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41 The ones who censor swear words, even though it's allowed on YouTube

Some people want to be child-friendly.

Those people are really annoying. - LordDovahkiin

Yeah I don't want to see these roblox hashtags straight to my face

I prefer child friendly channels. I don't know I just think most youtubers can't use swear words correctly. Most youtubers use swear words for the sake of it, or overuse swear words. Not many youtubers can get the swearing just right.

Also Something about child friendly channels feels more "right" to me. - Lunala

42 "Thumbs up if you are listening to this in (insert year here)"

How are YouTube users still doing this crap. It doesn't make any sense to me. They're even saying years that haven't came yet and/or say years that don't have YouTube yet (90s, 80s, etc) - Jliby30

This was a very common type of spam commentary back in 2012-2013. They would often get a lot of unnecessary thumbs ups. - dingodile2603

I still see it occasionally in 2016...

43 FNAF haters

Used to be minecraft fan: seriously? wow, a 5 yr old must've placed this here...

*A year later...*
Me: Hey! do you guys know a new thing on this list called "undertale haters"? I'm voting that! you know why? (sarcasm is coming) I'd LOVE to vote people who aren't really that annoying than the fans themselves! who is with me?

AND FANF fans.

44 People who make Harambe comments on videos that have nothing to do with Harambe

If a video has apes or monkeys in it, everyone makes harambe jokes - Lunala

It's 2017, no one makes jokes like this anymore. - naFrovivuS

45 "I bet (Insert certain user) won't pin me!" Comments
46 Children

They have horrible grammar,they make stupid comments,and I get annoyed just by seeing one In the comments.

Not every single one. - LordDovahkiin

47 "Clorox Bleach" accounts

Their names are just so they can comment, "Who wants to drink me? " Bleach jokes aren't funny. These bleach jokes led to the death of an innocent teen. - naFrovivuS

I see them everywhere! It's always "DRINK ME" or "Don't worry everyone, I'm here! " - Popsicles

48 People who whine about the "old" YouTube in any way, shape, or form

The new YouTube is surely more dramatic and click-baitier than ever. But then again, it's social media, of course it'll happen. Old YouTube surely wasn't this crazy. But I hate the hipsters that whine about it. - naFrovivuS

This doesn't just apply to YouTube. This applies to everything. It applies to Taylor Swift, Lilly Singh, and music in general. The most annoying are metal and hard rock fans. Listen, some of you I can tolerate, but a lot of you are god damn irritating.

I'll be listening to a modern, civilized pop song, or something and I'll always see a whining comment saying something like "UGH GO LISTEN TO PINK FLOYD OR BEATLES OR PANTERA GOD DAMMIT MUSIC IS SOOO BAD THESE DAYS."

Like, god dammit, let me have an opinion.

49 My reaction when... V 1 Comment
50 Nicki Minaj Fans
51 The idiots who post the 'You are a rebel I like you' or 'find the X' V 2 Comments
52 Jake Short lovers
53 The "My computer is slow when commenting, but you probably won't see this for a while, happy (insert year here)!" people
54 People who discriminate
55 People who reply to their own comments

A little more specific, people who reply to themselves. - naFrovivuS

Someone should add those people who say Like= and etc.

Kinda self explanatory... - GREATEST

Well it could be this
Me:This video was cool
Guy: I like the part when (character did something)
Me:me too that was hillarious - Tyoshi

56 When someone doesn't even watch the video and asks dumb questions in the comments
57 When people ask questions but the answer is right in the description

Well, no one reads the description. I do though. People do need to start reading the description. - LordDovahkiin

58 XD
59 Minion Haters

They Tell People To Kill Themselves

"Cringe! Cancer! Autism! KYS ! Watch *insert cartoon with a cringey fandom full of fetish art* instead! "

I have liked Minions since the first movie. Heck, I even fell in love with them when they first debuted in one of the trailers.

Trust me, The Thundermans (and other G-rated sitcoms for kids and families) haters feel the same way as Minion haters. Death threats because I have a soft spot for a G-rated sitcom (and a funny movie that is/was better than Frozen and Zootopia). - PhoebeThunderman

60 Kids under 13
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