Most Annoying Types of People That Comment On YouTube Videos

This is my idea of the most annoying types of people that comment on YouTube videos. I don't mean to offend anyone, that's just for fun. I hope you like it.

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The "First Comment!!!!!!!" ones

I haven't been seeing as much of these lately, thank god.

They're back and worse than ever. They now comment "first" even when they're nowhere near first.

No one cares if you're first

These are annoying, if you're first... COMMENT SOMETHING- and I mean comment

People that click on videos just to dislike or write nasty comments

A lot of videos there will be that one person that dislikes a video.

They are just blind haters who want to just ruin the comment section of the channel.

I honestly find it annoying when the comments are overly positive as well as negative.

These people are stubborn they are offending people that do a lot or work doing just one video! Those people that say no offense or have a reason..okay but HATING SOMEONE THAT IS INNOCENT FOR NO REASON IS TOTALLY DISTURBING!

Like if you're watching in comments

I made one of these things and it is my most popular comment out of all of them. Like come on, I put actual effort into most of my comments and this is the one that get 600 likes?

I seen lots of comments, like, like if you watching in 2019, then next year it probably will have, like if your watching in 2020

This joke wasn't even funny the first time. Even if it wasn't a joke it's still not funny no one really cares what year you watched this video in.

Even worse when you're on mobile and there's a long list of years

People that send death threats

Don't expect us to think that you're not a dumb idiot if you ask someone to kill him/herself for having different opinion

This is worse than first comments. Such immature people behind a screen!

People who tell you to die do deserve to die

They probably don't even know where you live

Grammar Nazis

In internet, there are gonna be people who have english as their second language and are not good at it. Also, people become grammar nazis only to change the subject.

To all the Grammar Nazis ( but not the Grammar Nazis who understand what I'm talking about) get this through your head it's YouTube not school!

Stop it all ready, Gramer Not-zee's, ower gramer is goed! - SoongeBill

I feel bad that this is me but bad grammar actually hurts me (physically even though this is probably just mentally) and makes me feel good when I correct people

Opinionated people

Everyone's allowed to have an opinion. The problem comes when others won't ever accept anyone else's opinion if it conflicts with theirs.

People hate all over you, then when you fight back they say "it's called an opinion".
I understand if someone insults you for pointing your opinion then you can say it's your opinion, but don't hide behind it every time you get into an argument.

Why is it so wrong to have an opinion these days? Aren't we allowed to say and think what we want?

I'm opinionated

People that argue over religion

-Thank God he (religiously irrelevant content)
- God doesn't exist bro sorry to tell you
*flame war starts*

True I have seen people argue over religion before in the comments

I saw a Christian vs Atheist argument before.
The Christian just kept being edgy and insulting Gays (saying they would get their stomachs ripped open), and the Atheist was actually making good points.

I am a Christian, and the way that other Christian was acting wasn't how we usually behave

Why do people hate on Christians so much, atheists do the same thing.


One time, I was watching a K-Pop music video and people were bullying the artist for no reason

I have been picked on by quite a few people for correcting other people. It's not really a big deal to correct someone, there are bigger problems in the world than that. I am actually on the autism spectrum and I am so tired of having to leave a big comment explaining all of this. I was looking at my notifications last night and all the comments aimed at me, made me feel sick.

Yeah I have got a few before on youtube it was not fun to deal with

All they do is accuse you of having autism and cancer just for stating an opinion or correcting someone. Worst part is, they probably cry (I mean support) at anti-bullying videos then click on a video then notice your comment. Irony.

People that write in all caps

I loathe these people (including caps girl)

So you hate yourself lol that cracked me up and also it's not that annoying

People who do this are degenerates

I Love Writing In All Caps Because I Do


This literally needs to be number one. All one person does is draw pictures with special crappy characters and try to make it a copy and paste sensation on comment sections, and people fall for it

"Trolls" spans a number of things on this list.

Don't feed them

Ignore them.

The Contenders

The "Check out my channel! I wanna be famous!" people

Just look at the me at the zoo comments. You'll be dissapointed.

This is not going to work. You have to think creative on your videos in order to create a fanbase.

Go subscribe to moira main! I have 39 subscribers but you can make that 40!

Even worse is when they use their other accounts to try and advertise for themselves.

People who say "kys" or any type of threat like that.

These are the kind of people that should be banned from YouTube. Not the people who 'violate' copyright laws.

I hate these sort of people; if you say something they don't like it, they just say this.

People who do this are probably going to die of laziness since they can't even type a three word sentence.

OOH, COME BACK FROM THAT EDGELORDS. Just kidding, but still.

Threats like these can cause depression

People who cannot respect opinions

I was watching TheOdd1sOut's Movie Sequels, abd I noticed someone made a comment chewing James out because he said Kronk's New Groove wasn't movie material. I said it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Then some kid named ShootShifts chewed me out and wouldn't stop until I said it was good. He hoped I enjoyed the 'silent treatment.' I told him how annoyed I was, and he told me I was being "offensive", and I would stop responding to stop him "feeding facts into my baby brain". As a sixteen year old genius, I was just appalled at how rude this kid was. So I just left. This is the kind of person YouTube seems to focus on more than actual content. I saw ShootShift's videos - they're terrible!

