Most Annoying Types of People That Comment On YouTube Videos

This is my idea of the most annoying types of people that comment on YouTube videos. I don't mean to offend anyone, that's just for fun. I hope you like it.

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1 The "First Comment!!!!!!!" ones

I haven't been seeing as much of these lately, thank god.

They're back and worse than ever. They now comment "first" even when they're nowhere near first.

No one cares if you're first

I'd be rich if I had a quarter for every tard that does this on my videos, wasting my time giving me fake excitement that I got a notification on YouTube, only for these pricks - SpectralOwl

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2 People that click on videos just to dislike or write nasty comments

These people are stubborn they are offending people that do a lot or work doing just one video! Those people that say no offense or have a reason..okay but HATING SOMEONE THAT IS INNOCENT FOR NO REASON IS TOTALLY DISTURBING!

If you know you're gonna hate it, don't click on it! - ShyChick

People can share their opinion anywhere, as long as it's justified.

I agree. What's the point in watching it if you know you're going to hate it? Keep your rude thoughts to yourself. - The_Personage

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3 People that send death threats

Don't expect us to think that you're not a dumb idiot if you ask someone to kill him/herself for having different opinion

This is worse than first comments. Such immature people behind a screen! - Userguy44

They probably don't even know where you live

This is a lot of the time seen after fans go rabid over a kid hating on their favorite famous Youtuber. When this happens I want to tear the Famous Youtuber down by posting a video about them, but I'm not taking a risk. - Qryzx

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4 Grammar Nazis

I feel bad that this is me but bad grammar actually hurts me (physically even though this is probably just mentally) and makes me feel good when I correct people

I'm a grammAr (caps on a because I don't know) Nazi though. - Qryzx

I am a Grammar Nazi. - thearkis

LMAO a degenerate who doesn't know how to spell must have put this here - DarkBoi-X

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5 Like if you're watching in comments

This joke wasn't even funny the first time. Even if it wasn't a joke it's still not funny no one really cares what year you watched this video in. - Nonpointed

Even worse when you're on mobile and there's a long list of years - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Why cannot people understand that these comments will have lost relevance as soon as a year? - SpectralOwl

This comments get worse every year - ElSherlock

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6 Opinionated people

Everyone's allowed to have an opinion. The problem comes when others won't ever accept anyone else's opinion if it conflicts with theirs. - Nonpointed

People hate all over you, then when you fight back they say "it's called an opinion".
I understand if someone insults you for pointing your opinion then you can say it's your opinion, but don't hide behind it every time you get into an argument. - Qryzx

Why is it so wrong to have an opinion these days? Aren't we allowed to say and think what we want?

Isn't the point of a comment section to have an opinion - james6

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7 Bullies

I have been picked on by quite a few people for correcting other people. It's not really a big deal to correct someone, there are bigger problems in the world than that. I am actually on the autism spectrum and I am so tired of having to leave a big comment explaining all of this. I was looking at my notifications last night and all the comments aimed at me, made me feel sick. - WinchesterGirl26

Unfortunately, there are a lot of them. - ShyChick

All they do is accuse you of having autism and cancer just for stating an opinion or correcting someone. Worst part is, they probably cry (I mean support) at anti-bullying videos then click on a video then notice your comment. Irony. - Qryzx

They are so stupid. - Userguy44

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8 The "Check out my channel! I wanna be famous!" people

This is not going to work. You have to think creative on your videos in order to create a fanbase.

Even worse is when they use their other accounts to try and advertise for themselves.

I get they want to advertise themselves, but come on! - ShyChick

These people are just annoying especially when they do it on someone else’s post. - Amaimon

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9 People that write in all caps

So you hate yourself lol that cracked me up and also it's not that annoying

People who do this are degenerates - DarkBoi-X

I Love Writing In All Caps Because I Do

Writing in all caps makes you seem like you’re shouting, and nobody likes being yelled at.

