year you watched this video in. - Nonpointed

Like if you're reading this in 2016! JK

How is this not #1

Like if you're reading this in 3028 B.C. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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7 People that write in all caps

So you hate yourself lol that cracked me up and also it's not that annoying

I Love Writing In All Caps Because I Do

THIS SO ISN'T ME BECAUSE I'm NOT A 4 YEAR OLD WHO can't GET OFF OF ALL CAPS (this is sarcasm for you people because sarcasm)

Ikr? Especially when they express their hatred towards certain things - ParkerFang

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8 Trolls

This literally needs to be number one. All one person does is draw pictures with special crappy characters and try to make it a copy and paste sensation on comment sections, and people fall for it - Mcgillacuddy

"Trolls" spans a number of things on this list. - PositronWildhawk

True, they swear too much and say weird stuff like "My pet goldfish drowned." or weird special characters that cause glitches on your page. - Lunala

Being a troll can be fun... - LordDovahkiin

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9 Opinionated people

Everyone's allowed to have an opinion. The problem comes when others won't ever accept anyone else's opinion if it conflicts with theirs. - Nonpointed

Why is it so wrong to have an opinion these days? Aren't we allowed to say and think what we want?

Since when was it bad to be opinionated if you can back yourself up?

10 The "Check out my channel! I wanna be famous!" people

This is not going to work. You have to think creative on your videos in order to create a fanbase.

Even worse is when they use their other accounts to try and advertise for themselves.

I get they want to advertise themselves, but come on! - ShyChick

The funny thing is, I refuse to make people famous, even on command, I think that it should be earned, nor spammed on every other channels, or other people profiles.

wanna be famous? work on your channel, videos, put new kind of videos (like unpopular or not overdone games),

you can be famous without forcing the hand of a community, let them come by themselves, simple.

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11 Beliebers that can't take even one negative comment about their "idol"

Annoyingly, not only Beliebers. - PositronWildhawk

And they're usually too stupid that they cannot defend themselves like sane people.

Ever heard of free speech? - ShyChick

How about just Butthurt people in general, because lots of fanbases are like this. Just look at I Hate Everything's Comment Comeback videos. - naFrovivuS

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12 Haters

I like Nickelodeon and Disney Channel sitcoms. I have a soft spot for them. But I don't want a fetish art making cartoon fan crybaby cutting my head off and giving me death threats because I choose to watch Henry Danger over Bunnicula. - PhoebeThunderman

I think it is stupid for people to hate others because of their art style and stuff they like!

Unless your watching Misha or something.

I hate the haters who swear and use snarky insults and tell people to "Quit YouTube" - Lunala

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13 People that argue over religion

Saw this on a Lego evolution once lets just say it was interesting.

Sometimes religion deserves some criticism, but don't shove things down people's throats.

14 Idiot who doesn't pay attention

You know when someone explains something perfectly clear but there's always that idiot who doesn't pay attention to it and ends up mis-interpreting everything.

Yeah this always happens when anyone tries to have an opinion.

The people who never read the description
Description: This video was just a skit. It is fake.
Comment: THIS IS FAKE U IDIOT - Lunala

15 Copy Pasters

I can't believe I had to add this, people are like- "Whos watching this in (Month), "Don't click read more, your a rebel, I like you! " "Dad, are the bad copy and pasters gone? Stand back son! " "Cause I just wanna copy and paste, copy and paste, uh huh, uh huh" "Look son, a good song! " "Nudity=0% Sexuality=0% Boobs showing=0% Fame=100% Talent=100% Great Work=100% Beauty=100%" "Who's watching this in PRISON? " "Like for a like! " "Sub me and I'll sub you back! " SERIOUSLY, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OLD YouTube! - Catacorn

The very first comment ever posted was on jawed's Me At The Zoo. It simply said, "Interesting..." Nowadays, hipsters commenting will say, "Who's watching in May 19 2017? " Really, no one cares. - naFrovivuS

People copy and paste something that someone else has said from another video, and then they get acknowledged by heaps of people! - micahisthebest

It would be DAMN HEAVEN without the annoying copy pastas...

16 People who say "kys" or any type of threat like that.

I hate these sort of people; if you say something they don't like it, they just say this.

These are the kind of people that should be banned from YouTube. Not the people who 'violate' copyright laws. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Kys (I said it ironically don't ban me) - BlueTopazIceVanilla

17 People who cannot respect opinions

Yeah - ParkerFang

AGREE! - Tyler730

18 Comments with the word cringe

God These Are Getting Old Really Fast

Those comments are so cringy. - LordDovahkiin

Cringe - to look away in disgust or horror
Cringy - a nonexistent word
The appropriate word is "grimace." - naFrovivuS

19 People who fight over religion.

Honestly I never seen this in the comments at all

I've seen it - micahisthebest

20 Little kids with horrid grammar and spelling who put a ton of explanation points at the end of their sentences and usually use caps.

That's your average 11 year old

Leave kids alone - Feliciafurrypaws4ever

*Exclamation - naFrovivuS

Don't forget the stupid emojis. - Popsicles

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2. People who fight over religion.
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