I tried to say something positive about one of my K-Pop biases and another Kpopper bashed me and said my bias was “racist.” What?!?!?

True. I am one of those people who can respect opinions

Too much of them.

Idiot who doesn't pay attention

You know when someone explains something perfectly clear but there's always that idiot who doesn't pay attention to it and ends up mis-interpreting everything.

Yeah this always happens when anyone tries to have an opinion.

One YouTuber closed his comment section on one of his videos because people never read the description stating some content shown was fake.

What’s this item?

Little kids with horrid grammar and spelling who put a ton of explanation points at the end of their sentences and usually use caps.

And yet why do these horrendously spelled comments get so many likes? That's what really bugs me; losing faith in humanity over here.

I think some of the worst comments are people who call other people retards and maybe people who call kids stupid. Retards can't help it, and kids can't help being stupid. Just leave everyone alone. The only person we should hate on is Justin Bieber!

Personally, I think it's fine. Who cares if kids don't have A+ commenting etiquette? It's nice that they're expressing their opinions.

As someone who would travel the web as a ten year old, I would often find that some of the people my age were... exceedingly immature..

Cartoon Fans

I don't get this...

"Modern T.V. sucks! I'd rather watch Bunnicula and Wander Over Yonder than all that real people crap! "

And guess what, those people are also on DeviantArt. Talk about fandom cancer.

Fans that can't take even one negative comment about their "idol"

I usually respect opinions, but Justin bieber objectively sucks

Beliebers are cute kittens compared to Beatles fans in this aspect. Remember, how bad a fanbase is does not depend on the music's quality. A lot of Beatles fans, unlike most fanbases of modern pop artists, cannot just not accept any negative comment, but they are outraged even when you call The Beatles the second best band of all time.

Annoyingly, not only Beliebers.

And they're usually too stupid that they cannot defend themselves like sane people.

Copy Pasters

It's just an attempt to get likes in the laziest way possible. Isn't this happening in 2019 rewind?

The very first comment ever posted was on jawed's Me At The Zoo. It simply said, "Interesting..." Nowadays, hipsters commenting will say, "Who's watching in May 19 2017? " Really, no one cares.

People copy and paste something that someone else has said from another video, and then they get acknowledged by heaps of people!

This is also connected to people who beg for likes. Yeah, I've seen it a few times.

Darude-Sandstorm Comments

The joke has always been dead

This list is supposed to be about the people, not the comments.

They are asking for the song title but the youtube user isn't giving the answer so they think that comment will convince the youtube user with the song title.Not funny at all.

It's been dead even at it's time

The 'you are a rebel, I like you' spammers

Ooh, I'm a rebel just for kicks now!
Got me feeling like it's 1966 man

Comments with the word cringe

Comments that are talking about the word cringe being cringe are cringe.

God These Are Getting Old Really Fast

What I say to those comments: The word "cringe" is cringe.

I agree. The word cringe is cringe

"who's watching in [year]" comments

Who adds types of comments here? This list is about the most annyoing types of PEOPLE who comment, not the comments themselves

I was watching the Wake Me Up music video, and it ended strangely, so I looked in the comments to see people's ideas on that. Here is what I saw:
40% RIP Avicci
50% 2019? 2019?
9% Nobody cares what year you're watching in
1% Other stuff
I never found one comment that had to do with the actual video.

These make me want to scream my flipping head off.

And those stupid comments are usually the top comments. I don't know why people keep liking those.

People who capitalize every word

I used to do this when I was 12 but I still get offended when people harass them for doing it, they're just trying to be perfectionists, leave them alone.

I can't believe I did this less than a year ago. Seeing it like that is just so UNSATISFYING and obnoxious.

I Don't Get Why People Do This. It's Way Faster To Type When You're Not Doing This.

Kinda Like This... It Is Annoying.

(seriously, it is...)


I don't care if it's racist in a non offensive jokey way but if their intending it, I hate that. Reverse racism sucks as well. If you see a white guy maybe doing stunts or crazy things, all the comments will be s0uNdS aBoUt wHiTe or wHiTe PeOpLE

Also reverse-racists who call everyone else a racist.

Trust me. There are A LOT of white supremacists on Youtube. Often times their attention is drawn by people who take even the slightest jab at Trump. But they're even more prevalent in places like the "skeptic community".

Nazis, too. Check out Red Ice T.V.'s comment sections.
Nice quote : "When Hitler killed himself, the downfall of the white male was set up."

The 'send this to 10 other people or you will die at 10:30' people


My god...

I HATE chain mails. I even found 1-2 on DeviantArt!

These annoying people UGH

This is the worst. Shame people fall for it.

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