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10 Trolls

This literally needs to be number one. All one person does is draw pictures with special crappy characters and try to make it a copy and paste sensation on comment sections, and people fall for it - Mcgillacuddy

"Trolls" spans a number of things on this list. - PositronWildhawk

Some trolls can be pretty funny... - ItsPisces

UTUBETROLLPOLICE anyone? - BorisRule

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The Newcomers

? "_______ brought me here" commenters
? The long "Read More" comments

Suprised this isn't on here yet. I'm talking about those comments that say something like:

Press Read More

Then you press Read More and are forced to scroll through a comment for about an hour. it's annoying. - IDunnoWhatToNameMyself

The Contenders

11 Haters

I like Nickelodeon and Disney Channel sitcoms. I have a soft spot for them. But I don't want a fetish art making cartoon fan crybaby cutting my head off and giving me death threats because I choose to watch Henry Danger over Bunnicula. - PhoebeThunderman

I think it is stupid for people to hate others because of their art style and stuff they like!

I hate the haters who swear and use snarky insults and tell people to "Quit YouTube" - Lunala

Haters have opinions too. Only the haters who insult or send death threaths to others are bad. - Userguy44

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12 People that argue over religion

Sometimes religion deserves some criticism, but don't shove things down people's throats.

Saw this on a Lego evolution once lets just say it was interesting.

This type of comments always appear on evolution videos - ElSherlock

13 Idiot who doesn't pay attention

You know when someone explains something perfectly clear but there's always that idiot who doesn't pay attention to it and ends up mis-interpreting everything.

Yeah this always happens when anyone tries to have an opinion.

One YouTuber closed his comment section on one of his videos because people never read the description stating some content shown was fake.

What’s this item?

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14 People who say "kys" or any type of threat like that.

I hate these sort of people; if you say something they don't like it, they just say this.

These are the kind of people that should be banned from YouTube. Not the people who 'violate' copyright laws. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

People who do this are probably going to die of laziness since they can't even type a three word sentence.

OOH, COME BACK FROM THAT EDGELORDS. Just kidding, but still. - Qryzx

Those people are SO annoying. KYS KYS KYS KYS KYS KYS KYS. ALL DAY KYS.

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15 People who cannot respect opinions

True. I am one of those people who can respect opinions

I try to, but it feels like I'm just containing rage. - Qryzx

Too much of them. - Userguy44

You say your opinion, a bunch of immature poeple say your wrong and add an insult to their comment. Just disgraceful.

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16 Beliebers that can't take even one negative comment about their "idol"

Annoyingly, not only Beliebers. - PositronWildhawk

And they're usually too stupid that they cannot defend themselves like sane people.

Ever heard of free speech? - ShyChick

These people I want to slap - Amaimon

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17 Little kids with horrid grammar and spelling who put a ton of explanation points at the end of their sentences and usually use caps.

As someone who would travel the web as a ten year old, I would often find that some of the people my age were... exceedingly immature..

Personally, I think it's fine. Who cares if kids don't have A+ commenting etiquette? It's nice that they're expressing their opinions. - The_Personage

Hey that's not nice! Kids just have a lot of emotion! They have to show it some way!


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18 People who fight over religion.

I saw a Christian vs Atheist argument before.
The Christian just kept being edgy and insulting Gays (saying they would get their stomachs ripped open), and the Atheist was actually making good points. - Qryzx

Honestly I never seen this in the comments at all

I've seen it - micahisthebest

19 Cartoon Fans

"Modern T.V. sucks! I'd rather watch Bunnicula and Wander Over Yonder than all that real people crap! "

And guess what, those people are also on DeviantArt. Talk about fandom cancer. - PhoebeThunderman

20 Copy Pasters

The very first comment ever posted was on jawed's Me At The Zoo. It simply said, "Interesting..." Nowadays, hipsters commenting will say, "Who's watching in May 19 2017? " Really, no one cares.

People copy and paste something that someone else has said from another video, and then they get acknowledged by heaps of people! - micahisthebest

This is also connected to people who beg for likes. Yeah, I've seen it a few times. - Qryzx

After a long day of work, Kanye West goes to his Kanye Nest to take his Kanye Rest. He wakes up feeling his Kanye Best. Then he’ll get Kanye Dressed on his Kanye Vest to go on a Kanye Quest. He goes to church and becomes Kanye Blessed, then to a hotel room to be a Kanye Guest. Then to school to take his Kanye Test. He forgot to brush his teeth. Did he run out of Kanye Crest? His neighbor stole it, what a Kanye Pest. - TheFourthWorld

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21 Darude-Sandstorm Comments

The joke has always been dead

They are asking for the song title but the youtube user isn't giving the answer so they think that comment will convince the youtube user with the song title.Not funny at all.

It's been dead even at it's time - BorisRule

Me: What’s the name of this song?
Random person: Darude Sandstorm
Me: *Cringe! * - Userguy44

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22 Comments with the word cringe

God These Are Getting Old Really Fast

What I say to those comments: The word "cringe" is cringe. - Qryzx

Those comments are so cringy. - LordDovahkiin

Cringe - to look away in disgust or horror
Cringy - a nonexistent word
The appropriate word is "grimace."

23 The 'you are a rebel, I like you' spammers

Ooh, I'm a rebel just for kicks now!
Got me feeling like it's 1966 man

24 "who's watching in [year]" comments

These make me want to scream my flipping head off.

It's just so annoying! I've seen like a billion of them and it's just giving me a damn headache. This thing is getting old now.

And those stupid comments are usually the top comments. I don't know why people keep liking those.

They just type billions of years. It's pointless. - Qryzx

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25 Crazy 1D fans

Minecraft hunger games parody of radioactive. So many radioactive die-hard kids there saying things like Best song eever,#Epicsong, in all caps - MChkflaguard_Yt

26 People who capitalize every word

I used to do this when I was 12 but I still get offended when people harass them for doing it, they're just trying to be perfectionists, leave them alone.

I can't believe I did this less than a year ago. Seeing it like that is just so UNSATISFYING and obnoxious. - Qryzx

Kinda Like This... It Is Annoying.

(seriously, it is...) - PhoebeThunderman

This Isn't Necessarily - BorisRule

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27 Fanboys

Yes YES some one thank you...

28 Racists

Also reverse-racists who call everyone else a racist.

Trust me. There are A LOT of white supremacists on Youtube. Often times their attention is drawn by people who take even the slightest jab at Trump. But they're even more prevalent in places like the "skeptic community".

29 The 'send this to 10 other people or you will die at 10:30' people

My god...

I HATE chain mails. I even found 1-2 on DeviantArt! - IceFoxPlayz

These annoying people UGH - Amaimon

DON'T READ OR YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE! NOW THAT YOU'RE READING, DON'T STOP! Copy and paste this to ten other lists 10 time before 6:30 today and your crush will kiss you at midnight tonight.

Ughh! :/ I really hate chain mails! They just give you nightmares or insomnia 😡😡

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30 Undertale haters

NO WAY! I love undertale haters!

They shouldn't hate the game just because of it's fanbase - Mranonymously

Dude I don't like undertale but I dontmind haters

I don’t hate “Undertale”, I hate the people that shove it down our throat and fangirl over Sans. - 3DG20

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31 Die-hard 90s fans

I have no problem with people who grew up in the 90s and are nostalgic, but if you shove it down other people's throats, then it's annoying! I saw this one picture on the internet with a picture of the DNA productions Paul logo and it said "only 90s kids will know this! " Excuse me, but Jimmy Neutron was from 2002, imbecile! STOP IT! And I hate it how these people bully our generation for our stuff. Not saying everyone does this, but it's just a decade. Leave this generation alone and let us enjoy our stuff and don't hate on today's kids. - SmashPrincess

Not only do so-called 90's kids bash on automatically bash everything that is new, but they also bash on everything that is from before the 90's. I know modern isn't that good, but still.

90s are not everything - BorisRule

32 Stereotypers

*cough cough* Anti-USA dolts *cough* constantly calling Americans fat, lazy, stupid, etc.

Especially when it comes to China, North Korea or USA. I know NK sucks but they never visited the country! - MChkflaguard_Yt

33 Anti-fans

Oh yeah, anti-fans. My number 1 enemy on YouTube videos. On ALMOST every WatchMojo video, it is bound to have Sword Art Online hate comments. Plus, they try to ruin it for the fans of the anime on almost every anime video relating to Sword Art Online in a good way. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You know, the people who go around calling things overrated and flipping out at the very mention of whatever it is they hate.

34 Excessive Swearers

Lol who added this, an 8-year-old?

I don't like any swearing.

Let's all be politically correct, shall we? NO.

The f***? Get that stick out of your a** and get glasses you b*tch! 1! 11111! 11111111! 1111
This could drag on... Swearing always catches me off guard, but occasional and moderate swearing (crap is an alternative, it doesn't count) like b*tch (still wouldn't like it said too much, but it's okay) and hell (this word is referring to a bad place, not something actually bad). - Qryzx

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35 "The (insert number here) people who disliked this video are (rude description)"

Annoying metal head elitist: The (insert number here) people who disliked this song must be brainless 13 year old pop fans. - 3DG20

The 1 person who dislikes this list is a worthless trash can who should go dumpster diving!

I see that every time I see some modern song on YouTube.

Sometime I see that on the youtube comments section

36 Special Snowflakes

Those comments on some old song that say "lol I'm 9 and I love this"
And I'm 16, and I do like some specific things, but who cares?

37 The ones who censor swear words, even though it's allowed on YouTube

Some people want to be child-friendly.

For those saying they are trying to be kid friendly, there is an alternative to that, which is to not use cuss words at all. And some people censor words incorrectly anyways.

Those people are really annoying. - LordDovahkiin

Some people want to be kid friendly - BorisRule

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38 Kids yelling at you for having your own opinion

Someone told me that I was gay and retarded because I like The Loud House.

They are not kids - Feliciafurrypaws4ever

Probably some crazy Chris Savino haters. - Tyler730

I wish there were more mature kids on YouTube. It’s actually full with stupid kids who attack you if you don’t agree with their opinion. - Userguy44

39 R.I.P Headphones User

If the video is loud or a screamer that's an exception - Neonco31

I actually do not see anything wrong with this comment. - anonygirl

Weird, I always laughed at soem "Rip headphone users" comments because of how loud the videos are. It's also important to see them just in case to prevent that loud sounds from busting our ears.

I don’t mind these comments. They’re actually useful because they warn your for something that will hurt your ears. - Userguy44

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40 Dora the Explorer Fans

She has no fans

41 Da 1s dat tipe leik dis Cuz day tink its k00l


The ones, that type like this, because they think it's cool - BorisRule

Dis is uh guud video.

I r34lly liek dis list. It 1s fun. - TheFourthWorld

42 "Clorox Bleach" accounts

Their names are just so they can comment, "Who wants to drink me? " Bleach jokes aren't funny. These bleach jokes led to the death of an innocent teen.

I see them everywhere! It's always "DRINK ME" or "Don't worry everyone, I'm here! " - Popsicles

They always appear on cringe comps it's so annoying - MChkflaguard_Yt


43 People who say “Who came here from ____?”

They are annoying because they fill the comment section with that.

Those people don’t care much about the subject. - Userguy44

44 FNAF haters

Shut up how r fans annoying your annoying u tiny poo poo face ):<

AND FANF fans.

45 People who reply to their own comments

A little more specific, people who reply to themselves.

Someone should add those people who say Like= and etc.

These people are attention seekers. - Userguy44

Like this? - MrCoolC

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46 XD

Nothing wrong with this. - Userguy44

There’s NOTHING wrong with the face! - IceFoxPlayz

47 Kids under 13

Age doesn't make you annoying

Nope.don't judge people by their age - itskenny

48 I'm Early Let Me Make a Joke

*Clicks read more* My life. - LordDovahkiin

I’m late but I have the best joke ever.
The joke is that there is no joke.

49 "I bet (Insert certain user) won't pin me!" Comments

You were right, they won’t pin a comment like that!

50 Children

Not all of them - BorisRule

They have horrible grammar,they make stupid comments,and I get annoyed just by seeing one In the comments.

Only the children who are extremely hypersensitive and can’t respect opinions. - Userguy44

Um wow ok - Amaimon

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